Thursday, March 09, 2006

Disaster Strikes

Okay... for those of you who are curious as to where the heck I have been hiding. I'm in my kitchen. The little reno I had planned has turned into a bad episode of Holmes on Homes Everytime I go to do something which should be relatively simple...say change a light fixture... I find a little something that is not done correctly or to code and has to be redone. I have now completed all the unplanned renos and have now begun to do what I thought I was going to do ohhhhhhhhhhhh... about a month ago... So here is what it looks like as of tonight and this posting. You don't want to see my living room!

Where I was standing to take this picture was a wall and a closet which I had the pleasure of ripping out along with the most ridiculous drop cieling you ever saw. The new drywalled area on the right of the pic just before the fridge is my new pantry...and behind the fridge is the new wall and doorway to hide the furnace and hotwater tank... the perils of not having a basement... My new light fixture (trouble light)can be seen hanging from the illeagal wiring that is no longer connected to anything... thank god. This place should have burt down long before now with all the crap I had found. Its a miracle it didn't. Take note of all the patching I had to do to the walls and cieling. Compliments of a dropped cieling installed by an idiot who could not find the studs or rafters if his life depended on it... there were a minimum of 6 holes (usually more)in the cieling and walls for every screw that was actually holding anything in place.

I will try to post some new pics as I move along. Things should...cross your fingers...go quite quickly now...just have to do a little sanding then I can start priming and painting. Once that is done I will be replacing the subfloor and installing the new cabinets that are now sitting in my livingroom...along with the rest of my kitchen.. oh...and the actuall new light fixtures... then some tile a coulpe of doors and will be done...

See you all soon.... wish me