Tuesday, September 26, 2006

House Cleaning

That was fun! Who am I trying to kid? Just spent the last two days cleaning out a worm from my xp machine. (note to self... don't let daughter come over to use computer when I'm not home) Then discovered after cleaning out the cobwebs and moth balls in my ol' blog that quite a few of the links were outdated. They are all now current and working as they should. My humble appologies to the owners of those blogs.

Just did a quick trip through the blogshpere and found that another blog I frequent is packing it in it seems. ABFreedom has too much on the go and says that this coming Friday he will be shutting down his blog. He will be missed by many including myself, of that I am sure.

If you havent already checked out the latest Bloggers Hotstove you really should. Greg, James, Jason and Mike have done a great job on this one. Hat tip to Mike of Rational Reasons for his first appearance as you would have never know it was his first. He did an amazing job (for a dipper that is... Just kidding...). Seriously, this guy is good. He should have his own radio talk show... but then he would have to change to a right winger as everyone knows talk show hosts are all right wing wacco's...

I don't know why, but I just can't seem to wrap my head around politics at the moment. Every time I start to read anything remotely related to politics my eyes glaze over the page gets blurry and a shimmering pool of water appears. Next thing I know I'm looking at the latest and greatest fishing gear available online. Damn I wish I could just aford all them new toys. Ranger sure has brought out some very nice new boats. Shimano has some great new reals and how about the new line of rods that St crioux has?..... Okay...I'm drooling all over my keyboard. Time to shut it down for the night before I do some damage here. No not to my keyboard... my Mastercard!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

New Species Found in Ottawa

A new species Has been discovered slinking around Ottawa. Canadian wildlife specialist cannot explain why this species had not until very recently been seen. It appears to be a cross between a skunk and a chicken. It stinks to high heaven as to blend in very well with other odors that emanate from Ottawa. It is believed that it has a very cowardly behavior and it runs or hides at the first sign of danger. This could explain why it has never been seen. Its numbers are few and has already been added to the endangered species list. It can be easily identified by its beady little eyes, bushy whiskers, yellow belly and a prominent yellow streak running down its back. Its best defense from predators is its taste. It garners it repulsive taste by being full of shit.
It has been given the Latin name of "endeepeesious" and as of yet no one has bothered to give it a "common" name as like common sense, it is not all that common.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sure is gettin cold

The summer has been good as long as ya didnt mind getting ripped off at the pumps. Funny how the price has dropped so dramatically since the weather did the same. I fished my brains out and tried very hard not to even think about politics. Every now and then Dino would force the issue on me at work but for the most part I was successful. I have some catching up to do by the looks of things. I see little Jack Lorner who should sit in a corner pulling out plum instead of playing politics is still blabbering away saying nothing of any conciquence. Mr Harpers speech today at the UN was extremely well done. Ya ya, I know I have a bias. Suck it up. The one thing that is sooooooo nice to hear is a politician saying meaningful things and not just spewing out what he thinks the people want to hear. Jack, ya taking notes? You should be! Who are all these people running for the leadership of the Lieberal Party? Is there a real leader in the bunch? Go Ray go!!! Closer to home... King Ralph finally handed in his resignation. Another battle to watch in yet another leadership race. One thing is for sure. Who ever replaces The King has big shoes to fill. Okay maybe thats a stretch as Ralphy is not all that big a guy. But what a character. How can anyone top his antics? Ramble Ramble ramble. Damn didn't even work on any cute little pics to put up for this post and to be honest, I'm too lazy to even google up a few at the moment. Time to peruse a few of my old haunts to see what I've been missing and who is bashing who. Take care, come back often as I am back for the winter and will be back posting on a regular basis. What else is there to do during a long cold winter in Canada? So unless we get one hell of an ewwwwwwwww politically incorrect..."Indian Summer" I'm here for a while.