Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oh Crap

Okay, I thought I had heard and seen it all. Was I ever wrong. Wonder how long it is before we start renovating the Canadian prison's bathrooms? Cause ya know, we have nothing better to waste our tax dollars on than this.


Money-Sucking Socialist Scheme

Yup, that's what Kyoto is. Can't blame a guy for calling a spade a spade. Now call me an anti-environmentalist, I need a good laugh to make my day. Just because one disagrees with the way in which the Kyoto Accord was developed, implemented and is now being touted, does not make one any less concerned about the environment. In fact, I could easily argue the opposite. I want our environment cleaned up. I demand it! What I don't want is for one single Canadian dollar that could be spent here on our own pollution problems going to another country. I want every penny spent here at home to clean up our own country. When we have our own yard cleaned up, then and only then will I except any of my tax dollars going elsewhere to help clean up some other country's mess. Kyoto wants us to do the exact opposite. It encourages us to spend our tax dollars on carbon credits to balance our pollution books. This is not about accounting is it? I thought the whole idea was to clean things up, reduce our GHG emissions, you know, save the world and all that fluffy stuff.

I hear that the next report coming out of the IPCC on Friday is going to tell us that, if we don't make MAJOR changes within the next ten years, we will be DOOMED. GHG levels will be past the point of return. So now, tell me again how buying CREDITS from some other country that were arbitrarily set, will clean up our mess that we have created here in Canada and how it is reducing our GHG footprint on the atmosphere? You know that 3% that we are contributing to the problem. Sending 5 million dollars to Russia or any other country for that matter, to purchase those credits cleans up our contribution of GHG's to the atmosphere by exactly how much? Ya that's what I thought. Kyoto is a joke and not worth the toilet paper it was written on. Lets spend our money on actually cleaning up our mess. We will then have the knowledge, ability and most of all, the credibility to help others do the same. Then like the good global neighbours we are, we can go out and clean up the rest of the planet one country at a time. Now what are YOU going to do about it. Don't wait for the bloody incompitent governments of the world to do it for you. Clean up your own act and then go help your neighbours clean up their's and so on and so on.


Quick Responce

Back on January 24 Candace blogged about displaced persons.

Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Canadians have been stripped of their citizenship without notice years ago, and many are just now finding that out. This includes some war brides and, in some cases, their children; children born to Canadian parents outside the country prior to 1977, and probably a few others.

Looks like the government of the day has listened and did in deed take quick action to resolve the problem in a timely manor.
The federal government has set up a new system to restore citizenship quickly to people who have discovered they are no longer Canadians because of a little-known section in the law.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada on Friday added a new option to its hotline, 1-888-242-2100, specifically for people who wish to regain their Canadian citizenship in a hurry.

Kudos's to Citizenship Minister Diane Finley for taking action on this in a timely manor.

Now if only we could get the rest of the bureaucracy to work as quickly on other endeavours.


Monday, January 29, 2007

Parliament Returns to the House

Here is the full transcript from today:

Kyoto, climate change, me, me, me, me ,me. No, me, me,me,me,me. No, me, me,me,me,me. Kyoto, climate change, me, me, me, me. No, me, me,me,me,me. Kyoto, climate change, me, me, me, me. No, me, me,me,me,me. Kyoto, climate change, me, me, me, me. No, me, me,me,me,me. Kyoto, climate change, me, me, me, me. No, me, me,me,me,me. Kyoto, climate change, me, me, me, me. No, me, me,me,me,me. Kyoto, climate change, me, me, me, me. No, me, me,me,me,me. Kyoto, climate change, me, me, me, me. No, me, me,me,me,me. Kyoto, climate change, me, me, me, me. No, me, me,me,me,me. Kyoto, climate change, me, me, me, me. No, me, me,me,me,me. Kyoto, climate change, me, me, me, me. No, me, me,me,me,me. Kyoto, climate change, me, me, me, me. No, me, me,me,me,me. Kyoto, climate change, me, me, me, me. No, me, me,me,me,me.

Tomorrow the stenographer will be taking the day off and won't be missed, as the transcript will be exactly the same. Welcome back children. Hope you enjoyed your very long and so well deserved time off. Your hard earned tax dollars at work folks. Now bend over just a little bit more. The politicians have something else they would like to give you as a bonus.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Let the Re Eradication Begin

After the successful re introduction of the Gray Wolf back into the northwest region of the United States, the government will be re introducing trophy hunting for same. Should we start another rescue effort now in Alberta to re re introduce them again in a few years after they are wiped out again? Will they ever learn?


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Negatively Thinking

If there is one thing that I can't stand above all in the political world, it would have to be attack ads. Negative campaigns drive me nuts. Show me your platforms, tell me what YOU HAVE done. Unfortunately some advertising folks discovered that it's better to attack your opponent so this is what we now get. Is there an election coming soon? Apparently so, as the conservatives are about to launch the first salvo.

The Conservative party intends to run TV attack ads against new Liberal leader Stephane Dion, CTV News has learned.

Party insiders say the Conservatives will buy TV spots during the Super Bowl and other prime time slots for maximum impact.

Maximum impact alright. Something tells me that this will be an expensive lesson on how to make a smoking gun blow up in your face. Not to mention that this is taking place outside on an election. What are they thinking? If they think Dion is getting a free ride in the press, then maybe they are doing something wrong and are not doing a very good job of getting their message out? Time for a new strategy, but personally I think this one is not the answer. I am fairly POSITIVE of this one....


You know there is trouble when....

The steward of a Boeing 757 first comes out and asks if anyone on board was a doctor. Then the second time, asking if anyone knew how to fly a plane.


Friday, January 26, 2007

Mans Best Friend

Now this is my favorite kind of story!

Meet Sadie, A Black Labrador who saved the lives of dozens of soldiers in Afghanistan by detecting a bomb, has been awarded the Dickin Medal, the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross.

It just doesn't get any better than that....


Thursday, January 25, 2007

How to Become a Multi Millionaire

The hard way.....

Ottawa will announce a multimillion dollar compensation package for Maher Arar on Friday, CTV News has learned.

The package includes personal compensation of more than $10 million, a $2-million payment for Arar's legal fees, and an official apology, CTV's Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife reported.

With all this cash, maybe he can now buy his way into the USA. Then again, with that kind of cash, I know I could find much better places to go to kick back and forget about the past....

ooooooooooops... I mean....


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The gift that keeps on giving

Thank you to all the wonderful liberals who gave us conservatives the early Christmas gift that just keeps on giving.

Dion told Quebec newspaper Le Soleil in remarks published Wednesday that he has no objections to Marc-Yvan Cote being allowed to resume his Liberal membership.

Cote, a former party organizer in Quebec, was one of 10 members banned for life from the party by former prime minister Paul Martin in the wake of the sponsorship scandal.

Dion added that Cote's punishment was "exaggerated", and that he'd recognized his error and shouldn't be penalized for life.

Looks like Dion is a proud supporter of the "faint hope clause" as well with this comment. Lets look at this a little deeper shall we. "Life" in Canada is a mere 25 years according to our so-called justice system. If you are a good boy or girl, Santa will let you out on parole after serving 15 years of your so-called "Life" sentence. As everyone knows, liberals age twice as fast as dogs so on that basis, Cote has done his 15 years and the 12 liberal jurors will surely grant him parole.


Belated Merry Christmas to Europe

Remember the stories coming out back in December?

Ski resorts across the European Alps are becoming increasingly worried as current bad snow conditions threaten the all important Christmas holiday period.

Many believe global warming is to blame for the lack of snow.

Although a little later than they would have liked. Europe got what they wanted for Christmas.
Heavy snowfall across Europe grounded passenger planes and forced the closure of several airports.

Better late than never I say. Now that they have it, bet they wish they had asked Santa for something different. Enjoy your skiing!


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blogging, Blogger, Computer Love

Weird title for sure, but I have my reasons.

1) Bloggers beware of how you link, and what you are linking too. A Texas judge starts the ball rolling....

"The court finds that the unauthorized 'link' to the live webcasts that Davis provides on his website would likely qualify as a copied display or performance of SFX’s copyrightable material," said Lindsay. "The court also finds that the link Davis provides on his website is not a 'fair use' of copyright material as Davis asserts through his Answer."

2) A Blogger wrote a post using all the "most searched for items" in search engines. The hits keep coming and blogger has not shut him down... YET!

3) Computer Love... A new study finds 65 percent of Americans spend more time with their computer than their spouse - and, on average, wastes 12 hours a month fixing computer problems.

Now go check that post for that link that could find you in court. While your at it add some of the latest popular search phrases to drive up your traffic. Then... step back and away from your computer and go give your loved one a big hug. They deserve more of your time....



Climate Change Funding

I am sure that everyone has by now heard that Exxon had been funding Climate Change Skeptic groups. No surprise there as far as I'm concerned. I'm pretty sure there are more of the same out there that have yet to be revealed. Now as if on cue, re comments in my last post, I stumble on this, which makes me wonder... are these two isolated incidents, or is it part of a bigger picture?

Also in the comments of my last post, scruffydan states the following:

"In scientific debates (and the global climate change debate is most certainly a scientific one, or at least should be) the only information that matters is that from peer-reviewed journals, anything else isn't published for a reason."

You don't suppose he is referring to the likes of this? (scroll down to last paragraph if you want to save some time)

Maybe the truth lies somewhere in the middle as per usual.

I also feel the need to clear up one little thing. I am all for cleaning up our environment. We need to reduce pollution in all its forms, of that I have no doubt. I do my part as much as I can. I drive a small fuel efficient vehicle. I recycle everything I possibly can. Although not yet complete, I have been renovating my house to make it more energy efficient. I clean up garbage others leave behind while on my wilderness excursions (my personal pet peeve!). On the matter of man made climate change however, I still have my reservations. Kyoto, I will never support.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Call Me a Flat Earther

I'm going to try to make this short and sweet...Okay, maybe not... I have a problem with the whole "Church of Climate Change" and more so, Kyoto. Some are stating that The debate is over about whether or not climate change is real. I'm not as convinced as David Susuki is. Nor will the latest report from the IPCC with its "explosion of new data" convince me. Now as sad as it may sound, even the threat of the Glaciers MAY vanish from Alps by 2050 will not help me. I'm just that evil. Now before you go off on a rampage like all the other fear mongering folks in the MSM and IPCC just for starters, let me try to explain my reasoning.

Every time I hear anyone speak on a subject with all the zeal and zest of a used car salesman or even worse, a TV Evangelist(thus why I refer to this topic as "The Church of Climate Change"), I tend not to take it too seriously. Everyday I read a new revelation as to how climate change is killing off this, destroying that and a prediction of what will happen in the future if we don't take drastic steps now. All in the name of science. Sorry but I have heard this all before(PDF file). The other problem is, the debate is not over. Many scientist do not agree and some of the so-called facts don't jive at all. Heck, there is even this little ditty on youtube. Now if that is not enough to make you scratch your head, lets get into the economic part of climate change. The infamous Stern Review would have you believe that we must spend 1% of Global GDP or 350 billion now and 1 trillion by 2050 to prevent the catastrophe that is climate change. This article soundly refutes Stern. Here is where I really get skeptical on the economics of it all. First of all I read this story, which explains who is making megatons of money and who ain't. Then low and behold I see this article about "C.E.O's of 10 major corporations urged the U.S. Congress on Monday to require limits on greenhouse gases this year, contending voluntary efforts to combat climate change are inadequate". Now is that not a coincidence or what? And about the debate thing that is over... well maybe not. When people try to threaten others to change their views, I really start to wonder, more than ever. Now toss in the God Father of Kyoto... Maurice Strong and his dubious record.....Yup I'm a skeptic/flat earther/asshole/whatever you want to call me....

In closing, you now know why I am a skeptic, besides, I just can't believe we could ever cause this! Poor Polar Bear....

Lots of H/T's here... ABFreedom, Lone Pony, Bloviating Zeppelin, Gayle


Sunday, January 21, 2007

What Does a Beaver Know Anyways

First Annual Timmy Awards
I haven't been to this site in a while and I'm glad I popped in today. Go have a wee laugh at a few Canadian politicians expence. First Annual Timmy Awards


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Somebody Done Somebodies Song Wrong

With much appologies to Ricky Nelson and his song "Garden Party" I give you...drum roll please....."Liberal Party" a TABaker somewhat original:

I joined the Liberal party
To influence my friends
A chance to change ideologies
and to take power again

I ran for leader of the party
They all knew my name
But most did not like me
I won just the same

But it's all right now
I've learned my lessons well
I can't trust anyone
So I'll do it all myself

People came from miles around
everyone was there
I screamed about CO2
How it polluted the air

Over in the corner
Much to your surprise
Mr. Chretien hid in the background
Giving me advice

But it's all right now
I've learned my lessons well
I can't trust anyone
So I'll do it all myself

Played them with all the old lines
Thought thats why they came
No one heard the rhetoric
It didn't sound the same

I said hello to Mary Lou
She works at CBC
When she asked me about Alberta
It was time for me to leave

But it's all right now
I've learned my lessons well
I can't trust anyone
So I'll do it all myself

Someone opened up a closet door
And out stepped my past
How dare they bring up my citizenship
I was aghast

If you gotta play in political parties
I wish you a lotta luck
But if memories serve me well
I'd rather study ducks

But it's all right now
I've learned my lessons well
I can't trust anyone
So I'll do it all myself


Friday, January 19, 2007

Quebec Grave Diggers

If this is not absurd I don't know what is.

A family must pay $1,700 to a cemetery management company or have the remains of their grandfather, grandmother and other buried relatives removed from the family plot. The law in Quebec does not allow anyone to "own" a cemetery plot.

Consequently, most Quebec burial plots are leased for 25, 50 or 99 years.

Blake said his great-grandfather purchased the plot for $10, and his family has paid maintenance fees on it that are good until 2085, so he was surprised by the demand for a lease payment.

I simply cannot comprehend the logic involved in making this law.



The FLQ aka... Frontal Lobotomy Quislings, have apparently raised their ugly heads again in Quebec.

Updated Fri. Jan. 19 2007 7:34 AM ET

Canadian Press

MONTREAL -- The RCMP is taking "very seriously'' a recent threatening letter signed by a group claiming to be a new cell of the FLQ, a Quebec terrorist group active in the 1960s and 1970s.

The letter, dated Jan. 15, says "strategic targets of importance'' will be targeted in the western, largely English-speaking part of Montreal between Feb. 15 and March 15.

The letter, which is signed: "FLQ, Camille-Laurin Cell,'' is the second of its kind. The first one was received on Nov. 15, 2006.

As if we didn't have enough to worry about with Climate Change, the Taliban, Iran, North Korea and all the other quacks out there. Wonder if Harper will fulfill the liberal prophecy of "Soldiers with guns, in our cities, in Canada"? It worked for Trudeau...


Crime in Canada

Dion had the following to say today:

Updated Fri. Jan. 19 2007 5:03 PM ET

Canadian Press

MONTREAL -- Federal Liberal Leader Stephane Dion says Canada should follow the lead of the United States and France in protecting minority communities against hate crimes.

He called on governments to give them more funding

Correct me if I am wrong, but do we not already have laws in the books that "protect minority communities against hate crimes"? What kind of funding should we be giving them? Should we pay for a full time police officer to baby sit every person of a minority group to "protect them"? Is it more important to "protect" a minority than anyone else in this country? Are we not all equal?

How about we have laws that protect EVERYONE not just minority groups. Increase funding to our law enforcement so that perhaps they can protect EVERYONE better. Even with all the funding in the world, police forces cannot be everywhere all the time. Criminals will do what they do until they are caught.

Here is a sad example of how we have to equip our RCMP (sorry no link as this is not common knowledge... yet...). A small bedroom community just outside of Edmonton has had a major drug problem. The small RCMP detachment there did not have a budget to purchase the equipment required to do the undercover/surveillance work needed to bring the culprits to justice. One of the local community groups held a fund raiser and was able to raise enough to purchase everything on the RCMP wish list. That group could not legally donate these items to the RCMP detachment so they are loaning the equipment to them instead. In recent months the RCMP have made many arrests and have curtailed much of the drug activity in this community largely due to the equipment provided by the local group.

Now why on earth in a country as wealthy as Canada, does a local community group have to loan the RCMP equipment to do their jobs? I'm just asking....


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Amazing Animal Rescue

News helicopter rescues deer with major blow job.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Climate Change Causes Brain Damage

I figure I might as well join the MSM with my headlines. Seems that all the warm weather that they have had in the center of the universe, has caused the folks there to forget how to drive in winter. 700 accidents in one day? Okay people, you are still living in Canada and with or without global warming, you will eventually have to drive in the slippery stuff. You really need to remember that when it does snow, or worse yet, the dreaded freezing rain, that the roads are slippery. You have to slow down, leave a little more room between vehicles for that safety margin. Those who like to cut people off and take away that safety margin should be shot on site, they are a menace! Hard breaking should be avoided at all costs. My last tip is one that most people, especially those who drive vehicles with automatic transmissions. When the roads are slippery, pressing down further on your accelerator will not help your car start moving at that intersection. It will however polish up that ice even more so making it even more slick for the next person. Slow and steady will win the race on ice and snow.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dr. Evil and Climate Change

Doctor Evil, AKA, Professor Lowell Wood has a plan to save the planet. It is a very long read, but worth it. Here's a Tim bit....

According to Hoffert, the 850 coal-fired plants projected to be built worldwide in the next decade or so will emit five times more carbon dioxide than will be reduced under the Kyoto treaty on global warming. Add in 100 million newly rich Chinese road-tripping in their SUVs, and you can see why a growing number of scientists believe we are approaching a climate catastrophe faster than we think. Paul Crutzen, a respected atmospheric chemist who won a Nobel Prize for his pioneering work on ozone depletion, recently suggested that it is time to consider "last resort" options -- including the idea championed by Wood and others to shoot sulfate particles into the stratosphere.

Now do yourself a big favour and go read the whole article at Rollingstone.com

H/T to Wednesday Keller in the comments over at Chucker Canuck


Inmates, Outmates, Inmates

Now I have heard it all. A couple so-called prisoners, escape from Westmoreland Institution in Dorchester NB, break into a nearby home, rob it blind, then take the goods back home to prison. Guess the government was not giving them enough to make the place homey. I did a quick google on this place and found out a couple others did not like the place either. Not sure if they were ever recaptured. Maybe the RCMP are just waiting for them to come home as well?

I'm thinking they had better get someone to change the locks on this place. Maybe send the gaurds out for eye tests while they are at it. Simply incredible.


Out of Khan-trol

How much sense does this make? The loan is legal, but may be illegal?

At the time, candidates were legally prohibited from accepting more than $1,000 in corporate donations and could personally donate no more than $5,000 to their own campaigns.

They could legally take out loans but Liberal officials say Khan's loans could be deemed illegal contributions if his former Liberal association, now officially defunct and deeply in debt, is unable to repay them.

And now this liberal riding associations problem is now Prime Minister Harpers problem?
But the Liberals insist they too had no inkling of the problems until this week. They are setting up a new Liberal association in the riding, which won't be burdened by the debts piled up under Khan.

"Mr. Harper has welcomed Wajid Khan and all the key players (in his former riding association) so they're his problems now," said Guarnieri.

Makes pefect sense to me. The libs are broke. Plain and simple.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Climate Change Hysteria

Take your pick:

Experts say global warming could spread disease
Climate change killed golden civilisations
Climate change brings back malaria
EU’s grim climate change warning
Climate change brings butterfly invasion
Cold comfort in climate change
Scotland’s natural heritage: a victim of global warming
Suckling: An icon for climate change: The polar bear
Climate change will 'wreak havoc in NSW'
Climate And The Animal Kingdom
Climate change nearing point of no return
Canadians waiting for winter, wondering how it will affect national identity
Climate change: The crack of doom?
Reduce CO2 in Ten Years, or Climate Will be Out-of-Control
Combating global warming and climate change: A matter of urgency
Nevergreens? State's signature trees could be lost to climate change
Climate change causing loss of Thai coastline
Climate Change May Put Polar Bear on Threatened List
Climate Change: Rising Seas creates 70,000 Climate Refugees
The fatal adventure of humankind: Climate change
Climate change threatens Herschel Island
Climate change a killer
Climate Change Submerges it's First Inhabited Island
Climate change at crisis level
Oceans Warming And Rising
Prince Charles: Climate change is 'biggest threat to mankind'
Climate change is turning animals' world topsy-turvy
Grim prognosis for Earth
Climate change 'could kill off Alpine skiing'
Climate Change Melts Kilimanjaro's Snows Just so happens my sister was just there. Here is a picture she took while on top of Kili...


And they wonder why some people are frightened and some are skeptic.... No Media Hype here.....

Update for the non believers of the above pic....

Linda on top of Kili More of my big sis's pics can be seen at Linda Travels, her photo Blog.


Who would have thunk it?

"Winter weather marches through Canada, wreaking havoc on city streets" In winter, in Canada, I'm not making this up!

Cancell my trip to the tropics of Canada, they have snow there! Like this is something none of us have ever experienced? It must have something to do with climate change! Leave it to the MSM to come up with this line.....


Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Dog Did It

Let this be a leason to all you hunters out there. Don't be leavin your loaded guns layin around.

St. Charles had been duck hunting on the Cumberland River Thursday. He and his partner had finished for the day, were picking up decoys and loading the boat.

St. Charles' had placed his loaded shotgun in the floor. According to TWRA's lead investigator, his labrador retriever jumped into the boat and hit the trigger on the shotgun. It fired, blowing a hole through the side of the boat, striking St. Charles' in the abdomen.

Another needless death.


Sunday Bloody Sunday

This video to be followed up by, "Too much time on my hands".


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hot Air Record Broken

Alberta was the place chosen to break a world record for hot air ballooning. The new record holder must have taken into account that Stephane Dion would be in the province at the time, providing plenty of the required hot air, pretty much guarantying a new record.

On Friday, Hempleman-Adams set out in a hot-air balloon with an open wicker basket near Red Deer, Alta., and climbed to 9,906 metres.

Hempleman-Adams also braved frigid winter weather conditions in Alberta - at the height of his climb the temperature was reportedly -60 C.

The bitter cold Hempleman-Adams endured was caused by the cold reception that Dion received by Albertans, and was not related to climate change.


End of the World gets closer

As I reported on Thursday.... We are DOOMED I TELL YOU, DOOMED!

The keepers of the "Doomsday Clock" plan to move its hands forward next Wednesday to reflect what they call worsening nuclear and climate threats to the world.

The symbolic clock, maintained by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, currently is set at seven minutes to midnight, with midnight marking global catastrophe.

The clock was last pushed forward by two minutes to seven minutes to midnight in 2002 amid concerns about the proliferation of nuclear, biological and other weapons and the threat of terrorism.

Have yourself a hysterically great day!

Updated with links... DOH!


Friday, January 12, 2007

Kuril Islands, Russia 8.2 Earthquake

2007/01/13 04:23:36 (UTC)
Preliminary Magnitude: 8.2
Latitude: 46.7 Longitude: 154.4
Location: east of the Kuril Islands, Russia
529260 3

Japan issues tsunami warning....

A Tsunami Warning is in effect which includes the Alaska coastal areas from Dutch Harbor, Alaska to Attu, Alaska.

A Tsunami Watch is in effect for the British Columbia and Alaska coastal areas from the north tip of Vancouver I., British Columbia to Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

Update: Final Tsunami Warning and Watch #6 issued 01/12/2007 at 11:30PM PST

The Tsunami Warning and Watch are canceled for British Columbia and Alaska.


KOed, Going Dion for the Count

Okay, the title is a bit of a stretch, but....

Call me silly, but if Dion thinks he can win Liberal seats in Alberta by making the following statements:

"I’m not here to kill the milk cow"
"It's a scandal for me as a Liberal that out of 28 riding's in Alberta we have zero seats".
"All these workers living too fast for the easy money in the north, It’s not good for the economy".
Lastly we have this gem, "It’s not at all a carbon tax," Dion insisted, preferring to call it "environmental tax reform."

He is not as bright as I thought.

If Dion keeps up this strategy, I can see the referee standing over Dion, waving his arms, calling in the doc to look after him. It will be a Knock Out for sure! Those 28 scandalous seats, will be a lovely blue for a very long time.

Resources for this post include:
1) NEIL WAUGH -- Edmonton Sun
2) CBC Edmonton
3) The Rutherford show on 630 CHED. Available in the Audio Vault, Fri. Jan. 12 at 9 AM.(free membership required)

Update: Check out Darcey's post at Dust My Broom. The comments are priceless.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who would you believe?

Doing my daily check on the "Church of Climatology" I came across these gems.

First: OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! The sky is falling faster than we thought! We are doomed. DOOMED I tell you!

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has upped its assessment of the risk posed by climate change, estimating that it could cause up to $250 billion of economic losses over the next 10 years.

WEF's assessment of the risk of water shortages, tropical storms and inland flooding was also increased, along with a rash of other potential disasters such as a global pandemic, international terrorism and civil war.

Explaining why it has increased its assessment of the risk of climate change since its last report in 2006, WEF pointed to evidence that carbon dioxide emissions are growing faster than expected. (emphasis mine)

"international terrorism and civil war" Climate change effects even the worst of the worst that man has created. It is that EVIL! Wonder what this is doing to the suicide rates around the world. I'll bet it is not helping and is no doubt climate change is increasing the effects of it too. Any government out there want to fund me to do a study on this one? Perhaps someone at the UN?Yawn

Second: Mass communication and climate change
The quick dispersion of information, thanks to technology, has not seemed to cultivate the sense of urgency required to transform information into action. In fact, the media has often been implicated in desensitizing the general public and transforming us into passive observers of distant wars and natural disasters.

In this context, the options available to us for communication can facilitate apathy as well as inspire action.

As Columbia University graduate student Frances Ue observes: "The media is a powerful tool that has the potential to inform, yet many citizens display a certain level of apathy towards environmental disaster. The population must be convinced that global warming is a problem worthy of their concern."
(emphasis mine)

Could it be that the MSM and politicians alike have fed us so much bull in the past, that some of the public simply won't believe them anymore?

Thirdly: This one drives home the message that should be getting out to the public. Presented with facts not hysteria.... Although not dedicated to the so-called climate change, it is very much related and shows how science should be presented. Dangers of disinformation Pseudoscience
Fallacies infect every debate about the environment and affect policy, taxpayers' money and victims' lives.

Scientists ask questions, formulate hypotheses, design experiments, look at the evidence, modify the hypotheses and probe further. Then activists, news media and politics take over.

For years, the public has been fed a lusty diet of climate doom and gloom, cooked and served by alarmists who use the language of science to push an agenda. Now, every politician of every stripe must embrace the "climate consensus" or be branded a callous skeptic.

Pseudoscience will damage your health and your wealth just as surely as malaria. (emphasis mine)

So who would you believe? It is your choice....

Update: ABFreedom has an interesting one over at his blog on how some countries will more than likely opt out of Kyoto in 2012.Check it out!


Fish Tanks?

Okay there is a conspiracy going on. It has been years since I had a fish tank cause they just got to be such a hassle. At one time I had as many as ten tanks going when I was breeding Blue Gouramis. I haven't thought about having another fish for a long, long time. Now all of a sudden, I am seeing these new idea's for fish coming out of the wood work. First Chimera had this one posted on his blog, then today I came across this! They have got me thinking... What if you combined the two? When the fish eventually meet their maker, they are close to the flusher for disposal...


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Global Whining

You can't state an opinion, unless it is the liberal opinion when it comes to the so-called global warming, as Brian Williams found out in a hurry. Then in true MSM style, he caved in to the whining liberals. Flip Flop


Who's Ear is in Your Pocket?

Strange but true. Big brother, who ever that might be, is "watching" some people using Canadian coins.

Canadian coins containing tiny transmitters have mysteriously turned up in the pockets of at least three American contractors who visited Canada, says a branch of the U.S. Defense Department.

Security experts believe the miniature devices could be used to track the movements of defence industry personnel dealing in sensitive military technology.

Is this loonie or what?

Update: Turns out this is was a false report


What a Fruitcake!

And you thought retirement would be boring. A work of art, by George...


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another liberal PET project?

Just what this country needs. Another Trudeau in the house. Looks like Justin P.J. Trudeau is going to be putting his hat in the federal political ring, following his fathers foot steps. He does not seem to have much confidence in himself, as it appears he would like to run in a liberal safe riding that even a monkey wearing a liberal campaign button could win. Not that a real monkey would ever wear said campaign button. Read on if you care or dare.


Blanket Apology

Why does not the Canadian government just come out and say SORRY to everyone and everything in this country for the past mistakes made by all the previous governments throughout history? That way all this bull will be done with. Am I the only one who finds all of this a bit silly? What happened 10, 50, 100, 200 years ago is history. Not to mention it was done under completely different ethics and thinking at the time. Canada has done some growing up as has the world for that matter. To look at these events with today's perspective is, to put it mildly ridiculous. The leaders at the time made a choice, perhaps not always the best one, but a choice non the less, made at that time with the knowledge they had. For anyone to expect that we put today's perspective on those events and rule they were unfair, and then fork out hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to "compensate" the victims is simply convicting today's tax payers for crimes they themselves did not commit. When will it end?


Dion Piles it on

More rhetoric from the wanna be Prime Minister... Taking us back to the 18th century!

MONCTON, N.B. -- Canada will miss out on an “industrial revolution” unless voters replace Prime Minister Stephen Harper with the Liberals, says federal Liberal Leader Stephane Dion.(If Dion has his way we will be back performing manual labour instead of using machines re Kyoto)

“He doesn’t see the link between the environment and the economy,” Dion told party supporters in Moncton on Tuesday.(Who's economy Dion? China's or Canada's?)

“The prime minister of Canada a few weeks ago spoke about the (here we go again) so-called greenhouse gas emissions. He does not believe in the science of climate change.”(What a mind reader, absolutely incredible!)

Dion said his party is preparing an election platform based on the pillars of the environment, economy, and social justice.(Sounds just like the RED BOOK. Full of empty promises that the liberals will not deliver on. Just like the promise of meeting Kyoto targets the first time around, eh Dion.)

“I want the best platform Canadians ever saw,” Dion said in a short, campaign-style speech.(The best platform Canadians could ever see involving liberals, is the one they walk off of on the side of the ship.)

Can you tell I'm getting tired of this? How stupid does he think we are? Does he actually think Canadians are willing to give up our way of life to make HIM look good at some UN Kyoto get together? I rather doubt that. We can do this without killing the existing economy, which it seems, both Dion and Layton are very willing to do to meet Kyoto targets. A made in Canada solution is what we need at this point. One that will clean up this mess and keep our economy flowing at the same time. Canadian politicians need to do more, but not at the expense of the Canadian public!


Monday, January 08, 2007

So-called greenhouse gases

There I said it. I'll say it again, so-called greenhouse gases. It kind of feels good. Go ahead, say it out loud. So-called greenhouse gases.

Am I missing something here? Dion seems to think this means something more than it does. He implies that it means that Harper has doubts that they are green house gases. Well lets see what google has to say... Results 1 - 10 of about 74,000 for "so-called greenhouse gases". You don't suppose that everyone of those "about 74,000" hits are all related to Harpers statement do you? As it turns out the first 8 are. After that it is hit and miss. So lets see who else refers to these "so-called greenhouse gases" shall we?

Geir Braathen From an article at MSNBC... "Nitrous oxide totaled 319.2 parts per billion, which is 0.19 percent higher than in 2004. Levels of methane, another so-called greenhouse gas, remained stable since last year, Braathen said."

From IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme "Although visible light passes through the atmosphere, some of the infra-red radiation is absorbed by the so-called greenhouse gases."

From Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Enviroment "Despite their relative scarcity, the so-called greenhouse gases play an important role in the regulation of the Earth's energy balance."

From The UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) "The earth is kept warm by the greenhouse effect. Certain gases in the atmosphere (so-called greenhouse gases) absorb energy that is radiated from the Earth’s surface, and so warm the atmosphere."

From NASA Earth Observatory "However, the presence of so-called greenhouse gases at high altitude absorbs much of this energy and then radiates a proportion back towards the earth’s surface."

From European Space Agency "These are just some of the consequences that have been associated with changes in global climate caused by human activity - particularly the pumping of so-called greenhouse gases into the atmosphere."

From FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS "This is caused by so-called “greenhouse-gases” trapping radiant heat reflected from the Earth's surface before it is released into space."

From IAEA "The generation of electric power around the world remains largely dependent on the burning of fossil fuels--oil, gas and coal--which are heavily polluting. One of the most serious threats to the global environment comes from such pollution--the rapidly rising emissions of so-called "greenhouse" gases, especially carbon dioxide(CO2) which many scientists believe is principally responsible for global warming."

From International Emissions Trading Association "The California Energy Commission's Climate Change Advisory Committee is eying "cap-and-trade" proposals, similar to what has worked to limit everything from smog to acid rain. This time it would go to limit so-called "greenhouse gases" that contribute to global warming."

From United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) "These so called greenhouse gases, with a total volume mixing ratio in dry air of less than 0.1% by volume, play an essential role in the Earth’s energy budget. Moreover the atmosphere contains water vapour (H2O), which is also a natural greenhouse gas."

I'll let it go at that.

Yup, I guess Dion is right. "So-called greenhouse gases" means exactly what Dion says, and even the United Nations has its doubts!

Update: Related discussions on this topic over at BPOC Oh No He Didn’t ??? Dazz has the lefties letting off some hot air of their own.

And over at the Prairie Wrangler Dion Steals a page from Martin's playbook Olaf, as usual hits it out of the park!


Sunday, January 07, 2007

NASA Kills Life on Mars!

Seems that the Viking 1 and 2 Mars probes back in 1976, might have killed what they were suppose to be looking for, LIFE!
Shit Happens when scientists do not take into account all the variables. Live and learn they say. Maybe they will get it right next time. If there is any life left that is.


Blogging Tories Exposed



It's Baaaaaaaaack

As if on cue, as I have recently asked on this blog and others in comments, where oh where did the money go?
Adscam is back on the radar, at least over at the Ottawa sun it is. So far...
Seems the RCMP are making the rounds trying to gather more information on the matter.

We recently received an unusual call from a member of the RCMP commercial crime squad in Montreal, seeking our assistance in the feds' ongoing criminal investigations of the sponsorship scandal.

Justice John Gomery's inquiry into the sponsorship scandal was specifically barred from probing anything that might become the subject of a criminal investigation, a huge constraint that left a gaping hole in the Adscam saga, a trail of missing millions now being pursued by the RCMP.

We know from the Gomery inquiry that more than $1 million pilfered from the sponsorship program made its way into the coffers of the federal Liberal party.

But what of the other millions that disappeared?

I was beginning to think that this file had performed a disapearing act just like the tax payers money that was involved. I would still like to see the books showing that the money the liberals owed (so far) was in fact payed. Wonder what the more liberal leaning blogs think about this coming out again? Mr. Dion...any comments? I did not think so....


How Refreshing

Apparently without any hesitation, Premier Ed Stelmach has taken the high road in regards to his son's proposed promotion to the rank of sergeant in the Sheriff's Branch.

Alberta's new Premier Ed Stelmach vetoed an attempt by former solicitor general Harvey Cenaiko in December to promote Stelmach's son within the provincial sheriff's branch without going through the normal promotions process.

Go figure, a politician with some morals and actually expecting rules to be followed no matter who it concerns. I applaud you Premier Ed Stelmach.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dion on Afghanistan

I can't wait to see the full policy on this one

"You need to work with the world. If we are stuck in Afghanistan, we are unable to be as helpful as we may be elsewhere. So Canada will do its share, but our share as a partner of a problem that is beyond Afghanistan."

Liberal strategy will be to build a secure Afghanistan state so Canada can assist in other regions, like Somalia, Haiti and Lebanon.
Dion said he is also working on a proposal on Darfur.

Typical liberal fashion. To be everything to everyone. Solve all the problems of the world not just the measly one we are "stuck" in, in Afghanistan. "to build a secure Afghanistan state" Is that not what NATO is there trying to do now? I guess Dion has a magical wand he will wave to make the taliban disappear so things will be secure and give the CF leeway to remove some of the troops to go to other area's of the world more suitable to his liking. Good luck with that Dion. Ever here of a little theory that says, "don't spread yourself to thin"? Or how about the one that goes something like, "finish the task at hand before moving on"? I know in this day and age, "multitasking" is something most do out of pure necessity and is seen as something that is a positive thing for someone to be able to do. When lives and entire countries are at stake... not so much.


Without Government Regulations

Nice to see that some of our major oil producers are in fact doing something to cut down on pollution WITHOUT the government regulating it. The greening of the oil sands


False Alarm

Thinking of putting in a fancy new alarm system in your home. Think again as it more than likely is of little use and a total waste of money in more ways than one.

Nearly all of the burglar alarms police are summoned to – about 80,000 annually – are false, a Star analysis found. And the small number of valid alarms rarely help catch thieves, a fact police and alarm industry officials acknowledge.

In 2005, the most recent year data is available, between 97 and 99 per cent of alarms police attended in the GTA were false, a number that has been relatively constant for years. With the market for home security systems growing rapidly, alarm industry officials say the problem isn't going away.

In spite of an overall decrease in burglaries in recent years, homeowners have been steadily buying alarms, bolstering a unique, unregulated industry in which private companies rely on the taxpayer-funded police force to buoy their service.

The cost of responding to false calls has been hefty: Most forces place the cost of attending a routine alarm call (local policy involves sending two officers and sometimes two cruisers) at between $150 and $300, meaning false alarms in the GTA in 2005 ate up between $11.8 million and $23.7 million.

Although a loud alarm may send the would be thieves running it is no better at doing that than a large dog barking. At least the dog will welcome you home with its tail wagging with excitement. Much better than the alarm accidentally going off when you don't shut it off in the minimal time it allows.


Friday, January 05, 2007

The New Enviroment Minister

After a quick trip to some of my favorite blogs, I have read a few different opinions on what effect Baird will have on this file. Most of the left leaning blogs are talking about "hot air" from Baird contributing to the global warming. I have a different opinion though. Being a conservative myself, I applaud this as a major step forward. Bairds cold cold heart will counter act any warming affect that should arise! Baird had this to say today:

Baird said climate change is "a huge priority of Canadians," and one he intends to tackle as soon as he gets up to speed on the scientific and policy issues.

Let me give you a hand in the scientific part of that equation Minister Baird. I suggest you carefully read the findings published in the Dec. 22 edition of the Journal of Science, co-authored by Dr. Jens Herrle a micropaleontology professor at the University of Alberta. I think you may find it very INTERESTING.
"The continuity and length of the data series we gathered and analyzed allowed for unprecedented insights into the complex interactions between external climate forcing, the global carbon cycle and ice sheet oscillations," said Dr. Jens Herrle, co-author of the paper and a micropaleontology professor at the University of Alberta.

The authors also show how simple models of the global carbon cycle, coupled to orbital controls of global temperature and biological activity, are able to reproduce the important changes observed after the world entered an "ice-house" state about 34 million years ago.

In the early half of the 20th century, Serbian physicist Milutin Milankovitch first proposed that cyclical variations in the Earth-Sun geometry can alter the Earth's climate and these changes can be discovered in the Earth's geological archives, which is exactly what this research team, consisting of members from the United Kingdom, the U.S. and Canada, has done.

"This research is not only concerned with the climate many millions-of-years-ago. Researching and understanding 'extreme' climate events from the geological past allows us to better tune climate models to understand present and future events, and the response to major perturbations of Earth's climate and the global carbon cycle, Herrle added.

I am an avid outdoorsman. I love nature in all its splender. I am all for cleaning up the enviroment as long as that change actually helps clean up the mess we humans have created on this planet. I do my part by cleaning up after assholes who use our lakes and forests as their garbage dumps. I have yet to go fishing without coming back to camp with less than a grociery bag full of garbage collected from in the water or waters edge. I have yet to go hiking without having the same results. It is an absolute disgrace. This is something I do so that perhaps some day, maybe, just maybe, my grand children, okay, great grand children, will never see the same things I do when out trying to enjoy the wilderness.

I am not a Kyoto lover though. Hell, I simply think Kyoto is a total joke. The fault with it is the carbon credits. The only thing the former liberal government gave any thought to, to have Canada meet its targets. Pay to have the problem go away. That is not a solution in my books. I want to see a real change here in Canada. Something we can all see and feel. A cleaner country with less polution including green house gases. I make no appologies for my stance. I simply see a bunch of fear mongering going on to transfer wealth elsewhere. Stop the ranting and raving and give me actual results I can see. Thats all I ask.


Liberal Tory MP Wajid Khan

In this post I will not get into the whole floor crossing canundrum. It happens, I don't like it, It is not against the law of our country, deal with it. Yes, I felt the same way about it back when Belinda did it too. Lets move on....

Dion says:

Amid speculation that a Liberal MP is planning to cross the floor to join the Conservatives, Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion told the CBC Friday he is confident there will be no such defection and that the MP is a "committed Liberal."

Speaking to the CBC Friday, Dion made clear his position that it isn't appropriate for MPs to accept mandates from the Prime Minister while in the opposition.

"To me, we co-operate with the government, but we are not the government," he said, also noting that "I cannot blame [Khan] for something that happened before I became the leader."

Dion Lied:
OTTAWA (Reuters) - Liberal Member of Parliament Wajid Khan has switched parties to join the Conservatives, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Friday.

"I respect Mr. Dion but I feel Canada needs a leader, and that leader is Stephen Harper," Khan told reporters. He also said he discovered a "political chemistry" with Harper after the two held detailed conversations in recent months about foreign affairs and national security.

Harper played down the partisan nature of the switch, and stressed that he would work with anybody who shared his government's objectives.

"The more we work together, the more both of us realized that, politically, we have an awful lot in common," Harper said of Khan.

The last comment there by Harper, in my mind, is probably true to a larger extent of all political types. We all have more in common than we care to admit no matter our political leanings. I just wish more people would realize it and start working together more to solve the problems we face today and all the tomorrows of the future. It worked very well over at Blogging Party of Canada when Dazz did up his policies. It was worked on by cons, dippers, libs, seperatists and everything in between. It was a give and take adventure that turned out quite well. His policies turned into something that pretty much everyone was happy with. If only our REAL politicians would learn to do the same. Perhaps this is a start down that road.........

Update... You MUST check out ChuckerCanuck on this topic. Frickin briliant!


So much for that idea, Part Two

Looks like no one cares what the vets have to say about the state funeral for the last WWI vet to pass on to a better place. The following is from an article at the CBC web site.

"The government of Canada is looking at a number of options," spokesperson Julie Daoust told CBC News Online. "A decision about how to mark the passing of Canada's last veteran has not been made yet."

Daoust would not say what options are being considered, but said ideas like a state funeral have not been eliminated.

The Canadian government is consulting with the veterans' families and will consider their wishes, she said. Whatever option is chosen, it will honour the last veteran, but also all others who served, Daoust said.

Clemett's niece, Merle Kaczanowski, told CBC News that her uncle would rather have a simple memorial service.

"He himself feels there should not be attention given to the last person, but the attention should be given to them all," said Kaczanowski, who is Clemett's guardian.

"I'm not saying I'm against it, I just need to know more," said Wilson's son, Paul. "My dad would be the last one to expect something like this. We're a bit in awe of all this."

Obviously these gentlemen are of an era that has long been forgotten sadly enough. The "ME" generation we seem to have now, should have paid far more attention to them for they know of what they speak. Everything is not about you. There is a far bigger picture out there in the world. You are but a single pixel in that picture. get over yourself already! In closing, I must quote Candace from the comments on my previous post on this.
"To summarize, you are saying that the WWI vets did what they did NOT for glory, NOT for recognition, NOT for fame, but because it was the right thing to do."

Yes that is exactly what I was trying to say then and now. Thank you Candace.


A lesson on percentages

In a very technical way, CTV is correct. That is if you consider .34% a smaller percentage. However most people round things up or down to the nearest whole number when working with percentages. But if you want to spin things why bother with trite details? A comment by Daryl over at SDA. Looks like the staff over at CTV want to play number games.

This zinger from the CTV web site:

"The size of cabinet has increased from 27 to 32 positions, with a smaller percentage of women on the team."

I tried to use my slide rule but couldn't tell the difference. Went back to using a calculator to determine that the percentage change in women went from 6/27=22.22% to 7/32=21.88%. So rounding, that would be a change from 22% to 22%.

Clearly this is a big news story and should have dominated the day's events.

Posted by: Daryl at January 4, 2007 09:26 PM

Maybe this will help them to learn a bit... Statistics Help for Journalists.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

I want one!

Although most car enthusiasts would think I'm nuts.... I want to get a 1994 Vauxhall Cavalier. Why you might ask? Well, not only are they cheap, well under $2000.00 Canadian plus shipping of course. That's not the main reason though. What if I told you, for that cheap price you could own a world record breaking speed demon! Yes, this car is faster than the 2005 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 that tops out at a mere 253.2 mph. One of these little, not so pretty Vauxhall Cavaliers has been clocked in Newport, Gwent, Wales doing 420 MPH in a 30 MPH zone! I'm not making this up. This is one fast TAXI! Or perhaps the photo radar was faulty? Typo? What do you think?


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Reach for the Top!

Okay, I find this very depressing and I make a wee bit more than minimum wage. I really should have stayed in school and got me an edumacation or at least hung out with a better connected crowd!

The new year is only two days old, but that's all the time it took for the country’s highest-paid CEOs to earn the annual salary of the average Canadian.

Minimum-wage workers would have barely rolled out of bed on New Year’s Day by the time the country’s top earners pocketed $15,931 — an amount that will likely take low-paid workers all of 2007 to make.

I'm just guessing here, but now think about what some of the top paid pro athletes, movie stars and musicians make. Don't blink as in that time they no doubt made more than you will in a life time! I don't agree that this is any reason to justify raising the minimum wage in Ontario to $10.00 an hour though. I'm sure the average mom and pop shop out there would go broke in a hurry and they certainly are not in a category anywhere near the folks in this article. okay now go get all depressed like me by reading the whole story, or not...


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

How Nice

One day on the job and he is already playing Mr. Suck Up.

UNITED NATIONS - South Korean diplomat Ban Ki-moon became the United Nations’ eighth secretary-general on New Year’s Day as the organization faced a tough array of global issues — from escalating violence in Darfur to the AIDS pandemic.

The 62-year-old career diplomat, who grew up during a war that left his country divided, has promised to make peace with North Korea a top priority.

He will travel there when necessary, he has said, and has cautioned that the reclusive communist nation must be talked to — not just punished with sanctions for its nuclear weapons program. (emphasis mine)

Usless Nations at its finest, as usual. Wonder if the end of capital punishment throughout the world will be his number two priority as we know that this is most certainly at the top of everyone elses list as of Dec. 29/06.


So much for that idea

OOPS!... The Canadian government agreed to give last surviving WW I vet a state funeral when he dies. There are three left who are all over 100, and not one of them is interested in the idea. Perhaps someone should have asked them about this first?

The niece of one veteran, Lloyd Clemett, said her uncle would rather have a simple memorial service.

The other two remaining veterans, Percy Wilson and John Babcock, are over the age of 100 as well. Both have indicated that, for now at least, they are not interested in a state funeral.

Veterans Affairs officials said they're aware the three veterans don't want state funerals and they're looking into other options. They would not say what those options are.

Perhaps Veterans Affairs will have a state funeral for the last surviving veterans last surviving pet? If none of these three fine gentlemen want it, leave it alone. They have more than earned the right of refusal.


Hello SOW!

This simply can't be correct can it?

Women bosses are significantly more likely than men to discriminate against female employees, research has suggested.
The study found that when presented with applications for promotion, women were more likely than men to assess the female candidate as less qualified than the male one.

They were also prone to mark down women’s prospects for promotion and to assess them as more controlling than men in their management style.

What ever happened to the notion of equality for women? I am aghast!


Afraid of Hieghts?

This one is not for you!

One of the world's largest natural wonders will soon be home to an engineering marvel.
In late March, the Hualapai Nation plans to open the $30 million Skywalk, a glass-bottomed bridge that will jut 70 feet over the Grand Canyon's edge.

Skywalk, located at Grand Canyon West, will allow visitors to peer 4,000 feet straight down through the floor to the canyon's bottom.

"This will feed our tribe," said Robert Bravo, a member of the Hualapai tribe and part of Grand Canyon West. "This will support our children."

The question that begs to be asked here is.... Will it support the 250,000 visitors to Grand Canyon West each year that will be walking on it?


Monday, January 01, 2007

I Had No Idea

That the use of LSD is so prominent amongst the "leading thinkers" of our society. No religion and an end to war: how thinkers see the future. War has been around as long as mankind and religion well, depending on your beliefs has as well or at least 3000 years or so, take you pic. Now these intellects think both will disappear in a few decades? Amazing.... Being a Model agnostic, I'll believe it when I see it....


More Hot Air

With all this hot air being blown about it is no wonder the climate is changing. I still can't quite wrap my head around how any of this trading will help reduce the emissions of CO2 in any way shape or form in Canada. Just invest that money in technology here to clean up our act. Seems simple enough to me, and it will impact us here, both economically and by cleaning up our own mess. Am I missing something here? Besides the obvious things like the transfer of wealth. Speaking of which, how much of a commission do you think these "Emissions Trading Associations" make? I know they are not working for free to save our glorious planet. My enquiring mind would love to know.



Looks like our photo editor goofed folks and we here at TABaker Blog apologize for any confusion this may have caused. We as a result, have punished him by severely limiting what he can access on the Internet from this day forth while at work. In a story we reported on yesterday in regards to the security breach at the Prime Ministers country house in Gatineau park, he mistakenly placed a photo of a motor home he was thinking of bidding on over at ebay. The correct photo is this one of a white Chevrolet with the fancy mural on the side. The RCMP have yet to release the woman drivers name but we have a source that said the white Chevrolet may have had B.C. plates. This has yet to be confirmed. We can't help but notice how squeeky clean this vehicle is! And whats up with that mural?