Sunday, October 29, 2006

Red Friday Rally In Edmonton for the Troops!

Date: Friday, November 3, 2006
Location: Sir Winston Churchill Square
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Come out to show your support for our troops.

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H/T to ABFreedom

Update: Singer Song Writter Shawn Hlookoff is scheduled to perform at this rally. If you have not heard his song "Soldier", get out your kleenex and have a listen. Soldier


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Support Our Troops Rallies

In a country of over 30 million, hundreds show up at so called 'support our troop rallies' in various cities throughout the country. Not surprisingly... (sarc on)Your friend and mine(sarc off), Jack Layton is at one them for yet another Photo Op. The numbers that are showing up for these rallies are not surprisingly, equivalent to the numbers that actually vote for Jacks team. They want our troops to be involved in more 'reconstruction' rather than fighting. Well so would I! Unfortunately the other side would rather shoot at them and stop them from doing just that. So here is my proposal for Jack. Put on your blue helmet, head over to Afghanistan, stand in front of the other side, hold up your enormous ego/shield to protect our people so they can get on with reconstruction. Unless you are willing to do just that, put yourself in their shoes so to speak... STFU! You have no clue of what you speak. Peace comes with a price. Without peace there can be no help. Ask the people of Holland who hold us Canadians in such high regard for what our troops accomplished there in 1945. Or have you and your ilk simply and conveniently forgotten history? This is but one example I can provide but there many many others. If you truly want to 'Support Our Troops' then make damn sure they get "everything" they need to do their job to bring peace to Afghanistan. Not just the "they can make do items" as per 'lefty' usual. Write our troops a letter of support, telling them how much we value what they are doing over there. Send a parcel with a few Tim Hortons Gift Certificates! Bring them home when the job is done with fanfare! That is the support they need and deserve.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The One Tongue Challenge

What is the "One Tongue Challenge" you may ask. Well you have come to the right place to find the answer. I am challenging all political bloggers out there to find at least one blog that preaches its supported parties mantra in every way, shape and form. It must not sway in any way at all from what the party is preaching in any of its posts. 100% pure..."I have no brain and can't think for myself on any matter, what my party says is the gospel" support.

If you come across such a blog, send an email to with the URL of the blog for our judges to check out. If we find it does in fact meet all the criterion, we will send an official "One Tongue Challenge Award" to the blogs owner and add them to the official "Sheep" blog roll.

Common sense would suggest that:

A)If you are of the same political thinking, then you would naturally more than not agree with what that particular party is doing/saying.

B) You would promote that thinking on your blog should you have one.

C) Most politically involved people are sheep. The only difference would be the color of the wool. Whether they allow politicians to grab their hind legs and place them in their rubber boots is another story. Baaaaaaaaah

D) Very few people are that naive.



"What I will find interesting and oh so very fun will be the silence and/or spin from the hardcore Blogging Tories."

I would not consider myself a "hardcore", but a BT none the same. So here is my spin on this. Notice the "left spin" that Garth has goin on. Look close, there is that KoKa-Kool-Aid that the wingnetterer likes to refer to and hey...that spinner has a CPoC logo on it! And what is that down in the lower left corner? It's the trap that all rodents eventually sucum to! We CPoC supporters are sooooooooo evil. More evil than Lord Bump!

Left spin


Sunday, October 22, 2006

It is all about US!

PM Harper calls two byelections for Nov. 27 2006 and the liberals have a problem with it as it is in the middle of their leadership race. Well to F@#$ing bad. It is not about the liberals! It is about having the people of those two ridings having representation in the house, just as the rest of the country has. The conservatives have little chance of winning either one of these seats if past voting habits have anything to say for it. So why is this a problem for the liberals? Simply have a decent candidate run in the byelection and you should have it wrapped up in London North-Centre and the Bloc representive will take Repentigny. Are the libs that scared of running against Dianne Haskett in London? Again the libs think everything in the universe should revolve around them and their time line. Canada takes a back seat to the Liberal party business as usual for them.

You can read more here at CTV , here at London Free Press ,
here at and here at The Globe and Mail


Friday, October 20, 2006

It's all in your perspective!

Let me see, How can the liberals be sooooooooo upset over a gesture by Peter Mckay? I have no idea? We all could only wish to be this cute!

Get over it and get back to work. We don't pay you to be childish. That goes for ALL members of parliament.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Garth Vader - Renegade or Myth

The question is.... What is his middle initial? Should it be "E" or "IN". Perhaps I have put him in the wrong uniform. Maybe he should be in a rebel uniform instead? Nahhhh, that just does not work here now does it. Garth is forever banished to the dark side. Way back in the corner of the house that is. Whether it is justified or not, I haven't a clue. This will be the last Garth post for me unless something juicy rears its ugly head.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

3 strikes law has first victim!

The conservatives have not even brought the new so called "3 strikes" law into the house yet and it has its first victim. Garth Turner has struck out. The new law with its reverse onus has found Garth Guilty until proven innocent. I may point out that some folks have also found the conservatives guilty until proven innocent as well on this issue. I personally don't like any of this. I will reserve judgment on both sides until I find out a bit more info on this matter. Garth may be a bit of a rebble but I do believe he has his constituence best interests at heart. If we could only say the same about all of the MP's of all stripes.

Good luck no matter what you descide Mr. Turner. Blog On dude!


G.W. Bush Lightbetweentheears

Take note all you lowly dictators. While you waste your time taking control of a mere country, and hope to possibly dominate the world, G.W has one upped you all. He has taken over the solar system! Yup he has put clame on it and I guess that makes it all his. The following are from Reuters

Bush's top goals, as stated in the document, are to "strengthen the nation's space leadership and ensure that space capabilities are available in time to further US national security, homeland security, and foreign policy objectives" and to "enable unhindered US operation in and through space to defend our interest there,"

Theresa Hitchens, director of the non-partisan Centre for Defence Information, was quoted as saying that the Bush policy "kicks the door a little more open to a space-war fighting strategy" and has a "very unilateral tone to it."

According to the report, the Bush policy accepts current international agreements but states: "The United States will oppose the development of new legal regimes or other restrictions that seek to prohibit or limit US access to or use of space."

Okay this was too easy!

Right Click on the pic for the full size image.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

City of Edmonton has gone NUTS!

On my way home from work, I was listening to 630 CHED as I often do. I was apalled appon hearing that our city council is suggesting a 9.8% property tax hike for the 2007 budget! Are they out of their %$@#&* minds? I'm fairly sure that this will be no where near the actual increase, however I for one am going to let them know how unexceptable this is. They better take a very hard look at their budget and do some serious thinking about it. I can guarentee that those whom support this will not see the light of day come the next municipal election.

I must point out that not everyone in Alberta is rolling in dough as many seem to think. Perhaps if I were one of those folks I would not care. Perhaps if my parents were not on a fixed income, I would not care. Perhaps if I was one of those well above average income earning councillors or the mayor, I would not care.

I suggest every citizen of Edmonton show your outrage and call or write your councillor and Mayor Stephen Mandel NOW!

Just so you don't have an excuse not to. Follow the links!
Mayor Mandel

You can also send an email to all of them at once via an online form available HERE

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Anti Israel?

PMSH came out swinging today and has liberals and dippers up in arms over his statement. Just finished watching Mike Duffy... without Mike...hope he is doin well and will be returning soon.... anyways.... both the liberal rep and the dipper rep.....(don't remember their names cause I don't care)... came out with virtually the same responce.... it was very "un Priminsterial" for him to make such a statement. Well, yes I guess stating the facts such as they are by a Priminister of Canada is something most of us find foriegn. Hey, welcome to new times. Honesty and out there in your face. Gotta love it. PMSH did not say "all" he said "virtually all" yup "virtually all". There is a big difference. Being from Alberta...(good excuse) I know very little about Bob Rae and the other front runner Mike Ignatieff. So off I went searching our best friend Mr. Google. I found some interesting reading on both of these gentleman but was quite surprised to read that Mr. Rae's father is jewish,although Bob was raised catholic, he is married to a jewish woman and has raised his children jewish. So no surprise on his pro Israel stance. I also discovered that Bobby and Mikey go back a long ways and were in fact childhood friends compliments of their fathers relationships in politics. I also discovered that Bobby like Mikey, spent quite some time away from Canada getting edumacated.... maybe I should have tried that too? Back to topic... Mikey jumps back and forth barely having time to make a firm decision on the matter throughout the years.... Bob has made his stance very clear even back in his early years. The rest seem to be well... anti Israel oh wait...anti Palistine...oh wait...anti... ummmm.ya...they are all wishy washy... I will say that John Lennon would be very proud of them all. Give peace a chance..... but wait...there is seldom peace in that region as most of the time, someone is trying to inialate Isreal. Hope that fence they are sitting on isn't a sharp picket fence. Sometimes ya just gotta choose a side. Oilers or Flames? It don't matter cause they are both Alberta teams or Leafs or Sens?... again it doesn't matter as they are both Ontario teams! NOT! OKay beat me up for usin hockey as an anology for international afairs.Whatever! Lets bring it closer to home. Your nieghbour keeps throwin his junk in your yard. You have talked to him til your face is blue. You call the police to deal with him. The police lecture him, maybe give him a warning. The next day you go out and there again is your mieghbours junk in your yard. You again talk to him. Same thing again the next day. Back come the police. They give him a fine. The next day his garbage is there yet again. Another fine. Next day same thing. Another fine? or do you take matters in your own hands to put an end to it once and for all? Personally, I'd get a friggin dump truck... fill it with as much garbage I could muster up and dump it on his front lawn. There just comes a time when you must take a stand and deffend yourself. Diplomacy is great when you can come to an agreement between the parties and stick to it. But when one party says one thing and continually does another. Its time to quit talking and use a little muscle so to speak. Here in Canada we are telling our kids in school about bullying and how bad it is. We are hammering the bullies with suspensions, fines and the like. Yet when it comes to International issues we have continually chose to sit on the fence and let it happen over and over again. Has it solved anything? Has anything really changed? Maybe for short periods but it certainly has never brought about any long term solution. We need to get tough on the international "bullies" just the same as we are doing here at home.

Here are the links to Bob Rae and Mike Ignatieff that gave me a little more insight.
Sandstorm Sunday, January 5, 2003. Ignatieff's Empire
City News Ignatieff Loses Campaign Co-Chair Over Israel Comments
Guardian Why Bush must send in his troops
Last Rae of Sunshine
Rae blames Hezbollah for crisis
Liberal leadership camps split over conflict
A new day for Bob Rae: 'I am what I am' An 8 page read, but very informative.

The End!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Shall we play a game


Does North Korea actually have "the bomb" or is Kim Jong-Il the only "fat boy" and is taking lessons from his wife and "faking it"? At this point it is anyones guess. A very large cash of regular explosives set off underground would give the same readings as the real thing. What is his motive? Are they planning on breaking the long held ceasefire and try to take over South Korea and then.....(pinky to corner of mouth) the world? Good luck with that Kim. Even with the 3rd largest army in the world and a nuke. I guarantee this time around it won't end with a ceasefire. Is this just yet another example of power going to a leaders head and swelling it up so big that he has lost all common sense? This guy truely needs a labotomy. I suggest that some large and powerful country (won't mention any names here) should fire off an ICBM over to Kim without a warhead attached, with a big note on it saying..."This DUD is for you.... You won't be so lucky next time.... Love GW". I think Kim needs to go back into the movie vault...way back to 1983 and watch a little classic called War Games. Take a lesson from "Joshua". Thermonuclear war is a game very much like X's and O's, there simply is never a winner. Well, unless you are playing against a totally brain dead opponent, which just maybe the problem here for Kim. Give your head a shake man.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's all comming back to me know

Memories of elemetary school abounds as I travel from blog to blog reading the wisdom and whit of political bloggers, calling each other names. What a pitty to have to stoop to such levels to make your point.

The End


Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanks For Giving Day

I did some homework. For anyone who might want to know the numbers or at least the best estimates I could find scouring the net. I have them all here.

We have many reasons to be thankful for this day. Most of those things are possible due to the millions of Canadians who chose to join our armed forces of which approximately 109,591 gave their lives in the past 107 years in various "conflicts" around the globe. These gallant soles Left our land to do what they thought was best for the world not knowing if they would return alive. They gave up everything so you my friends could be free to do what you do this and everyday of your lives in a free country. We are one of the very few countries in the world that have not seen some kind of major "conflict" on our soil. We should all be very thankful for that.

Today I would like to thank all those who have given their lives in service of this great country we know as Canada. Today I would like to thank all of those who are currently serving in our military. Today I would like to thank all of those who have ever served in our military. I am forever thankful for everything you have stood for and against.

The following is a list of all the "conflicts" that Canadian soldiers have served and died in that I could find and somewhat confirm. If I have missed any, I would be more than happy to amend this post if anyone can give me the information and I can confirm it in some way. I found many differing numbers for some of the "conflicts" so I went with the most commonly repeated numbers I found in my searches.

The following are all numbers from one site which as I explained before seem to match many others I came across in my searches. I did not use their UN numbers as I found they did not correspond with the "official" numbers given on the UN site.
Military history of Canada

Boer War 1899 - 1902
224 Canadian deaths
An average of approx. 75 deaths per year or .20 per day.

WWI 1914 - 1919
66,655 Canadian deaths
An average of approx. 16,663 deaths per year or 46 per day

WWII 1939 - 1945
42,042 Canadian deaths
An average of approx. 7007 deaths per year or 19 per day

Korean War 1951 - 1953
516 Canadian deaths
An average of approx. 172 deaths per year or .47 per day

Canadian Military deaths in Afghanistan
Dec. 2001 still ongoing
40 deaths as of Oct 7 2006
An average of approx. 7 deaths per year or .018 per day

UN peacekeeping Fatalities by Nationality and Mission
Total of 114 Canadian deaths to Sept. 2006 in all UN sanctioned missions including the following:

June 1, 2004 still ongoing
2 Canadian deaths

Nov. 30, 1999 still ongoing
1 Canadian death

July 1960 - June 1964
3 Canadian deaths

Oct. 1993 - March 1996
1 Canadian death

1974 still on going
4 Canadian deaths

Nov. 1956 - June 1967
53 Canadian deaths
An average of approx. 5 deaths per year or .0132 per day

1964 still ongoing
28 Canadian deaths

Sept. 1993 - June 1996
1 Canadian death

June 10, 1999 still ongoing
2 Canadian deaths

1949 still ongoing
1 Canadian death

United Nations Office of the Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq (could not find a direct link of any kind to this office/project although it is mentioned in many UN documents and internet sites) The best link I could find to give some kind of info on this is: UNOHCI
2 Canadian deaths

April 1992 - March 1993
1 Canadian death

March 1995 - Feb. 1999
1 Canadian death

Feb. 1992 - March 1995
11 Canadian deaths
An average of approx. 4 deaths per year or .010 per day

Feb. 1992 - Sept. 1993
1 Canadian death

May 1948 still ongoing
2 Canadian deaths

The 114 deaths in UN peacekeeping missions is the second highest total. India is number one with 119 deaths. Both countries seem to have a disproportionate number of deaths in UN missions compared to other countries involved in UN missions.

This just goes to prove that wearing a blue helmet and calling it "peacekeeping" does not protect you from the enemy. I would imagine though, that if the enemy had to wear a uniform to identify themselves to our troops, things would be much different. It is after all very hard to fight a war (oooops) "MISSION" when you could very possibly be standing beside the enemy without even knowing it. I don't suppose they would give up that information freely if they were asked either.

Happy Thanks For Giving Day everyone!


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What would happen if?

After spending a few minutes over at BPOC and then ranting in his comments, I came up with a thought. Not sure it was a good thought, but a thought none the less. So here it goes.... a bunch of what if's for your enjoyment......or not.....

What would the happen if someone started up WET "White Entertainment Television" ala BET, the "Black Entertainment Television"? Would it be totally acceptable or would it be attacked and considered racist?

What would happen if someone started up an annual "Straight" Pride Day complete with parades? Would Mayors and other politicians be expected to endorse and participate in it if they are not straight?

What would happen if a girl wanted to go to an all boys school or vice versa? Would the courts rule that it must be allowed in light of past decisions? Boy Scouts, Sports ect... Speaking of which...why did the "Boy Scouts" have to change their name to "Scouts" and allow girls yet "Girl Guides" is still "Girl Guides" and boys are not allowed to join? Double standard?

What would happen if 30 girls tried out for the boys team and due to this all the boys who tried out were cut as they were not as good as the girls... would it still be the "boys" team? Or vice versa for that matter?

What would happen if someone started up "FADD" Fathers Against Drunk Driving would the folks at"MADD" Mothers Against Drunk Driving be upset? Maybe they would just join forces and become "PADD" Parents Against Drunk Driving which to me makes more sense. I know as a parent myself and being a Father, I care about this issue just as much as any Mother. Maybe that is wrong too? Maybe "PADD" should stand for People Against Drunk Driving as I know many people who are not parents that are just as concerned as parents are.

What would happen if everyone was "truly" equal? No poor, no rich, no strong, no weak, ect ect ect..... would we not all then be just mediocre? If so, who would invent new technologies and the like....who would start businesses for these mediocre people to work at? Who would make the tough decisions? Who would run the governments? Would we all then have to be the same color? What color? Would we have to be hermaphrodite so there is no differences between the sexs? Would everyone have the same color hair and eyes? Would we all be clones and look exactly the same?

And now for the biggy........

What would happen if there were no conservatives? Would everything eventually be "free" and paid for by the government? What would the tax rate be to support that and if everything is "free".....why work and pay taxes?


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Can you blame him?

I was listening to Charles Adler as I do most weekdays and was amazed at this clip that he replayed yet again today on his show.
The incident took place in San Fransico on July 26 of 2006 and the the clip was taken two days later. The original story can be read here and even more details here. I have done a bit of searching to find the articles that Mr. Delages refers to in the video of the press and others questioning the chase without success. Mr.Delagnes asks some very tough questions and makes some very over whelming points in his address. It does sound awfully familiar doesn't it? Mayorthorpe ring a bell? This exact same type of thing is happening on a continual basis right here in Canada. When will we start putting these people who so blatantly snub the laws of our land where they belong, behind bars! This is the type of incident that will happen as long as we are soft on criminals. This is exactly why we need to impliment the 3 strikes law as well as other changes the CPC is proposing. Let these repeat criminals give us a damn good reason and I mean A DAMN GOOD REASON why they should ever be allowed to walk the streets again. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice shame on us! Fool us thrice.... there is something terribly wrong with the system!