Friday, June 29, 2007

Three Days of Fishing

It is a long weekend and I'm gone fishing as per usual. My daughter has surprised me and asked if she and her boyfriend could tag along. Neither of them drive. Three adults, one Black Lab and all our gear in my little Suzuki Sidekick.... It's gonna be a fun trip! Did I mention it is a two and a half hour drive to the cabin? Roxy the Lab is my co-pilot, so she gets the front passenger seat. Sucks to be those two don't it...

Gone Fishing By Chris Rea From the CD Auberge...

(Lyrics "modified")
I'm going fishing
I got me a line
Nothing I do is gonna make the difference
So I'm taking the time

And you ain't never gonna be happy
Anyhow, anyway
So I'm going Unless you go fishing
And I'm going today

I'm going fishing
Sounds crazy I know
I know nothing lots about fishing
But just watch me go

And when my time has come
I will look back and see
Peace on the shoreline
That could have been meThats the way it should be

You can waste a whole lifetime
Trying to be
What you think is expected of you
But you'll never be free

May as well go fishing



A Man on a Mission

Shawn Brant probably will not be happy till the land is covered in blood. The unfortunate part is, it more than likely won't be his...

It will be that of innocent by standers, police officers doing their duty or his blind followers.

Let me be perfectly clear. I am a white man. A first generation Canadian on my fathers side and forth generation on my mothers side. My heritage may not be long in this land but my roots are deep. Both my great grandfather and my grand father came to Canada a did pretty much exactly the same things. They purchased land in undeveloped parts of what is now Alberta and homesteaded. They cleared the land mostly by pure physical labour. They worked long hard hours to turn forest into farm land. They built homes from the timber they cut and then worked the fields hoping to make ends meet. They became Canadians and were very proud of doing so. Their goals were simple, to make a better life for themselves and their families. It was not easy, nor did they expect it to be. They never went looking for handouts. When things did not work out for my grandfather in farming, he turned back to what he knew, coal mining. He packed up the family and moved clear across Alberta to a small coal mining community and started over again. Our families may not have had the greatest of lives but they never suffered, as they were always willing to do what needed to be done. It is known as working for a living. It seems to have rubbed off on all the generations that followed as we all have done the same thing. I can happily say that none of my relatives have ever gone looking for handouts to get them by.

I tell you all of this, as I simply cannot fathom the attitude of the "you owe me" crowd. I don't care if it comes from the First Nations people or anyone else in Canada. No one owes you anything! You get what you earn. If you want a free ride, then you should live in poverty and struggle. If you want a better life, get off your ass and earn it, the same way the rest of do! Yes there are exceptions... eg: the severely handicapped... although I do know a couple of people who are just that and they work harder than a lot of people out there including myself.

A year or so ago I worked out what each First Nations member would receive if the tax dollars allotted for INAC were divided up evenly amongst them instead of going into the bureaucracy. It worked out to something like $12,000.00 to every single man woman and child. A family of four would receive $48,000.00 tax free dollars. Now add the average Income of a single earner family household of $46,699.00(2001 statcan) and you have $94,699.00. That is $21,879.00 more than the average family with two income earners ($72,820.00 2001 statcan)

Tell me now that the Canadian government does not give enough to the people of First Nations. The money is not the problem if you ask me. It is the system that is the problem. Ever seen a poor bureaucrat? How about a poor Chief? Me neither...

The whole focus of this issue is wrong. Dead wrong. Face up to the facts. No matter how much Natives receive, it will never be enough for some. They will always demand more. They will not settle for anything less than getting the whole country back. Like any of it actually belonged to them in the first place. Natives and non natives have fought for, won and lost land as long as man has walked on this earth. It continues to this day. Anyone remember the USSR?

Canada still has no property rights. No one in this country can legally own anything. We are allowed to have possession of things as long as the government allows it. We are all screwed, natives and non natives alike.

Get use to it...


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Russian Logic

Suggests that Canada could annex all of Russia and the whole of Eurasia for that matter...

From The Guardian
Kremlin lays claim to huge chunk of oil-rich North Pole

[...] According to Russian scientists, there is new evidence backing Russia's claim that its northern Arctic region is directly linked to the North Pole via an underwater shelf. [...]

Everyone knows that the north pole is Canadian territory. It even has a Canadian postal code. H0H 0H0... also you may note that Santa wears red and white, Canadian colours... not red white and blue... the colours of those other countries. You may also want to note that Santa has a black belt and is not afraid to kick your sorry commie asses!

All I can say to the Russians is... "Over our dead cold Canadian bodies"



They Shoot, They Score

I have fallen a bit behind as you can tell from the lack of posts here. Fishing is priority number one! Blogging is just a time killer, and we here in the great white north have way to little warm weather in our short summers to waste at a computer.

Ted Byfield had an interesting article on Global Warming in the Calgary Sun last Sunday that I almost missed.

Global warming skeptics score a few points

[...] In the last week, the skeptics scored two goals.

The first was scored by a Canadian. Timothy Patterson, director of the Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre at Carleton University in Ottawa, published an article conclusively demonstrating climate change is a permanent condition, that the Earth's climate has never been stable. [...]

[...] The second goal was far more devastating. It came with a book just published by Henrik Svensmark, director of the Centre for Sun Climate Research at the National Space Centre in Copenhagen. He calls it The Chilling Stars: A New Theory on Climate Change.

Like Patterson and the Russians, Svensmark contends the sun is a major factor in climate change, but he has been working for eight years to back this up with experimental proof.

He has established a laboratory in which the sun's rays and Earth's atmosphere have been set up in model, and the cosmic effects on the Earth thereby observed.

The results, detailed in the current issue of Discovery, the highly respected magazine of science, are startling. They show solar activity affects cloud formations on Earth, which in turn determine the Earth's climate. Paradoxically, it seems meteorological conditions do not determine the cloud formations; rather, cloud formations determine meteorological conditions. [...]

As I have said many times... The debate over man made global warming/climate change is not over. It has just begun. I can't wait to see what happens when it comes time for the alarmists to pull their goalie!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Public Does Understand Emma

It is people like you that have lost all your ability to reason and think for yourself in a logical way. Your research(PDF) shows(HTML) that 71% of the people polled still have some common sense. You seem to find that offensive...

Emma Hardcastle, publisher at Pocket Issue which carried out the research, said: "If 71% of people feel that Man has nothing to do with the recent change in our climate then those same people are not going to buy into any movement to reduce their carbon footprint.

"We need to make it clear that there is nothing natural about the significant rise in both carbon emissions and global temperatures since the industrial revolution.

"Pocket Issue’s brief is to help people to understand the facts, encouraging them to click through to a carbon counter as a result.

"Pocket Issue feel that the poll highlights the need for government and influential bodies to concentrate on getting the public to understand the facts about global warming and ‘why’ rather than ‘how’ they should reduce their carbon footprint."

Heaven forbid that anyone should actually think for themselves. The scientific debate is not over. It has only just begun. Better late than never I suppose. As far as "buying into" goes... we will not have a choice. We the little people will foot the bill as always whether we like it or not. When it is proven that man made global warming is a farce, will we get our money back? Ya thats what I thought.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Walleye Weekend

Friday has arrived once again. You know what that means for this guy.

The mom in this video needs some edumacatin'... it is a Walleye! NOT a pickerel. There is a big difference... Just one of my little pet peeves... sorry... Have a GREAT weekend!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

If we cannot do them honor

while they're here to hear the praise,
Then at least let's give them homage at the ending of their days.
Perhaps just a simple headline in a paper that would say,
Our Country is in mourning, for three soldiers died today.

The above verse was slightly modified by myself and is from "Just A Common Soldier" by Lawrence Vaincourt

Today we learned that we have lost three more brave Canadian soldiers. All three were based here in Edmonton with 3 PPCLI.

Cpl. Stephen Frederick Bouzane
Pte. Joel Vincent Wiebe
Sgt. Christos Karigiannis

My heart felt condolences and deepest sympathies to their family and friends.

Worth mentioning...
Toronto city council performs a U turn... Support our Troop ribbons stay put! Congratulations Toronto for making the right choice.

Dishonorable mention...
In a pathetic display some Parti Quebecois members of the National Assembly refused to stand to applaud seven Afghanistan-bound Canadian Forces officers

I really don't care how you feel about the war in Afghanistan. Our men and women in the forces deserve our support and our respect for the job they do, no matter where they are serving.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Hero Behind the Wheel

99% of the time, when a commercial truck is mentioned in the news, it is to bash the trucking industry in general. They never mention the safety record of the industry. They never mention that 95% of the accidents that commercial trucks are involved in are not the fault of the professional driver involved, but that of the other driver(s). They don't mention that if all vehicles had to be inspected as thoroughly as commercial trucks, there would certainly be a lot less vehicles on the road. Generally speaking, commercial vehicles are the safest, best maintained and well driven vehicles on the road. This story is one of the few exceptions to the rule...

David Virgoe: 48 years old, Veteran driver with 26 years experience behind the wheel, Perfect safety record, Won numerous awards for his safety awareness. Died June 18,2007 while avoiding a packed minivan after being cut off by suspected street racers on Hwy 400 near Toronto.

Mr. Virgoe had to make a split second decision. In the back of his mind he knew he could hit the minivan and easily survive the ensuing collision. He knew if he did so, he would certainly seriously injure if not kill the occupants of that minivan and perhaps others on the highway. He also knew that by avoiding the minivan, he was taking a bigger risk regarding his own fate. Mr. Vigroe chose the latter of the two as I suspect most professional drivers would.

Which reminds me of a very old song...

Phantom 309 By Red Sovine

On the other side of this story we have three young men showing off and trying to show each other who is the fastest and best driver.

From CTV

Three men face 11 charges relating to the crash that shut down the major north-south highway for more than 12 hours on Monday.

Prabhjit Multani, 20, and Nauman Nusrat, 19, appeared in a Barrie courthouse Tuesday to face charges including dangerous driving causing death and dangerous driving while racing.

Turns out that none of them know how to drive at all. Nor should any of them ever be allowed to drive again. Period, end of discussion!

In another story related to this one is a pathetic example of drivers rage
The stabbing took place in the afternoon on Canal Road, where traffic was being diverted around the accident scene.

After being stuck in a traffic jam for hours, it is believed two men got into an argument.

One man was stabbed and was later air-lifted to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

IDIOTS! enough said...

David Virgoe, may the highway to heaven be paved with gold, have no pot holes, plenty of truck stops for you to get a good cup of joe, no weigh scales, and nothing but sunny skies. You sir, are a hero. Keep On Truckin'

My heartfelt condolences to Mr. Virgoe's family and friends.


Have-not citizens

only want their fair share...

The low income earners of Canada want amendments made to the federal budget that would transfer some of the income of "the rich" to those whom make less of an income. This program shall here on in be referred to as the "Robin Hood Accord" or its acronym RHA.

The RHA would have the government take all income above the average for an individual and redistribute it to those who have a lower income. This income sharing will continue even if at some point those individuals income who receive RHA transfer payments, rises above those of the above average income earners. There will be no consideration given for the numbers of hours worked, how hard one had to work or the education required to make the above average income.

It is the Canadian way...


Friday, June 15, 2007

Out Wackin Walleye

Roxy the faithful lab is feeling much better and the weather looks like it just might be nice enough to wet my line. Sooooooo...

I'm Gone Fishin' performed by Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby...

I shall return sometime on Sunday, or Monday... perhaps Tuesday? I am such a dreamer!

Have a great weekend!...


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Simon Cowell's jaw drops

Paul Potts did what most people thought was the impossible. He impressed the most critical of all critics Simon Cowell, during the filming of Britain's Got Talent TV show...


A MOBILE phone salesman from Wales has stunned the judges of a British talent show with his rendition of an opera classic.

Paul Potts, 36, sang Nessun Dorma – made famous by Luciano Pavarotti – for the judges on Britain's Got Talent TV show, who are searching for an act to perform in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance and win $A250,000.

Paul done did us Welsh folk proud!



I Want A Refund

and I want it now. Talk about being over taxed! Governments of all levels in Canada managed to gather 29 Billion more tax dollars than they required, according to STATS Canada. Thats 29 Billion with a B people. 29 with nine zeros following it. This is not chump change...

Based on the Canadian population clock, this works out to roughly $880.49 for every man woman and child in Canada. Keep in mind that a big chunk of that population pay no taxes at all, so the actual amount over payed by "tax payers" is even higher than this amount.

Now to be fair, this country has a huge debt. If this surplus was being put directly towards paying off that debt, or if I at least saw some value for my money, I would not be as pissed off as I am about this. Driven around on Edmonton's roads lately? Its a disgrace...

It does not help that my property taxes went up by 13.5%, compliments of Alberta's "market value assessment" and a 4.95% tax hike by the city of Edmonton.

What do you think my employer would tell me if I demanded a 13.5% raise?

HT Jack's Newswatch


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Going Green

Is causing a lot of pollution!

"Green" Energy Source a Major Polluter

By Jeff Golimowski Senior Staff Writer
June 13, 2007

( - Call it green pollution. The ethanol industry, which is marketed as environmentally friendly and has been called a "cornerstone of America's energy policy," is dirtying air and water supplies across the heartland, according to a Cybercast News Service investigation.

And industry watchers said pollution is going to get worse.

"There seems to be this mad rush toward expansion of the alternative fuels industry without sufficient due diligence," said Bill Becker, executive director of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA).

The Renewable Fuels Association, a major industry lobbying group, lists 119 working ethanol refineries in the United States, with another 77 refineries being built as of June 1.

Federal and state environmental agencies are responsible for monitoring the plants and making sure they follow local and national clean air and water guidelines. Those agencies have been busy.

A Cybercast News Service analysis of EPA records found 73 biorefineries - more than 60 percent of those operating - were cited by state or federal agencies for environmental violations in the last three years. The vast majority involve state or federal clean air laws.[...]

Go Read the rest here


Ride Ride Ride Hitchin a Ride

A train pulls up, we jump inside
It's nearly 1 a.m. we're so sly
Hitchin' a ride, hitchin' a ride
Gotta get us home by the morning light

I so do love eatin that grain
I'm really hungry and its pouring from the train
Hitchin' a ride, hitchin' a ride
Gotta get us home to our moma's side

Ride, ride, ride, hitchin' a ride
Ride, ride, ride, hitchin' a ride

The littlest Hobo's are robbing our trains. The cute little buggers, three black bear cubs, are causing a bit of trouble in Yoho National Park.

From CBC...Rocky Mountain bear cubs ride the rails

A trio of hobo bear cubs have been hopping trains in the Rocky Mountains, sparking concern from wildlife officials.

The black bear cubs first climbed onto a Canadian Pacific Railway car on May 31 in Yoho National Park, which is in the Rockies in British Columbia, about 30 kilometres west of Lake Louise, Alta.

Parks Canada wardens suspect the cubs climbed up to feed on grain with their mother, who managed to hop off when the train started moving.

The distressed cubs were stuck until the crew of another train spotted them. The train stopped in Field, B.C., and wardens brought the cubs back to their mother.

But two days later, the cubs boarded a train car for a second time. This time, two residents of Field heard the bears' cries and the trio was once again reunited with mom.

Mother Bear is quoted saying.... "If this is the trouble they are causing now as infants, what can I expect from them when they reach their teens? Cubs these days!"


Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work

Correction.... Will be wasted as usual. Those of you in Saskatchewan will get to pay twice! Lucky you...

The childish games continue at all levels of government within our country. I simply don't know how our politicians can look at themselves in the mirror each morning without breaking out in uncontrollable laughter. After all, they all seem to be permanently stuck in clown mode.

I just don't get it. These are suppose to be the leaders of our country. The cream of the crop. We no longer have leaders. The cream has gone bad. All things political have turned into a joke and it does not matter what party you support. They are all the same at all levels of government. Name calling... Me me me attitude... very little if any compromise... totally unrealistic expectations... Accountability is non existent... not to mention that they seem to think that acting like preschoolers is perfectly normal and acceptable.

What these jokers continually seem to forget is that they are working for the people of this country. The money that they are all fighting over comes from only one source. Taxes! Politicians take note... IT IS NOT YOUR MONEY! It is ours, and we entrust you with the job of spending it wisely. You are failing in that regard in a way that is beyond abysmal. If governments were companies, very few if any politicians, would ever keep their jobs. They would be fired for incompetence.

A few examples...
Calgary mayor slams Provincial Tories For a comment made by Ted Morton...

"Calgary by itself is a good but not a great city. What makes Calgary a great city -- the best in Canada as far as I'm concerned -- is what surrounds it. The working farms and ranches, the foothills, mountain and rivers."
Blasphemy I say! And the people of Calgary pay this guy? Get a spine Dave. While you are at it, learn how to read...

Sask. threatens to sue feds over equalization Why you may ask...
"This is a betrayal of a promise that was made," Calvert told reporters in Saskatoon on Wednesday, referring to the federal budget.

A broken promise? If this was against the law then our court system would be so overwhelmed it would have to quadruple in size just to hear these cases alone!

Newfoundland and Labrador's bumptious blowhard Premier Danny Williams... need I say more?

I could go on but what is the point? Can we just fire every politician in the land and start over?


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hey Al Gore

How long will it take for you to update "An Inconvenient Truth" to resemble some truth?

More bad news for Gore. Even less of his so called "documentary" is the truth. It would be more suitable in the fiction section. There was more factual material in an episode of Gilligan's Island than there is in Al's movie.

Kilimanjaro not a victim of climate change, UW scientist says

[...] On Kilimanjaro, ice loss seems to be driven by two factors: a lack of snowfall and sublimation, the same process that causes freezer burn by sucking moisture out of leftovers.

Researchers believe Kilimanjaro's glaciers formed about 11,000 years ago, when the region was undergoing a period of wet weather that allowed snow to accumulate. But even before the first Europeans reached the summit in 1889, the weather has been dry in Eastern Africa. There simply hasn't been enough snowfall to keep up with the loss of ice due to sublimation, Kaser explained. [...]

Slowly but surely the tide is moving in the right direction. Eventually we might even get the to the whole truth. Its all about the money. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Welfare Catch 22

Money for nothing, whether it be on a local level or the international level, does nothing to help those that receive it get out from under its umbrella.

Charles Adler had Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels on his show today. You can listen to it at 630 CHED in the audio Vault at about 12:30 PM.(free registration required)

They talked about Calgary and how things have changed there in the past 15 years or so. Not for the better. Social services is a big part of the problem, and not just in Calgary but Canada in general. It is well worth the time it takes to listen to it.

Then as I bounce around reading my usual list of blogs, I came across this little gem over at Chucker Canuck via "Springer" in the comments.

Spiegel Online

The Kenyan economics expert James Shikwati, 35, says that aid to Africa does more harm than good. The avid proponent of globalization spoke with SPIEGEL about the disastrous effects of Western development policy in Africa, corrupt rulers, and the tendency to overstate the AIDS problem. [..]

The interview that follows that intro would no doubt make Bono and the so called "progresives" furious. Sometimes the truth hurts.


Get Angry

It is good for you! Within reason of course.

Via Live Science

PITTSBURGH - Anger is good for you, as long as you keep it below a boil, according to new psychology research based on face reading.
People who respond to stressful situations with short-term anger or indignation have a sense of control and optimism that lacks in those who respond with fear. [...]

[...] So in maddening situations in which anger or indignation are justified, anger is not a bad idea, the thinking goes. In fact, it's adaptive, Lerner says, and it's a healthier response than fear.
Chronic, explosive anger or a hostile outlook on the world is still bad for you, contributing to heart disease and high blood pressure, research shows.
The new research supports the idea that humans have more than one uniform response to stress and that fear and anger provoke different responses from our nervous systems and the parts of our brain, such as the pituitary, that deal with tough situations. [...]

Here is a little song someone wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don't worry get angry
In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don't worry, get angry......


Another Angel Soars

Canada has lost another of its finest citizens...


A Canadian soldier is dead and two others injured after their convoy struck a roadside bomb in Afghanistan on Monday.

The three soldiers were part of a re-supplying mission.

"A young Canadian, a great Canadian, died serving the people of Afghanistan," Col. Mike Cessford, deputy commander of Canadian forces in Afghanistan, said from Kandahar. [...]

May Trooper Darryl Casswell rest in peace... My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.


Only in Quebec

Not surprisingly, some "we know better than you types" have sent out some letters to members of the Canadian Forces in Quebec. The letter suggests that the members of the Van Doos should break the law and turn their backs on their fellow soldiers.

Via CTV (Canadian Press)

[...] The first of about 3,000 letters mailed by antiwar protesters are expected to start showing up in neighbourhoods around the military base in Valcartier, Que., home to the Royal 22nd Regiment.

More than 2,000 Van Doos, as they're known, are scheduled to depart for Afghanistan beginning in August.

"You can refuse to participate in this war,'' says the missive, mailed last week by four Quebec-based antiwar groups. [...]

I very much doubt that any of the soldiers that receive this mail out will take it seriously. I'm not even sure that it will make it to the recycle bin as it absolutey belongs in the garbage!


If You Can't Beat Em

Join em... or so the saying goes. Apple has been around as long as any of the other major computer makers. Yet it still only manages to garner a very small share of the computer market. Depending on your point of view, that can be a good thing.

By having such a small market it does afford a bit of protection for its users. Very few malicious minded people will spend the time to write code that will attack so few when they can put the fear into millions more far easier on the windows platform. That does go both ways though. Few legitimate software developers will invest the money, time and effort to develop programs for the Mac platform for the very same reasons. The other problem that a lot of people had with Mac's was its very proprietary platform. It limited what could be done to modify a Mac. Things are changing at Apple.

A while back Apple announced that it was switching from IBM's Power PC CPU's to Intel CPU's.

Today, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs announced that Mac's internet browser, Safari, which only has 5% of the browser market, is now also available free for the PC. This is a beta version which might have a few bugs to work out, but I am going to give it a try, even if it is just for giggles a shits...

I can't help but wonder if these are just the first steps towards taking a bigger leap into the PC realm for Apple?


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Stupid is

What stupid does... Can anyone explain to me why anyone would build a community in an area that is prone to disasters? There are reasons that way back when, the native peoples of North America, placed their camps where they did.

They knew that certain area's had problems. Maybe not today. Not next week. Maybe not this year even. They knew from the past that certain area's were just not a good place to live. Even for the short term, never mind permanently. They would never make camp on a flood plain. They would never make camp in the lowest part of a valley. They would never make camp in area's covered by water They would never make camp at the bottom of a mountain that rumbled. They would never make camp on ground that shook.

By now I would hope you get my point. So when, and why on earth would we decide that we could safely build permanent communities in these area's? Is it worth the risk? Why would we rebuild those same communities after they are ruined by natural disasters that are bound to happen again? Are we truly that stupid? As far as I am concerned, as I sit in my relatively well situated home high above the river valley, anyone that choses to live in area's prone to natural disasters are on their own. It is your choice to be their. Don't whine and expect the tax payers to foot the bill to help you rebuild and have the same happen time and time again. Maybe if you are lucky, it is only a one hundred year event that most likely won't effect you personally again. Maybe not. Is it really worth the risk not to mention the stress and headaches it causes?


I now return you to regular blogging

Now that I am done playing with how this blog looks and works, I can get back to actually blogging...

Now if I only had something to blog about. Everyone must already know that Space shuttle Atlantis is having some minor troubles. Hopefully it will not be a repeat of past problems. They had better find a new glue supplier for those tiles.

Everyone surely knows that there has been another shooting in Toronto

Oh Oh OH...I know... Nobody has blogged about Paris Hilton. Why would they? She is just a spoiled brat that has lost her mind. Well if she had one in the first place she would have lost it.

Time to head off to the store. I am in desperate need of an almost illegal substance.


Still Playing

Well... I cancelled the plan for the slide show via java and have instead gone the picasa route. No muss no fuss and its free and easy thanks to google.



I have added the peekaboo script and this is a test. If it works, then only part of this post will appear... this part... the rest will appear once you click on the "read more" link...

The rest is here! Or is it? I sure the hell hope so! Time to take a look...

Update: it works... it really works... kinda jumpy when it closes but hell... nothing is perfect...


The Worst is Over

I think? I managed to get everything back and re organized in a manner that I like. I don't think I will be changing templates again any time soon! I did find a few useful widgets to add more function to this blog.

"Recent comments" is one I particularly like.

I also found a little java script that add a little music player function each time I link to a song. You will see a small green arrow in front of a link to a song. Simply right click on the arrow to play. If you want the music to stop, click on the small red box that the arrow has changed to.

I am now playing with yet another java script that will allow me to add slide shows to posts.

Lastly I will be adding the peekaboo script. This script is used to show only a summary of a post. This keeps the main page a little more manageable and user friendly.

I'll be back!


Please bare with me

I'm switching templates...

Was not a good Idea! Lost a bunch of things even though I did back up my old template as blogger suggests!

The loud grumbling noises you are hearing should be gone in a couple hours....


Friday, June 08, 2007

I Want One

How cool is this!


Fishin Friday

UPDATED at 6:15 PM:

Fishing canceled due to illness in the family. My poor puppy has been sick all day. The vet says she should be okay to travel, but I am not going to take any chances.

New tag... Wishin' I was Fishin'

The Fishing Song performed by The Arrogant Worms

It's early in the morning, way before dawn
I down a cup of coffee, put my lucky hat on
Get down to the water before all the crowds
Gonna have more fun than the law allows

With my hot rod, I go out to cruise
When I'm on the prowl, I never lose
I fire up my Merc and put the throttle down
'Cause I've got the fastest fishing boat in town
I open up my tackle box, it's so big!
Crank baits, sink baits, beer and jigs
Got my bobbers on, and my 10 pound test
Gonna catch me a lunker gonna be the best

(Gonna go fishing) Gonna have some fun
(Gonna go fishing) 'Cause it's number one
(Gonna go fishing) Gonna sit on my butt
(Gonna catch a fish) And scrape out its guts
Ahhh, fishing!

I fish on the lake, by the sunken tree stump
Between the sewage output, and the chemical dump
Don't swim in the lake, says a sign on a tree
It's a good thing that fish can't read
I got my 10 dollar lure, the one that floats
And I make a big cast from my 20 grand boat
With my thousand dollar rod, or maybe it's more
Gonna catch me a fish that's 5 bucks at the store

(Gonna go fishing) Gonna have some fun
(Gonna go fishing) 'Cause it's number one
(Gonna go fishing) Gonna sit on my butt
(Gonna catch a fish) And scrape out its guts
Ahhh, fishing!

I feel something tugging on the end of my line
(Tug, tug, tug, tug, tug that line)
I'm gonna catch a fish, it's gonna be so fine
(Fish, fish, fish, fish, fish so fine)
Oh it feels so good to touch fish slime
(Slime, slime, slime, slime, fishy slime)
There's nothing else to do with my free time
(Time, time, time, time, waste of time)
Ahhh, Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhhhhhh

Let's catch a fishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfish
Eat a fishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfish
Swallow a fishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfish
Digest a fishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfish
Out comes the fishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfish
It was a fishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfish

(Gonna go fishing) Gonna have some fun
(Gonna go fishing) 'Cause it's number one
(Gonna go fishing) Gonna sit on my butt
(Gonna catch a fish) And scrape out its guts
(Gonna go fishing) Gonna have some fun
(Gonna go fishing) 'Cause it's number one
(Gonna go fishing) Gonna sit on my butt
(Gonna catch a fish) And scrape out its guts
Ahhh, fish-fish-fishing C-A-N-A-D-A!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Nightmare That Never Ends

This is the Nightmare that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend. The Millers started living it, after a disgusting assault, and they'll continue living it forever and its all a judges fault...
This is the Nightmare that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend. The Millers started living it, after a disgusting assault, and they'll continue living it forever and its a judges fault...
This is the Nightmare that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend. The Millers started living it, after a disgusting assault, and they'll continue living it forever and its a judges fault...
This is the Nightmare that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend. The Millers started living it, after a disgusting assault, and they'll continue living it forever and its a judges fault...
This is the Nightmare that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend. The Millers started living it, after a disgusting assault, and they'll continue living it forever and its a judges fault...
This is the Nightmare that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend. The Millers started living it, after a disgusting assault, and they'll continue living it forever and its a judges fault...


Who Knew

That adding fire near ice would cause the ice to melt? Ain't Mother Nature a bitch...


How Long

Will it take for some other research to come and say that THIS is a bad idea. Just like when they said butter is bad for you. Eggs are bad for you. fatty meat is bad for you. etc... ad nauseam... One line should get your attention in the article right off the bat...

"More research is needed to clearly define the amount of Vitamin D that will maximize health benefits."

Do yourself a favor. Eat what ever it is that you enjoy in moderation. Go outside in the sun as much as possible. Quit worrying about everything that all these useless studies have to say and enjoy life.

You can thank me for this advice later... much much later...


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

63 years ago today

My father, just 10 days short of his 21st birthday was on a beach. He was not alone.

I miss you dad...


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hear No Evil Speak No Evil See No Evil


In other news... France Officially Adopts New Flag. Ain't it purdy...

Guess I should have put it on a background other than white!
H/T Fark


Comparing Apples to Apples

Well I don't know about you but I sure am glad that they have cleared this one up. A study out of the University of Alberta shows that buying organic food products will not save the planet. Surprisingly(sarc) it takes the same amount of energy to produce and ship the organic product as it does non organic product. I am shocked I tell you, SHOCKED! Thank god for higher education.


Sunday, June 03, 2007

I Came Back

Well... in body anyways. My mind is still at the lake , and usually is.

The fishing was a tad slow, but the sheer raw beauty of the place always makes it worth while. The bald eagles, osprey, loons, pelicans and many other flying objects are all back. I never tire of seeing them. There where no shortage of deer on the drive into the lake or back. I lost count both ways. On a sad note there is one less beaver swimming around by the boat dock. Not sure what caused its death as I could not find anything obvious although the ravens had started scavenging on its remains prior to me discovering it by the dock. I doubt that I will find any sign of its remains come next weekend. Nature will have done its job by then I am sure.

I was planning on taking a few pictures to post here. Unfortunately, silly me did not pick up some new batteries for my camera and the existing batteries were pretty much dead. I managed to get one shot of some friends fishing off in the distance but was unable to get another when I came across the bald eagles.

I will be better prepared for next weekend! Murphy's law should kick in and although I will have a fully charged camera, I will not see anything worth taking a picture of... sigh...


Friday, June 01, 2007

Gone Fishing

With summer upon us, my visitors will hopefully be seeing this post more often than not on weekends.

Wish me luck!