Friday, July 29, 2005


Gone Fishing
Have a great weekend!.... and wish me luck.... I'm going after the big one!
Shall return Monday sometime....:D


The War for Oil Theory?

After hearing this rederick spewed for years now and with Ms. Parrishes statements of late regarding same, I did a little research and came up with the folowing:

A) THE OIL RESERVE FALLACY Does a great job of showing fancy graphs, but leaves me with more questions than answers.
B) Debunking The War For Oil Theory Asks a lot of good questions and answers them as well.
C) Greatest Oil Reserves by Country, 2005 This is the one I am going to gear myself towards in my arguments here along with....
D) TAR SANDS: A BRIEF OVERVIEW Gives a general overview of the Alberta Oil Sands project and its possibilities.

And just to add a little twist, lets add natural gas into the mix.

D) Rank Order - Natural gas - proved reserves This one I must admit, did surprize me.

This Canadian's point of view
The one thing that has always bothered me about the "War for Oil Theory" is the fact that there is no need for the US to go so far away to get this oil. Not to mention the cost both in lives and financially. When you take into account the potential oil reserves that are right next door in Canada and a little further over in Venezuela, why bother going all the way to the middle east?

US to Canada(#2 in oil reserves maybe higher if you take the oil sands into account) small step... or if you want to get technical..Washinton DC to Ottawa...455 miles or 732 kilometers as the crow flies. Canada's military? Nothing to compare to the might of the US military.

Washington DC to Caracas Venezuela(#7 in oil reserves)...2052 miles or 3302 kilometers. Although impressive, Venezuela's military is by far no match for the US. Could turn into another Vietnam style war though due to terrain and tactics...something to keep in mind.

Washington DC to Baghdad Iraq(#4 in oil reserves)...6337 miles or 9996 kilometers. We all know what is happening there military wise so I won't bother with the stats.

So why bother going all the way across town when you can get the same right next door at a far cheaper price?

More to follow.....


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Calling the Kettle Black

Quote #1) "For the top general in this country to emulate the simplistic phrasing of Mr. Bush, on behalf of you and our government, is to degrade the hard-earned reputation of this country and its people," Parrish wrote. .... (Ms. Parrish has done more to degrade the reputation of Canada and its people more than anyone I can think of.)

Quote #2) "You may just be in the right place at the right time to stop this undignified and confrontational dialogue before it gets even further out of hand," (This coming from the most Undignified and confrontational politician in the land.)

Parrish calls on Graham to advise the public that Hillier does not speak for the government, in order to build confidence that Canada is dealing with the terrorist threat in a calm, reasonable and confident way. ( General Hillier sure seemed calm and reasonable to me when he made his comments. Did I miss something? He stated the facts as laid before our troops in Afghanistan.)

I applaud Mr.Graham for his responce to Ms. Parrish's open letter.

Graham said he stands behind Hillier "100%" and suggested Parrish may not understand the inherent difficulties of Canadian troops face in missions in Afghanistan.

I can only add this... Does Ms. Parrish "Understand" much of anything, before she spews her rederick?

Just another posting by...."CRAP"... Canadians Really Against Parrish...


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

News Flash

Ms Parrish rejoins Liberal Party and is given ministerial post. As Minister of Defence her first anouncement came as no surprize. "General Rick Hillier, You're Fired!" Her second announcement was just as un surprizing "We will be bringing back all our troops from Afghanistan as soon as we can manage to get Air Canada to free up a 757 to fly over and get them and thier green garb". But it was her third announcement that was a bit of a shocker... "In keeping with our policy of peace keeping around the world... we shall send 300 RCMP officers and horses in full cerimonial dress to perform the Musical Ride and show the Afghanistan people what peace keeping is all about". Ms Parrish has yet to release her plans on getting the RCMP members and the horses to Afghanistan. Our sources have revealled that Ms Parrish has been secretly talking to the people over at Evergreen Aviation Museum in regards to purchasing the Hughes Flying Boat H-4 (HK-1) Hercules (“Spruce Goose”). It does have a capacity for 750 troops after all! 300 Officers..300 horses... it will be close.....
Stay tuned as we discover more of the dealings of Minister Parrish... this has been an unpaid Political Post of... CRAP... "Canadian's Really Against Parrish"
Have a nice day...and keep smiling...All is fair in love and war...


Shuttle Grounded Again

After a not so flawless takeoff of the shuttle Discovery, NASA today anounced it will not be flying until they figure out why the foam insulation is coming off of the shuttles fuel tanks. Maybe the folks over at "crazy glue" or "3M's" adhesive division or perhaps "Elmers glue" have a solution? Never hurts to ask. Low tech sometimes out does High tech!


Ms Parrish

I was going to leave this one alone until I had the oppertunity to hear Ms Parrish on Charles Adler's talk show today. Today she changed the timing a she says the last "56 years" instead of her original "100 years" as quoted in the Globe and Mail...."I'm totally offended by him. ..... We are also not a country that is going to easily throw away 100 years of peacekeeping reputation and noble reputation in the world by a testosterone-filled general, and I think somebody should put a clamp on his mouth."
56 years.....ok...still she does not know her history..that takes us back to 1949... and by the way...Ms parrish was 3 at this time...1950 to 1953...Korean Conflict...although never called a "war" it most certainly was. 1991...Gulf War...Canadian's were there dropping bombs on Iraq...1999... Kosovo/Serbia...there too were Canadians dropping bombs, doing thier duty...2002... Afghanistan...War on terrorism...Canadian snipers amazed the US troops with thier accuracy... and lest we forget...we lost four of our own on April 17th 2003. Over 116,000 Canadians have fought and died for this country. Ms Parrish, the only "remarks" that are offensive are your own! You are a disgrace to this country, its military, and its people. You are the one who needs her mouth clamped shut! However I doubt there is a clamp big enough for the job.
P.S. Maybe you should study up on your Canadian history before beeking off next time round.


Movie tagged!

Thanks a million Dino for dragging me into this!
Pre Teen... Classic westerns....Hang Em high... Fist Full of Dollars...Good the Bad the Ugly...
Teen years... Dirty Harry, The Enforcer, Apocalypse Now...
In case you did not notice I was a bit of a Clint Eastwood fan back then still am I guess.
Married Years....still waiting for them.......:P
Parental years...As a single father for nearly 15 years..the ones that stick out most are the "Land Before Time series" Every year at Christmas it was a must! My daughter insisted, even into her late teens.
Recent years... Shrek...Shrek 2...Gothica...Butterfly Effect...ladder 49 and we can't forget...Finding Nemo!
All time favorite already mentioned previously has to be...Apocalypse Now, even after watching it at least a hundred times it still sends chills up my spine....
And now..who shall I tag....
Toronto Tory
Kinnys Comments
The Black Truth


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Attractive or not?

What makes a person attractive?
Good looks? We all have our own views on what makes a person physically attractive to us. Beauty is truely in the eyes of the beholder. What one see's does not always translate to what others see. The visual is instant. You know immediately if you find someone physically attractive.
Personality? Now this one is really tough to figure out. A persons personality can change in different situations. You really have to get to know them quite well before you truely know thier "true" personality.
Charm? Some people just have a way of using this one to get you to like them regardless of other factors. It is a quality that empowers them.
Grace? Just the way a person moves can say alot about them. Does this influence how attractive people find them? Royalty might say yes, but is it that big of a deal to the average person? I suppose it could be.
I would sumize that most people would take most if not all of these into account when choosing a partner/mate/wife/husband.....whatever you want to call it.
Which of these does one take into account when it comes to choosing ones friends?
Personality will be there as well......not much of the others unless you are one of "those" know the ones.......


Saturday, July 23, 2005

Earthquake rocks Japan

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake shook the Tokyo area Saturday, injuring at least 27 people. A tsunami warning was lifted shortly after the intial quake.
Mother nature is the worst terrorist of all time! For more info look here.


Microsft Windows Vista

Microsoft has decided on an official name for Longhorn: "Windows Vista", thier next gen operating system to replace XP. I doubt many will be rushing out to purchase this one when it becomes available in late 2006. It took a couple years for Xp to take off and become popular..... XP now stands for roughly 65% of the market share. Win 2000 still holds roughly 17%. Win98 is still clinging on with nearly 4% of the operating system market which still out numbers Mac's Oses at 3% and Linux at 3.5%. So now... will you be rushing out to purchase "Vista" when it comes out? or...are you going to wait til Microsoft works out all the bugs in it......usually about a two year wait....he he he......?......inquiring minds.......and Bill Gates bank account would like to know........


Egypt Bombings

update.July 23 (Bloomberg) -- At least 75 people were killed and 120 wounded in Egypt's worst terrorist attack.......


Friday, July 22, 2005

Bombs Bombs and more Bombs

With the recent bombings in London and today's car bombings in an Egyptian resort that killed as many as 41 and injured approximately 200 people. How can anyone anywhere think that they are safe from terrorist attacks? They can strike anywhere anytime and there is little anyone can do about it. The only thing we can do is go on with life as normal and hope we are lucky enough to avoid the horror of it all. To live in fear is to give in to them. Don't let the terrorist win! My thoughts and prayers go out to all who have suffered around the world from these cowardly attacks.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Liberal Lies

I had descided to do a search in google on "Liberal lies". To my amussement this popped up on the right side of the search results....

"Liberal Lies
Great deals on Liberal Lies
Shop on eBay and Save!"

Now we know where Paul does his shopping on a regular basis.


More Explosions in London

More cowardly deeds in London. Four more attempted explosions in London? Either there was explosions or there wasn't. Why must they always play word games? Fortunately, there appears to be no deaths at this time and few were injured.


Tim's Home Page

Finally completed revamping my web site. That only took a few months. Now maybe I can spend a little more time on my blogging... then again....the weekend is near and I hear some fish calling me.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Scotty's been Beamed up

Canadian born, James Doohan, better known as Scotty from the original "Star Trek" series passed away today at age 85. He will always be remembered for such lines as..."beem me up Scotty", "She won't take much more of this Captain", "She's given us all she's got" and ... "tribbles?.....we have no tribbles here Captain". Of all the blogs I've seen on this topic, I do believe Dino over at BPOC said it best. "God Bless and God Speed Scotty, warp factor 5, all ahead full........."


SSM part du

It's a done deal...


Tuesday, July 19, 2005


As expected, bill C-38 was passed by the senate today with a vote of 47 - 21. All it needs now is royal assent and then it will be law. Next will be polygamy, and who knows after that. We are on a slippery slope.... Thank you Paul, job well done.


Our Troops

The first 40 of 250 personnel from the Edmonton Garrison including soldiers, Mounties, members of the Canadian International Development Agency and Foreign Affairs left today for a 6 month tour in Afghanistan. As per usual they will not be properly equipt but.... as usual they will soar above and beyond the call of duty. After all they are the best trained forces in the world. Imagine what our forces could do if they had propper funding and backing from the government. God speed and a safe return.... and a personal thank you for all you do. Make us proud to be Canadians!


Common Sense the lack there of

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety regulations require that there be a minimum of two certified first aiders on all job sites. Sounds logical enough. If it were only one and that was the injured party, who would look after his injuries? Now lets say you have nine workers on a job site, but only one is a certified first aider. The job is not allowed to continue under the regulations. The catch....this job was in a functioning hospital no more than 100 meters away from the emergency room! Now it makes perfect sense doesn't it?

Another.... you can take a 14 passanger van load it with people and equipment, remove seats, do what you will.... the transportation police wont give you a second look. Probably not even a first glance for that matter. Make that van one "designed" to carry 15 passengers and look out! Does not matter if you remove all but two seats, it is still a 15 passenger van and falls under the new Alberta transport laws requiring you to have it inspected yearly, complete log books, have a written maintanence plan, and the driver must posses a class 4 license...not much different than owning/operating a greyhound bus or tractor trailer combination(actually any vehicle with a registered gross wieght of more than 11,700 kg or designed to carry 15 or more passengers) other than the license requirements. You may possibly convert said van to a cargo van if you are able to get a permit from the transport ministry however. Can someone explain to me what the differnce is between a 15 passenger van with a row of seating permantly removed and a 14 passenger van? The nice folks at the transportation department couldn't. But hey.thats the law!



Political Write
Mike has provided a very well written and informative article. A must read for everyone. Reminds me of the old quote..."keep your friends close... and your enemies closer."


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Weekends are too short

Lets see....having a cabin to go to every weekend sounds nice dont it. is how I spent my weekend.... Drove for 2.5 hours to the lake.....rained off and on all the way. Finally arrived at the lake at 8:55 pm. unloaded the SUV....tied up the dog..... built a fire.....had a drink......or two...or....went to bed........woke up at 7 am.....raining.....went back to sleep.....woke up at 9 am.........raining.......made breaky.....did the dishes........went out in the rain.....cleaned out house.......painted the interior of the its 12:30 pm..... still out the chainsaw.....bucked up some wood.....and started splitting.... 4:45 pm....rain stopped wind picked up.....made supper.....did the dishes.......went fishing at 7:30 pm...caught some small walleye and a baby northern..came in from fishing at 10:30 pm..... started a fire in the pit......had a drink.....or two.....or.... went to bed......woke up Sunday morning at 8 am.... no rain.....windy as hell... can't get on the lake...... well now.....ok....roof of the guest trailer needs some work.....guess I'll do that.......cleaned out the roofing tar, paint brush and roller.....went to work on it......3 hours later....done....still too windy to get out on the lake......buck up some more wood....hmmmmmmm.....wind dies down at around 1:30....head out fishing......catch some more small northerns.....5 o'clock rolls around.....time to head to shore and get packing.....6 pm...SUV is is in back seat......time to hit the for 2.5 hours......get home...unload SUV.....put dog in back cllean clothes for work tomorrow......time to do laundry....might as well hit the blogs while waiting for laundry.......and its 10:45 pm.....where did the weekend go?


Friday, July 15, 2005

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing! Shall return on Sunday. Have a great weekend folks.


Thursday, July 14, 2005

David Suzuki

At one time I did respect Dr. Suzuki, I could not wait to watch his show, "The Nature of Things" every week.... now I fear the man and his teachings. I believe he has become nothing more than a fear monger regarding the enviroment. Yet I sit here surfing the T.V. channels and come across this....He is one of the top ten "Greatest Canadians"...... He is also one of the top supporters of the Kyoto Accord which is going to cost Canadian's.... yes, you and I, thousands of dollars. Will it Help the enviroment and reduce global warming? Not!


Mad Cows/happy ranchers

July 14 (Bloomberg) -- A federal appeals court cleared the way for Canadian cattle to be shipped to slaughterhouses in the U.S., ending a two-year ban, after the government argued the animals don't pose a threat to humans from mad-cow disease. ....... Now that is all well and fine for the Canadian Ranchers....but I bet the Cows are Mad about this decision!....PETA where are you?


NHL is back

Woopy...... I realy can't be a Canadian..... I personally could not care less if it ever did. How do you feel?



Anyone out there play " delta force black hawk down" Multi-Player? Is it just me, or do you find that it is much harder to be successful playing the game. I'm no gaming guru by any means but hell..... I am getting killed a hell of a lot more than I can kill. Some claim "spawn armour" is why I could not kill them. So why do I not get the luxtury of "spawn armour"? I get killed all the time when I respawn whether it be a psp, when saved by med ect.... I'm tired of shootin guys point blank only to have them slice me open with thier Knife! Just alot of crap happining.

The weapons thing irratates me as well. I don't find that they are very realistically represented. How the hell can a dude with a Car-15, or other more so close range weapon, pick off a sniper 900M or more away, when through the scope of the sniper riffle they are just a dot? I know they can't see the sniper and are only shooting at the tracers but give me a break! This could never happen in reality!

Are more and more people cheating? You tell me?