Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!

To all my friends and the crazy folks who actually come here and read my drivel, may 2007 bring you all peace and happiness. My best of wishes to each and everyone of you.


Just so you know (updated with facts)

In case you have been living under a rock or in a coma until just now, and by some chance missed the news for the past umteen hours. Saddam Hussein was executed at around 10PM EST on Saturday December 30, 2006. Friday December 29, 2006. Just thought you should know that. I will be repeating this news for, well, ever! Because it is important news and deserves to be repeated at nauseating intervals.


Adopt a Nun

Okay, now this is strange, yet innovative...

With many of our Sisters aging, the reality of retirement and its costs has hit home. In 1991, a benefactor, hearing of the plight of the Sisters, suggested that it was time to "adopt our nuns." He didn't intend that people take the Sisters into their homes but into their hearts.

Today, our Sisters' hearts are full of love for their extended family. They pray everyday for their adopters needs and intentions, and are delighted to hear from them. Bonds between many of the adopters and Sisters have formed, thus making us truly one big family.

A suggested donation of $160-$500 will enroll you in the "Adopt a Sister" program for 1 year. Your gift will help provide for the Sisters' retirement needs.

Why pray yourself? Adopt a Nun!


What do Saddam and Elvis have in common?

They are both still walking amongst us! Yes only hours after Saddam was executed, he has been seen walking the streets of Baghdad


A Miracle I tell ya!

Self-clean technology to remove the mud, sweat and tears of wash day for ever. My dreams come true, no more laundry. What shall I do with my new free time on Sundays?


Security Breach

More breaking news....

RCMP apparently break up a coup attempt....

While Prime Minister Stephen Harper and family were relaxing at his country house in Gatineau park early this morning, a vehicle drove through a security barrier. RCMP officers quickly intervened and arrested the suspect, who reportedly simply wanted to be the Prime Minister. Fortunately, the reporters from TABaker Blog are not on the PMSH reporter shit list, so we did have a reporter and photographer on site at the time. TABaker Blog reporter Justin Kidding reports that the event in question was over in mere seconds. The RCMP raced their horses over to, and surrounded the vehicle in question forcing it to come to an abrupt stop. The driver was obviously an animal lover. As the driver was taken away, she was screaming and we quote... "You may have stopped me this time but I will be back. When I come back, you will all regret this and I will personally have you all fired! When will the people of this country wake up and realize, It's time, it's time!" We have no idea what she meant by any of this rant. The driver has yet to be identified but we do have a picture of the suspect vehicle at the scene.



Saturday, December 30, 2006

What part of FITNESS don't you understand?

Gime gime gime gime! As a child I was told gime's never get. Some people never learn. In this wonderful welfare state we have here in Canada, it is no wonder that things like this abound.


A Beary Tale

Picture #1

Breaking news.... Reporting from Ayles Island...
It has been reported, that no one witnessed this event. But we here at the TABaker blog were determined to find at least one. We left no ice cube unturned as we scoured the Arctic. Finally after searching from ice flow to ice flow, we came across the White family.(picture #1) We found them on the newly formed(in relationship to the age of the earth) Island that was up until relatively recently, the Ayles Ice Shelf. Go figure. Mr White was at the Ayles Ice Shelf at the moment it let loose. As a matter of fact, Mr. White takes credit for the event. He claims that he and his family were in dire need of a stable place to call home. The recent warming trend had melted all the decent ice flows. In fact, the White family were in deed homeless. When Mr. White came to realize that there were no other options but to make a new home for his family he went to work chiseling away at the cliff. After months of work it finally happened. Mrs.White was able to take a Photo of Mr.White perilously close to the edge of the cliff watching it as it slipped away in to the depths below.(picture #2) Picture #2No longer did they have to swim from one small chunk of ice to another to get out of the freezing arctic waters. They finally had a stable island of ice to hunt seals from. A place they could get out of the icy cold waters and relax and just enjoy themselves. It was a moment that truly changed the lives of this family for many years to come. As to the reports that Mr. White in his actions has destroyed unique features of the Canadian landscape, Mr. White had this to say. "Are they nuts? These things are dropping into the waters all the time. They form, they fall, it is called nature. Shit happens. I just helped this one along a little. I had to provide for my family. A bear has got to do what a bear has to do. " Who came blame anyone for looking after their families best interest? Sure not this reporter.


Friday, December 29, 2006


A picture is worth a thousand words. So I won't say another word about Saddam Hussein's execution.

Mass Graves


Real Action Required

As most of you know, I am not a fan of the Kyoto Protocol. The main reason being, it allows countries to buy their way out of actually doing anything for the environment. That being said, I have no problem with PM Harper giving Allan Amey the BOOT as the people at CanWest News Service puts it. The reason is, as president of the Climate Fund Agency, his job would have been to purchase emission-reduction credits. I do not want one cent of Canadian tax payers money being spent anywhere but in Canada to improve our environment including for the reduction of CO2. I would next expect that this "Climate Fund Agency" will be scrapped completely by PMSH. My fingers are crossed. I know that Dion will be all up in arms over this one. It had his blessing back when he was the do nothing environment minister of the Liberal government in 2005. If you care to read how full of crap he was then, read this. How anyone in this country can agree with spending billions on so called Kyoto units that do not clean up a bloody thing is beyond me. The Clean Air Act, in my opinion, clearly does not go far enough. At the same time it does actually help in cleaning up pollution in Canada which is a good starting point. Now if we could only stop all the ranting and raving out there regarding the environment and sit down like adults and come up with more real solutions to fix the problems, we as a nation would be far better off.


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Age of Consent Changed?

It appears that the age of consent has been changed to 101(AB) and 135(BC). I am a little confused. Apparently, Western Canada has become of age, but it is not due to the age of the provinces. It is strangely enough based on the fact that the population of Alberta and British Columbia combined(7.69 million), have surpassed that of Quebec(7.65 million). That and, 2006 "was the year when the West, particularly Alberta, had a greater impact on the country's economy than ever before and generated more attention than ever, as well." (sure sounds like a fourteen year old) Even stranger is that Calgary is given all the credit when it is Fort McMurray that is the designated driver of "a speeding car with a gas pedal and no brakes.". As such, taking Calgary around to the fine dinning establishments, frolicking about and not to mention, the bank. While Calgary gets a billion dollar symbolic 59 storey Bow, that no doubt will stroke the ego of many, Fort McMurray is fighting for decent infrastructure to accommodate its growth. The environmental impact of the whole oil and gas industry has yet to be addressed sufficiently never mind the oil sands projects. Then there is also the problem of filling all the jobs currently available and those being created by yet more projects.Western Canada comes of age, but who and what, is getting screwed?


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Manufactured Outrage!

I got you now you lying no good for nothing neocons!
Updated! as per my critics... ;P

"Mark Holland and his manufactured outrage accompanied with the stamping of the feet, eyeballs ablaze and nostrils flaring"

Above quote compliments of Shades of Clarity via comments at THE WINGNUTERER


Young drivers and Seatbelts

When will they ever learn?

Three decades of seat belt laws are credited with saving thousands of Canadian lives, but a growing number of young drivers are paying the ultimate price for refusing to buckle up.

"We need to explore what happens when they become teens to understand their attitudes and the beliefs."

We do not need to explore or study this one at all. The answer is simple. Ask almost any parent of a teen and the answer will be the same. When your children reach their teens, they become brain dead and think that they are invincible. It is a temporary infliction for the most part and thank goodness for that.
"We know that the higher the rate of alcohol consumption, the more the rate of seat belt use decreases," she added.

It's all part of the risky behaviour that young people are known for, says Raynald Marchand, manager of traffic and safety for the Canada Safety Council.

"Quite often what we'll have is the person that is more of a risk-taking driver, will not just have one risk but many risks," he said.

"They're more likely to be impaired, more likely not to wear the seat belts and so on."

You are not invincible, buckle up and give yourself a chance to enjoy the rest of your life.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Anyone need a Roadie?

My brother has become available with the death of James Brown. Brown had been scheduled to perform in several Canadian cities including Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary between Jan. 4 and Jan. 14. My bro was to be a part of that tour. Perhaps my workaholic brother will finally take a holiday instead..... who am I kidding...


Very Disappointing to say the least

Don't preach to me about getting tough on crime when you are not following the laws of the land yourself. Get your act together, before trying to amend those acts. I am not impressed!


Monday, December 25, 2006

Canadian News Maker of the Year 2006

Canadian Soldiers

“We've been recognized as a fighting force, which we've always been, but we got out of the peacekeeper mentality,” Sgt. Guindo said. “Yes, we are peacekeepers but we are soldiers first. And at times you have to soldier on and then be a peacekeeper.”

Congratulations to each and every member of our forces. They represent true Canadian values, like no other possibly could.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper came in second and Maher Arar was third runner up.


Merry Christmas


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Good Scouts

Looks like everyone is all geared up for an election. As I pointed out in a post yesterday, Elections Canada is taking applications for returning officers. Now today I see that the opposition leaders are all saying that they too are ready to rock should an election come in the near future. Seems like this spring is the likely timing of an election. The likely culprit to fall the conservative government will be the coming budget in January. Looks like we will be going to the polls yet again this coming February. Yippee Kai eh......... you probably know the rest of that line. My fingers are crossed that a few more people have woken up from their slumber and will not vote for the liberals, NDP, and especially the BLOC. Another minority looks like a sure thing at this point. For whom, is a the question at this point. Which means..... yup you guessed it, another election in a year or so after this one. How long will we keep playing the minority game? This is Canada, and ever since P.E.T. we have been playing it in a different way, so who knows.


Each new day

Alberta-born biophysicist James Till and Toronto physician Ernest McCulloch are considered the fathers of Stem Cell Research. It has come a long way in the four decades when they first charted the existence of stem cells.

Jennifer Molson is a living example of the wonders of stem cells.
Diagnosed with MS at age 21, by the time she was 27 she had accepted the idea life for her would mean a wheelchair.

Thanks to the remarkable work of Atkins and Freedman, she -- a year after the procedure -- got married.

"I walked down the aisle and danced," she said recently from her office at BAE Systems.

Gone are almost all of the reminders of her MS -- a disease where the immune system ravages the brain and spinal cord.

"I've had to educate people -- when they think of stem cells they think of embryonic stem cells," she explained. "I used my own."

After her procedure, she saw her disease work in reverse. Almost each new day brought back an ability she had lost.

From not being able to walk, suddenly she was without her leg braces. Then she ignored her cane while walking out the door.

At 31 years old she seems free of MS. She considers herself cured of it.

"I think this hope is for everyone," she said. "It's just taking time to realize its full potential."

Hopefully that time is just around the corner. You can read the whole article here.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Has an Election been called?

I was surfing around when I noticed a banner at the top of the Globe and Mail. It is an add for Elections Canada with the words, "Applications must be received by midnight on January 5,2007". When you click on the link it reveals that they are looking to fill 115 positions (returning officers) all over Canada. These positions were posted on Dec.14,2006. Does anyone else find this strange? Are they just being good boy scouts, and being prepared? Among the qualifications is the following:

If you are appointed as a returning officer, you must meet other conditions of employment, among them the following:

You must be non-partisan in politics at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.
You may not participate in organizations that could be perceived as politically partisan.

Those two alone pretty much disqualify 100% of the people I know as well as myself. Damn, missed out on a 10 day all expenses paid trip to Ottawa for the training. Oh well, my riding does not seem to be in need of a new returning officer anyways. Hey Dazz, looking for a part time gig with the gov? They are looking for someone in your riding and everyone knows how non-partisan you are..... not!


You do not have much time to say goodbye.

Now there is one we should all remember in our daily lives. We tend to take life for granted.

A British skydiver had a miraculous escape when he plunged 12,000 feet into a blackberry bush in New Zealand after his two parachutes failed.

Read the whole story, of a very lucky man.


Changing lives

Hopes for Alzheimer's treatment

Mrs Phillips said: "It means to me the loss of a lovely man whom I've known since I was 16 and I'm losing him slowly, quietly and insidiously.

"It's like a bereavement, but it's a living bereavement almost," she told the BBC.

"I would give my right arm if they could find a treatment for Alzheimer's. I dream about it."

Keep your right arm Mrs. Phillips, you'll need it to help your husband in other ways, like holding hands and big hugs. This treatment sounds very promissing and I hope it leads to the reduction of, or perhaps a cure for Alzheimer's.


Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy News

As of today I am on holidays til the new year. That alone puts a happy face on me at least. My plan for the next ten days is to blog only Happy Thoughts for this duration. This might not be easy, as the media focuses on the bad news for the most part. Today I will start off with something that I know is near and dear to many peoples hearts. Kid's and slurpees! As a diabetic, this one was a difficult choice for me as I am torn between my old love of slurpees and the knowledge I now have of the evil they are. But hey! They are only kid's once and we should allow them to be kid's and enjoy the finer things in life too. MMMMMMMMM.... Slurpees....

In cooperation with 7-Eleven, the Redlands Police Department wants to recognize and encourage good behavior among local youth. According to police spokesman Carl Baker, Redlands police officers will be "ticketing" youth they observe doing good deeds or exhibiting positive behavior through "Operation Chill."
The "Operation Chill" coupons are actually coupons good for a free 12-ounce Slurpee at any participating 7-Eleven store. Each officer in the department has been issued a supply of tickets and will be on the lookout for good behavior.

I think this is a great idea and I truely hope that 7-11 promotes this idea everywhere they have a store. As a matter of fact, I am going to fire off a little email with the link to this story to our chief of police Mike Boyd, as soon as I am done writting this post. Which is now.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas tagged

ABFreedom has tagged me with a Christmas mememememe... BAH HUMBUG! Time for cut and paste me

I got a Christmas Tag.
I must list 3 things I want 3 things I don't want, and then tag 5 people by leaving a comment on their blog telling them you've been Christmas tagged!

Three things I want:
1) My one front tooth
2) My six back teeth
3) A good massage

Three things I don't want:
1) Turkey
2) Presents
3) Anyone getting killed by a drunk driver.

Now, to tag 5 people or not... BPOC, Candace Just to get her blogging again!, and Chimera. Merry Christmas to you all and to all a good night! Yes I know I cheated, did'nt follow the rules...I'm a rebel, what can I say.....


Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Here we go again.

Police arrest six in HRDC boondoggle probe; Tories make Liberal link.

At least this time there are charges being laid. Lets see where it goes from here shall we?


Blindness Cured!

Yes you read that right and there is no surgery or doctors of any kind involved. All you need is a bit of luck and a horse.


Climate Propaganda

I'm on a roll why stop now....

Some may remember just 30 years ago when climatologists were predicting an impending ice age that they said would cause pestilence, hunger and economic ruin. At that time they were proposing to cover the Arctic ice cap with black soot to melt the ice.

Today climatologists have forgotten what they said 30 years ago and are predicting global warming that they say will cause flooding, fires, pestilence, hunger and economic ruin. Now they are proposing to inject the atmosphere with sulfur dioxide to create a pollution shade to cool the Earth.

Read the rest.....


Overconfidence leads to bias

A little common sense goes a long way.

Just as overconfidence in a teenager may lead to unwise acts, overconfidence in projections of climate change may lead to inappropriate actions on the parts of governments, industries and individuals, according to an international team of climate researchers.

"Climate researchers often use a scenario approach," says Dr. Klaus Keller, assistant professor of geosciences, Penn State. "Nevertheless, scenarios are typically silent on the question of probabilities."

Read the rest....


1000 New Adorned Preachers

The Church of Climatology is in the proccess of adorning 1000 more preachers including, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Ontario, Victoria Serda. The head preacher, or DOPE as he is called, Al Gore, along with a team of climate change scientists and educators will brainwash equip them with the information and skills they need to preach their version of An Inconvenient Truth in towns and cities across North America. Serda had this to say....

"This is an opportunity to be part of a larger movement to empower people around the world, and to make climate change a key issue," Serda says. "I believe, as former World Bank Chief Economist Sir Nicholas Stern warned, that we must act now on climate change or we will lose at least 5% of our global GDP."

Read it all

In related news, The Church of Climatology has also gone online. Their goal is to convert as many non believers as possible with a little "Climate Change Challenge".

Scientific evidence demonstrates clearly that human activity is changing the planet's climate. But there are still sceptics who dispute the data and its interpretation. If you don't believe the science, please tell us why and we'll respond to your challenge.

Go ahead and see if you can stump their team of experts, including NERC's Chief Executive, Professor Alan Thorpe.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

USA losing the wars

It can be argued that the USA is losing the war in Iraq. Now they are losing a war at home as well it seems. The war on drugs.

U.S. growers produce nearly $35 billion worth of marijuana annually, making the illegal drug the country's largest cash crop, bigger than corn and wheat combined

Wonder if they would like a marketing board to take care of that for them? I hear things are changing over there.


The King is Dead

Elvis has been de-throwned!

Elvis has reigned atop Forbes' list of "Top-Earning Dead Celebrities" every year since its inception in 2001, lording over John Lennon, James Dean, and all the others who are dead as dirt, yet filthy rich and getting richer.

The new King of the dead is none other than.... Kurt Cobain of Nirvana fame.
But now, there's a new top star among dead tycoons. Forbes hails Kurt Cobain, who earned a whopping $50 million between October 2005 and 2006, as the New No. 1.

Long live the New King of the dead.
Note: I'm a little behind the times with this one... wakey wakey Tim!


A Great Kid

My faith in the human species just went up a few notches. Nathan Burditt, and some other thoughtful people in Manchester, New Hampshire is the reason.

A New Hampshire boy won the PlayStation 3 he donated to a school raffle. But Nathan Burditt won't be playing with this game. He plans to put it on eBay to raise even more money for two classmates who are battling cancer.

The raffle was held Monday and Burditt won the PlayStation 3. It came as a big surprise because Burditt never bought any tickets. Many people who were impressed with his generosity bought raffle tickets in his name.(emphasis mine)

Read the whole story

Another story of a young man, who's actions are commendable.

A woman who lost $24,000 in cash at a movie theater says she was stunned when the teenager who found the wad returned it.

Read the whole story


Monday, December 18, 2006

The Church of Global Warming

I'm on a mission from dog, mans best friend, and she has told me to go forth and scream from the tallest mountains,


So here for your pleasure, or not, yet another "climate change" related article.

This is a very interesting read for the skeptics out there. Here are a few samples I have selected from the article by Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center and the Editor of The DeWeese Report.

Imagine living in a world where no one is allowed to think independent thoughts or take independent actions. Only pre-approved human response would be acceptable. To break the rule and engage in forbidden thought would result in terrible retribution, perhaps leading literally to ones destruction.

This is not just an Ivory Tower intellectual exercise. Those who practice it believe the only way we can have a well-ordered society is for everyone to think and act in unison. Those who break the rules and think for themselves or take action contrary to the "consensus" are simply causing havoc on all of their well-laid plans.

The last time human kind was strapped into such a mental straight jacket was during the Inquisition of the Dark Ages. The period was called the Dark Ages because it was an era of ignorance, superstition and social chaos and repression. Anyone caught questioning the doctrine or power of the church was labeled a heretic and found his or her way to the rack or into the middle of a fire while tied to a stake. The church, of course, was practicing its own brand of globally acceptable truth.

The global warming message is literally everywhere. It indoctrinates our children in the classroom. It flows from the advertising messages of corporations, in their corporate social responsible ad to sell their environmentally-responsible products (for which research and development was probably paid for with federal tax dollars). Huge numbers of Hollywood stars and international political leaders have endorsed the mantra of the church of global warming. Billions and billions of dollars are being spent to influence literally every corner of the earth to accept global warming as a fact.

As George Orwell once wrote: "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

I highly recommend you read the whole article.


Nuclear war

Don't worry about the devastating effects of the bombs themselves or the after effects of the radiation. What you need to worry about is....... drum roll please.... It could spark devastating climate changes worldwide! That's right people, even nuclear war is not safe from the evil that is, climate change.

Read it!


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Clear cut logging will save the planet

Hey don't look at me that way. It is not my theory. Dr Bala and colleague Ken Caldeira, from the Carnegie Institution of Washington, used a computer model to determine the impact which forests in different parts of the planet would have on temperature. They have concluded that the only good tree's as far as climate change goes are the one's in tropical area's. Tree's grown elsewhere are detrimental to climate change.

"The darkening of the surface by new forest canopies in the high-latitude boreal regions allows absorption of more sunlight that helps to warm the surface," Dr Bala said.

"In fact, planting more trees in high latitudes could be counterproductive from a climate perspective."

The study finds little or no climate benefit when trees are planted in temperate regions.

Taking Dr. Bala's findings into account, all we need to do is log all of the non tropical tree's of the planet, plant a bunch in the tropics , and we are well on our way to saving the planet. Yee haw! Maybe now our governments can move on to things like governing their countries.

Read it!


Climate Change enhances sex life

Of gray seals. How dare we humans deny the weaker of this species the right to an enhanced sex life? Who do we think we are interfering with nature in such a way? How would you like it if someone took away your newly enhanced sex life? I doubt you would like it very much now would you.

Read it!


You smell better than you think

No, not in that way, you still need your deoderant!

Study breaks ground on human smelling abilities


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Seeking the Truth

As a blogger, I do a lot of reading every day. Searching out news from all over the world trying to stay informed on the so called "hot topics of the day". I rely on "truthfull, un-bias, non editorialized, un-spun reporting from many news sources. Can I truely rely on any of the reports I read? That is doubtful. Thus why I read many reports on the same issue, and "average out" what I read to come to some kind of truth on a specific story. I also read many blogs as well to see what the "average person" like myself is thinking/saying to add to my own reasonings. After reading blogs for any length of time, one can determine their personal bias, and a rational person can filter out the extremes to either side rather quickly(my personal bias taken into account). I create a somewhat balanced approach to the information I store in my personal organic hard drive, my brain(again with my own personal bias added) as well as posting my biased oppinion on the topic on this blog. Notice that I make note that there are bias in blogs. They are after all, a personal opinion on the news, not the news itself. This would be so much easier to do if what the media reported was just the facts, rather than the facts coupled with the spin/bias of the author/editor of that media. Makes perfect sense right? I was happy to see someone in the media is getting it! Tom Glocer is the Chief Executive Officer at Rueters. On Tuesday he posted on his blog, a speech he made at the Globes Media Conference in Tel Aviv. Parts of which follow:

The blogosphere provides accountability. They’re not always going to be right. Indeed, many of the accusations levelled at traditional media are partisan in nature – but some are not. We have to listen to the bloggers – we shouldn’t ignore them.

We learned that your reputation is only as good as the last photograph you transmit, or the last story you file.

The final lesson we learned was this – more than ever the world needs a media company free from bias, independent, telling it as it really is, without the filter of national or political interest.

Telling the story truthfully is more important than ever. Reporting it without spin and without editorializing is critical if history is to accurately record events.

I applaud Mr. Glocer and hope his efforts are successful in bringing the reality back to the media.



Candy Cane Lane

For three magical weeks in December, a stretch of 200 Edmonton homes is transformed into a dazzling display of lights and decorations. Candy Cane Lane has become a must-see attraction of the Christmas season, wowing thousands of delighted visitors every year. Homes in the west end along 148 Street between 100 Avenue to 92 Avenue will be showing off their impressive light displays nightly, until after Christmas.
Participants ask sightseers to bring a non-perishable food item for the Edmonton food bank.

This is one home you won't see on Candy Cane Lane though...... Click
Simply amazing!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Justice Dennis O'Connor, Arar report

We need pitbulls to watch over the dobermans who watch over the german shepards who watch over the sheep dogs who watch over the poodles who watch over the.... I think you get where I am going here. Now who is gonna watch over the pitbulls? Where does it end?


Gilles Ducepption

If it is not reported in the media, It is simply not happening, according to the leader of the BLOCheads.

Duceppe said the mission needs to be “rapidly and profoundly” retooled and must focus more heavily on reconstruction instead of fighting.

Anyone with a brain cell can tell you that in order to do any reconstruction there first must be a stop put to the deconstruction. Who is performing the deconstruction in Afghanistan? Thats right, those rocket launching, AK47 firing, IDE carrying, car bombing, Taliban terrorists. And how do you stop them? How about we just ignore them, eventually they might get bored of killing and walk away. O', I know, deplomacy, that always works. Maybe we could... naw, that will never work... or will it? Lets get radical for just a minute and try something. Lets send our military there, you know, the guys trained to fight back that have big guns and shit like that. They could go in and establish some area's that are relatively peaceful. They could then do some reconstrution projects. When those are done they could fight their way to another area and do the same. Eventually they just might rebuild the whole country. Okay maybe thats a stretch.... OR IS IT? Lets take a look...
KPRT has almost a hundred projects either on the go or completed right now.
A few more things we have done or are doing there
Don't like my point of view? Try these on for size...
Kim Howells, Britain's minister of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs

Glad to see I'm not alone on this one. Good to know my single brain cell is still working fine.


Monday, December 11, 2006

How much more?

I can't help but wonder how many more files like this one are lingering in the past Liberal government's closet. Not like we haven't had enough of them exposed already, but really. Do we have to audit everything they did in the 12 years they were in power? I'm really starting to think so.

The former federal Liberal government broke its own rules by doling out millions of tax dollars to a special police force in a small Mohawk community near Montreal, according to an audit obtained by CBC News.

Read it all here and please take the time to read the related articles on the right of the page while you are at it. When, may I ask is someone going to hold the Liberal Party of Canada accountable for all of this beyond just not voting for them? How on earth anyone can still support the Liberal party of Canada is beyond me. Give your heads a shake people.


Somethings Stinks

I'm not shittin' ya, we really gotta stop fartin around. We really need to get to the bottom of this. If I were a form of livestock I would be seriously worried about this report out of the UN. According to a newly released report from the Food and Agriculture organization, livestock produce 18 percent of the greenhouse gases.

"Livestock are one of the most significant contributors to today's most serious environmental problems. Urgent action is required to remedy the situation," said the FAO's Henning Steinfeld, the reports senior author.
Livestock produced 35-40 percent of methane emissions and 65 percent of nitrous oxide which had almost 300 times the global warming potential of CO2(emphasis mine), the report said.

Nitrous oxide has almost 300 times the global warming potential of CO2? Why have I not heard anyone screaming about this. Damn you racing fanatics! Look what you are doing to the planet! However, the cork industry should be jumping for joy over this. They could make a killing off this one if we don't decide to slaughter the whole works first to save the planet. I can't wait to hear the solutions that come out from the study on this study. I'm sure it will just be a bunch more of the normal bull that the UN always seems to come out with.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Things that go "clunk" in the middle of computing

Listening to some tunes, surfing a few blogs and suddenly I hear a clunk from within the case of my main XP machine. The music goes into phyco mode, and the computer locks up solid. WHAT THE HELL! Quicky disconnect the power, detach all the other wires, usb, monitors, speakers and such. Pull the side of the case off and what to my surprise pops out? The CPU fan and heat sink. The lovely CHEAP plastic retainer that came with the over priced Intel chip broke and the works fell onto my very expensive graphics card. Thankfully no damage occured to anything, I think. Went to my parts bins found an older but metal retainer, a little dab of Artic silver, put it all back in place and walla all is back up and running just fine. Or at least so far it is. Time will tell I guess. Thank you Intel for giving me this test and proving my reasoning why I hord old parts for computers.


Garbage in garbage out

Back on November 16, 2006 I made the statement: What if their computer driven forecasts are wrong? You know the old saying, garbage in, garbage out. It turns out I was correct in my statement. UN downgrades man's impact on the climate. Why you might ask?

Scientists insist that the lower estimates for sea levels and the human impact on global warming are simply a refinement due to better data on how climate works rather than a reduction in the risk posed by global warming.

Now if those same scientist would incorporate all the data including the midievil warm period in their models we may one day get even closer to the truth. The truth is all I want so that I may make a educated decision on this matter. The more garbage that is fed to me the more skeptical I will be. The people at the UN and all the fear mongers who are promoting the Kyoto acord are not educating anyone. Just give me the facts, not the facts as you would like me to believe. In this day and age of the internet and the vast information that is out there, all be it some mis-information, how do these folks think they can fool us to believe them when they continualy make up things to convince us of their cause? Wake up folks, this is the 21st century and we the little people will get the facts wether you like it or not.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Todays Non News

Thousands of flights around the world did not crash.
Hundreds of thousands of soldiers did not die in fighting.
There were no mass suicides reported.
There were no murders to report in Edmonton. Mind you its still early on a Saturday so this could be yet proven wrong.
The Pope was not assasinated.
PM Harper is still being refered to as a Neocon.
George W Bush is still the president of the United States.
Castro lives on.
There is still oil reserves in the ground.
Criminals continue to pleed not guilty to their charges.
And the big news story of the day is....... The planet is not dead yet, its is still rotating on its normal axis!

Better luck tomorrow.


Friday, December 08, 2006

Kyoto: Economic pain, for no climate gain

The US Senate, Hearing on Climate Change and the Media, has a little booklet out.(PDF formatt) A skeptic's Guide to Debunking Global Warming Alarmism, Hot and Cold Media Spin Cycle, A challenge to journalists who cover global warming. It includes speeches, graphs, press releases and scientific articles refuting catastrophe climate fears presented by the media, the United Nations, Hollywood and former Vice President, Al Gore.

In my case, this is preaching to the converted, well not really converted as I never believed the Global Warming crap in the first place, but you get my drift. It is worth a read regardless.

H/T Proud to be Canadian


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We must always respect each others differences

Unless of course it has something to do with money or equality or rights or politics or oink oink oink oink....

Status of Women Canada, SoW Canada for short or SoW for shorter, okay they use "SWC" for obvious reasons.... has its funding re organized and some women are angry.

For the uniformed:

"Status of Women Canada is the federal government agency which promotes gender equality, and the full participation of women in the economic, social, cultural and politital life of the country."

This is 2006 right? I work for a company that is staffed by roughly 63 people. Of those approximately 35% are men. Of the top four positions in the company, 50% are women. Other management positions are 75% held by women. The CADD dept is 100% women. Sales department is 75% women. Admin is 100% women. Warehousing is 100% men. Installations and service is 95% men. Where is the un-equality? What happened to the notion of hiring the best person for the job? What is stopping women from accomplishing any of what SOW, ooops, SWC promotes? Not a damn thing if you ask me. Go forth and do your best. You are what you make of yourself. It is your choice. If you fall prey to those who tell you otherwise, you need help, but not from people like this. You need someone that will help build up your confidence not feed you stories about why you are less a person. We are all equals unless we choose not to be. When you choose to be a victim, you will become one.

Posted by a lowly male who should never have a say in this matter in the first place. It's not my concern, even though my tax dollars pay for portions of it.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Wishy Washy?

And here I thought I was a conservative. Guess not conservative enough.

Your 'Do You Want the Terrorists to Win' Score: 49%

A rather wishy washy performance. At least you are less than half aligned with evil. However your patriotism and allegiance to President Bush are lacking. You certainly harbor a few treasonous thoughts, which will no doubt result in the deaths of at least a few of our troops. Please get yourself straightened out immediately. Read a book by Ann Coulter at once!

Do You Want the Terrorists to Win?
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Before I do anything involving Ann... she needs to put some meat on her bones!
H/T Bound by Gravity


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nice guy finishes first

Ed Stelmach is the new Premiere of Alberta for better or worse. Certainly was not my first choice nor was he my last. He ran straight up the middle the entire race and won. Don't get me wrong, Ed is a fine man, this I have no doubt about. He is down to earth, hard working and a typical Albertan if there is one. The question I have is, and its a dosey... Is ED Stelmach a strong leader? I sure did not get that impression when I listened to his acceptance speech in the early morning hours here in Edmonton. He sounded very timid and somewhat shy. Not quite the qualities we need in a leader that must face off with the big boys in Ottawa. Perhaps he was being humble and was probably in a state of shock that he actually won this thing. Perhaps staying up most of the night fixing the furnace in his house the night before had some effect on him as well. One thing I am very sure of, Eddy is no Ralph! Perhaps that is a good thing as well. We needed a change, and we sure got a big one. Congratulations Premiere Stelmach, I hope and pray you are up to the task you have taken upon yourself and we the people of Alberta have given to you. The eyes of the country are now focused squarely on you. Make that the eyes of the world, as this province is a treasure chest that all would love to have a part of. You must defend and protect that treasure. The people, the land, the environment and all its resources, they are yours to watch over.

He is an animal lover, so he has to be a NICE guy!


Saturday, December 02, 2006

On the matter of Steve

To quote Jean Chretien, so to speak... Mr. Stephane Dion... "may I call you Steve?"


As I always do

I admit when I am wrong. I had picked Rae to win, not because I thought he deserved to win, but more on his connections and how they have worked for politicians in the past. Rae came in third. Perhaps politics in Canada is changing finally, for the better. Dion is the new leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. For a change, the best man won. The next question is ... can he take it to the next level? Time will tell.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Blue Neck

I think I just invented a new term in relation to Albertan's. I am tired of hearing "red neck" in refference to Albertan's. Red, politically implies Liberal. Liberals in Alberta are as common as conservatives at the liberal leadership conference. So, I give to you....

BLUE NECK: An Albertan that works for a living in a blue collar society with conservative values.

You read it here first!


Liberal leadership race

Let the Harper and conservative bashing begin!

So much hate in one small hall. The king of hate would have to be...Drum roll please......

Ken Dryden .... "So obsessed with not being liberals" "I don't even know if the conservatives like this country" What the hell was that? His speech was absolutely astonishing. Vile, hateful, contemptuous and so un-Canadian. Give your head a shake man. He has taken a page right out of the last liberal campaign book. If you have nothing to offer, bash the hell out of the opposition using fear and lies and hope for the best. Strange though that his opposition is not Harper or the conservatives for that matter. It is the other Liberals running for the leadership. Simply pathetic. Here is a tip for you Ken. It did not work in the last election and it will not work here. You are done. I expected more from this man.

Iggy sounded and looked like he took a weee too much ritalin before he went on stage. His slow meandering speech was, un-inspiring. I thought I had invertently changed channels and was suddenly watching Star Trek. One of the episodes where they went into a time warp, back to earth in the 21 century. Spock, standing in a hall giving a speech. Does Iggy not remind you a bit of Spock? Intelligent, no feeling, however he does lack logic and the ears to some extent. It was very strange to watch to say the least. Iggy had a dream. His dream was for the liberal party to actually have a sitting member of parliament from Al...ber.....ta. For Albertan's, Iggy's dream is a nightmare! Albertan's are not "RED necks" Iggy... That is an ol' wives tale... we are in fact... "Blue Necks". It comes from the blue collar society we have here. Something you Iggy, would know nothing of. We are hard working, we value our dollars that we work so hard to earn. We certainly don't like to see them wasted never mind stolen from us as the liberals did. This same society, that knows that criminals(read "liberal party"), do not belong anywhere near the public purse never mind running the government. Yes we are a different breed out here. You could say we are a "Nation within a Nation" as we are so different than most of Canada politically speaking, but I know you, nor any other politician would ever say that.

Dion ... ummmmmmm ... What did he say?

Bobby Rae ... I will admit, his speech, mic in hand, no notes, walking the stage was impressive visually. Content on the other hand was lacking. My guess is still that Rae is the next leader of the liberal party. History dictates as much. He is connected, just as were past leaders: Chretien, Martin, Trudeau and even Mulroney. Can we say Power Corp? Fitting name don't ya think?

The rest.... Lets just say that my eyes were tired and my music was too loud.