Friday, July 20, 2007

My Bags are Packed

I'm ready to go...
I ain't haggin round here no more
I just had stop in to say goodbye

But the fish are waitin', it's late morn
Roxy's impatient, she blowin' the horn
I'm so happy to leave I could cry

So wish for me, and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Already I'm so happy I could cry

Cause I'm leavin' to go fishin'
I won't be back for a couple of weekends
Scold me when I get back home

I'm gone on holidays for two weeks. I have turned on moderation, why I don't know as I don't get very much traffic anymore. Oh well better to play it safe.

Yak at you all when I get back somewhere around the 5th of August.



Monday, July 16, 2007


Google ate my post...
What good is "autosave" if there is no way to recover a post when it goes poof? Google owes me 20 minutes on my life clock... Buggers...

Lets try this again shall we... the Kat came back, thought he was a goner, but the Kat came back to blog another day.... or two as this Kat is gone for two weeks as of this Friday. Yeeeeee Haw! Holidays at last. And what does a fishaholic do on his holidays? Why he goes fishing of course. Two weeks of un-interrupted fishing that is. I will not be doing anything that even remotely reminds me of work. And that includes computers, which is a good thing as there is no internet up at the cabin. I could get dial up I suppose or go with the dial up satellite combo thing for a bit faster download times but until I retire up there, it ain't happening. Right now my concern is to make sure that I don't forget anything as I don't plan on leaving the lake before Aug 2. The gas is going to kill me at todays prices... I'm guessing I'll need to take about 200 litres plus fill up the 4x4 for the trip up...

Then there is food... drinks... munchies, lots of munchies... bait(have you seen the price of leaches lately?...YIKES!)... hooks(my daughter did a number on my jig stash a couple weekends ago).... fishing line, gotsta have new line so I don't lose that big one... Dog food and extra treats so she will not jump overboard while out in the boat. Fishing is definitely not her passion... she would rather be swimming... If this past weekend is any indication, I would be smart to buy some shares in SC Johnson as I will be needing a ton of Deep Woods Off for the both of us.

The one thing I do have my fingers crossed for is a little bit cooler weather. These 30+ celcius days have been tough on Roxy and has not done much for the fishing. I'd like to see the temp closer to the 25 degree mark myself. Yes I am Canadian, it is too bloody hot for my liking.

I think I have it all covered... if not, then I will simply have to do without as I refuse to return to civilization for the entire two weeks. This is me time and I'm damn well going to enjoy it. I deserve it damn it! I just wish work would let me take all of my holidays at once. Then I truly would be in heaven...

Almost forgot... got me a new digi camera.... a Sony DSCH9B 8.1 mega pixels with a awesome 15 times optical zoom. Hopefully I will get some great nature shots to share with everyone while bouncing around the lake.

PS... the website for my sis is almost complete....just waiting for her and her partners to decide on what and how they want things to say on it. Then its just a matter of transferring the whole works over to the host site... which they are still searching for. If anyone has any suggestions for a good reliable host, please let me know. They don't need anything fancy at this point but who knows where it will go. They are already purchasing a second condo and they have yet to officially open for business.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Busy Boy

Seems as I have gotten a bug from ABFreedom. I am a busy busy boy. Don't have much time to blog at the moment. Busy working on a website for my big sister's new business endeavor. She has gotten together with some friends and has purchased a rental property on the Island of Bonaire where she lives. It is part of a group of small Islands known as the ABC's (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao), located in the Dutch Caribbean also known as the Netherlands Antilles.

Time to get back to work... and then maybe one day I can get to use the condo for my holidays... wink wink nudge nudge...