Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wild Life

This one is for ABF and LP.

This one too!

Willie Coyote

Big Bird

Oh Deer

Fish Hound

Click on any of the pics to see the BIG picture...


Lone Pony said...

These pics are awesome! Thanks for mentioning us in your post. I've nabbed the eagle ones. I love eagles.

AB keeps telling me he's going to find me a bear. Part of me wants to see one and part of me doesn't.

Beautiful country.

ABFreedom said...

Whoa..... you found old Abe... cool images... does the fish hound actually spot fish?

Ever try to find a bear, when you see them all the time, then when you want to see them.... they're never around..... sheeeesh... wanted to show LP how scruffy the damn things are when they're not in some pretty little zoo..... :-(

ABFreedom said...

Oh ya... forgot...:

Gayle said...

Hi Tim. Great pics. The fish hound looks like my black lab, even the chest markings and of course the red colar! She (or he) is beautiful. Mine's a "she". :)