Thursday, January 15, 2009

Somethin fishy is goin on

Fish feces may help neutralize carbon dioxide levels

The world's oceans are getting help controlling harmful acid levels from an unseemly source, according to a new study that found fish feces play a key role in neutralizing carbon dioxide in the marine environment. [...]

Which just goes to show that we humans know diddly squat about mother nature and should not be trying to predict what the climate will be like 2 days from now never mind in 40 in years...
(Fired my editor today. 1/16/2009)


arctos said...

Geeeez what happens when there arent any fish?

There are 9 major fisheries in the world all are in serious decline and may never recover.

2 are near extinction.


Tim said...

"Geeeez what happens when there arent any fish?"

You want me to take you seriously?
rolling eyes...