Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Numbers Game

More than 75% of Canadian employees are not worried about losing their jobs: study

An Ipsos Reid study has found that 78 per cent of Canadian employees are not concerned that they may lose their jobs or be laid off this year because of the recession.

The finding, released Wednesday in Ipsos Reid's Build a Better Workplace syndicated study, is a slightly higher figure than was reported in a previous study in January, when the national score was 76 per cent. It represents employee concerns expressed in the last week of May.

That is MY POSITIVE spin of this story

CBC chose to spin it another way. Not that I am surprised.


Candace said...

Glad you're still alive.

This poll might be a bit more relevant if they had asked similar questions 2 or 3 years ago and we could compare, no?

Tim said...


The point is that the reporters insist on making everything and anything sound as bad as possible. They never spin things to the positive, always negative. They cause more harm than good by creating the air of panic continuously.