Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Longing for the good ol days

Of cold wars, communists, the threat of nuclear war, world war three and all that good stuff. Back when reporters reported real news not hype, speculation and the rest of the garbage they put out now.

FEAR the planet is warming! We are all going to die! Or at least if we fudge the figures a bit we can make it look that way. Then get the media to ramp up the hype and wallah! Oh crap, the people are losing faith in this fear, change the page.

FEAR the H1N1 flu! We are all going to die! Its a pandemic! Well it is if we ignore our own definition of a pandemic and just say it is. Make sure the media gets on this one right away! Tada!

What is the next tactic that the UN is going to come up with to put the fear into you? Just keep screaming and making people not believe in their own governments and next thing you know, poof, people are handing over their rights to the UN and the one world government. Moe Strong must be loving this.

Get a clue people...

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