Friday, July 20, 2007

My Bags are Packed

I'm ready to go...
I ain't haggin round here no more
I just had stop in to say goodbye

But the fish are waitin', it's late morn
Roxy's impatient, she blowin' the horn
I'm so happy to leave I could cry

So wish for me, and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Already I'm so happy I could cry

Cause I'm leavin' to go fishin'
I won't be back for a couple of weekends
Scold me when I get back home

I'm gone on holidays for two weeks. I have turned on moderation, why I don't know as I don't get very much traffic anymore. Oh well better to play it safe.

Yak at you all when I get back somewhere around the 5th of August.



Candace said...

HEY! Where the heck are you?

Tim said...

I got home late last night. Still trying to catch up with the crap around home that was neglected for the past two weeks while I was on holidays. Then there is my sis's web site now that she has found a home for it. Blogging will have to wait a few more days by the look of it.