Sunday, August 12, 2007

The holiday is over

Actually it ended a week ago. It has taken me a week to recover. It is amazing how much work there is to do around a place after it has been neglected for just two weeks. I came back to a jungle of a yard. The grass was so long that I had to cut it twice to get it back to a normal 3 inch lush carpet. A tree out front that I had to cut down sprouted spurs all over the front lawn that had all grown over a foot in height. then there was the dreaded dandelions and other wonderful weeds. I had them completely under control before I left. Now... not so much... sigh... Then there is the matter of irresponsible pet owners...

It seems that my front and side yard became the bathroom for all the pets in the neighborhood. Thank god my back yard is fenced off, I can't imagine the clean up I would have had to do if it weren't. And people wonder why so many in our communities have problems with people who own pets. With all the gadgets available for cleaning up after your pets there is no excuse for this at all. If you are on a tight budget or simply cheap like me, it is a great way to reuse all those plastic grocery bags. Simply but the bag over your hand like a glove, pick up the "left overs" pull the bag over and off of your hand, tie a knot in the bag a you are done. No mess, no smell, and most noteworthy, no pissed off neighbors! Hell even if you don't want to carry it back home, you can place it in or by a garbage bin. It is still better than the alternative. Be a good parent, take responsibility for your pets!


Candace said...

If it happens again, there are services for cleanup that are amazingly cheap. I'm paying $8/wk and I've got a Mastiff (a rather prolific pooper). Spring cleanup has never cost more than $50-60 (and you know how revolting THAT can be!)

Tim said...

My nephew uses a service for clean up and I was amazed at how cheap it was.

I really don't have a problem cleaning up after my own dog. It is simply part of owning a pet and is expected. Where I do have a problem is having to clean up after other peoples pets in my own yard! Nor should I have to pay to have it done.