Friday, May 09, 2008

Who is this guy?

And what did he do with Eddie The Seagull?

Ed fed up with UN

Alberta eyes other oil buyers, Ed tells U.S.
"I'm not warning them, I'm just being frank," Stelmach said yesterday. "I'm just saying that we have options and will continue to pursue options."

This may change the minds of some U.S. politicians... Hopefully...
On Friday, The Wall Street Journal published a report that suggested closer ties between Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and rebels attempting to overthrow Colombia's government. Chavez has been linked to Colombian rebels previously, but the paper reported it had reviewed computer files indicating concrete offers by Venezuela's leader to arm guerillas. That appears to heighten the chances that the U.S. could impose sanctions on one of its biggest oil suppliers.

I am sure, most Albertans would much rather see our so called "dirty" oil go to the U.S. than anywhere else. I am also sure most Americans would rather buy our oil than from some slimy dictator...


DazzlinDino said...

This "dirty oil" thing is such a load of crap, and here's why.

When a company buys our crude, it then refines it to sell to other companies. Different companies have their own standards as to what level the crude is refined to, and what additives are put into it, same goes for gasoline.

It's kinda like saying the water from lake A is better than the water from lake B to drink after removing all the impurities from it.

Tim said...

{{{{ SLAP!}}}}
It is referred to as "dirty oil" due to the amount of CO2 that is released in the extraction and production process. Its "carbon footprint" as the environMENTALists call it.