Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bom Boom Boom

Out go the lights... and everything else that depends on electricity.

Whichever way it is looked at, Britain is threatened by what, thanks to years of dereliction and misjudgment, has become arguably our most serious potential crisis of modern times.

Politically, the blame for this astounding mess lies in all directions - with the Tories, with Labour, with Brussels, with those smugly shortsighted 'environmentalists'.

But all that matters now is that we put the need to avert this disaster right at the top of our national political agenda.

We need to get on with solving as terrifying a problem as our politicians have ever faced.

Welcome to the dark ages...


Sycorax said...

Guess it wouldn't have something to do with the little enviro-nazi's quashing plans to build new ones? would it?

Tim said...

naaaaaaaaa never... can I stop laughing now? Everything the environMENTALists do is wrong. They have the fore sight of a mosquito, and about as much common sense.