Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Global Warming my ass

Not physically speaking of course, as it is a tad cool for this time of year and my ass has been cold for the most part.

The lack of global warming in BC is helping to fight the war on drugs. Does Canada have a war on drugs? Anywho...

Wet weather across British Columbia is threatening profit margins for producers of one of the province's largest — although illegal — cash crops — outdoor marijuana.

B.C. has endured weeks of unseasonable drizzle and grey skies this spring with temperatures touching record lows in the months of May and June, and growers are worried about mildew killing the seedlings.

Gotta love it. First it is yet another nail in the Church of Climatologies coffin and as a side bonus we might have less drugs on the streets. Its a twofor...

Meanwhile.... a little further south they are no better off. Maybe a bit worse off...
Winter-like weather returned to the Northwest as snow fell across the state Tuesday including on Mount Hood where drivers were dealing with unusual weather for this time of year.

And while it didn't cause major problems, most people were asking, "What happened to spring?"

The snowfall at Timberline Tuesday was amazing, blowing snow and ice most of the day. There was packed snow and ice on the roadway that turned to slush in some spots and the trees were coated thickly.

Even though the Fourth of July is less than a month away to many it seemed more like February.

Yup, our planet is certainly warming... LMAO

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