Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Cost of Freedom

Two more Canadian Soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice today.

My condolences to the family and friends of:

Cpl. Nicolas Beauchamp

Pte. Michel Levesque


Anonymous said...

I continue to send responses back to our Canadian politicians and friends who do not support this unconstitutional war; articulating our opposition. Regrettably, we continue to sacrafice our young soldiers who do not know what they are fighting for. Militarily, they believe they are in a war for democracy, whereas any intelligent observer knows exactly why.

If we follow the global (more the US strategy), we know for a fact that they are defending a western hemisphere Corporate interest. If we were fighting for Ideologic Democracy, then we'd well enough leave this country alone to fight for their own interpretation of democratic rights.

Let's compare some analogy's here: China stated many moons ago that they will in effect cause an economic war with the western world. This has come to fruition and do they involve themselves in any military conflict? None that is media reported. So why would the western world with it's democratic principles and morality resort to archaic confrontation, meaning armed conflict.

I say to all Canadians, let's cirlce the wagon and demand that our innocent troops come home. Enough of this so called sympathetic tribute of 'oh he fought for what he believed in' attitude and made a difference in the lives of an Afghani-hubbub to this political hogwash. I don't think any soldier knows exactly why he is there, but for those who study the underlined strategy, we know.

Tim said...

Excuse me? Unconstitutional war? Our soldiers don't know what they are fighting for? Are you for real? Do you have a clue of what you speak of? You know nothing and have obviously never spoken to any one in our armed forces. Perhaps you think they are all so stupid that they haven't a clue of why they are over there? What diverse economic gain will anyone gain by our presence in Afghanistan? Enlighten me please... or at least humour me...

I feel sorry for people like you... I truly do... you have been so brainwashed that you are clueless to the realities that surround you.