Monday, November 05, 2007

Searching for the elusive

Money tree...

The newly elected Edmonton city council is currently looking at the 2008 budget. Fortunately for them, they received a 21% increase in wages as they will be needing it to pay for yet another tax hike they are discussing. This year again, they are talking about a 10% rise in property taxes. And that is if we are lucky as it might even be higher than that. I am so happy to say that I personally did not vote for any of the current bunch. I refused to vote for any of the incumbents. Both of which in my ward got back in as well as the dick head of a mayor.

Knock knock... is anyone home over there? Where do you idiots think all this money is going to come from? You just raised our taxes by close to 5% last year. Inflation is at around 4%. How can any of you over paid people justify a double digit increase in taxes? How can you justify your 21% raise for that matter?

Just so you all know.... Money does not grow on trees! Here in the real world we don't get 21% raises. Take a look at the contracts you are signing with your employees that are averaging 4% a year at the moment.

Again I say... Time to move!

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