Monday, November 12, 2007

Dion's Dream

This photo(shopped) was just released over the wires! Stephane Dion is jumping with glee! His old boss was heard saying.... and I quote... "A proof is a proof"

Click on the image for the BIG picture:

Mulroney and Harper

By now everyone in Canada's blog-o-sphere knows about the little ooops over at the globe and mail in regards to Dion's attempt to sully PM Harpers rep. Dion had a little plastic surgery done in a hurry by the looks of it. Anyways... It seems that things are not going according to Dion's little plan as per usual. Brian Mulroney has come out swinging a big bat and is not acting much like a guilty man



ABFreedom said...

Mulroney's little statement must have caught Dion and all his media right off guard.

I haven't heard to much about any of this from the peanut gallery at work..

Tim said...

Business must be doing well if you can afford to have your own peanut gallery.... hmmmmm... you hire liberals?...

I see a investigation coming in regards to little guy from Shawinigan... Dion really should call the suicide hot line... he is in desperate need of help.

ABFreedom said...

Sure... business is great... just can't get enough people to work... :-(

Tim said...

How much ya payin? I am a quick learner... :)