Monday, December 01, 2008


Ahhhh yes. This is progress...

The good:
Canada's economy expanded marginally in September and only slightly more in the third quarter, in what's widely seen as a final spasm of growth before what could be a painful period of decline. [...]

The bad:
The Liberals and New Democrats signed an agreement on Monday to form an unprecedented coalition government, with a written pledge of support from the Bloc Québécois, if they are successful in ousting the minority Conservative government in a coming confidence vote. [...]

The Ugly:
The benchmark TSX index took a record dive Monday, dropping 864.41 points, or 9.3 per cent, to 8,406.21.

The percentage drop was the second-biggest on record, after the 11.3 per cent plunge on Black Monday, Oct. 19, 1987. The TSX point fall broke the record set on Sept. 29, when it fell by 840.93 points. [...]

Doesn't it just give you goosebumps all over...


Candace said...

I'm trying real hard not to puke, frankly.

I cannot believe we are at this state, and hope that "Mr. Accountability" is prepared to throw himself on his sword (although it may well be too late).

Tim said...

I'll hold your hair back for ya if that will help. I am afraid it is way too late to stop this nightmare from coming true. My only hope is that about 14 liberal back benchers see the light and take a walk across the floor... Not likely, but I can still dream can't I?