Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What have I done

Thanks to Candace who was nice enough to tag me on this meme here is my done that list... (I am sure I have forgotten some things... and not nearly as impressive as my mom would have liked it to be...)

Paper boy
General labourer
Warehouse worker(CN frieght)
Parts man(CN telecomunications)
Parts man(CN diesel shop)
Automotive parts delivery driver
Truck Driver(mobile homes)
Truck driver(Dump truck)
Truck driver(moving company)
Equipment operator
Pourer and finisher of concrete
Truck Driver(Produce)
Truck Driver(pipe)
Truck Driver(General freight)
Truck driver(bulk mail)
Office furniture installer(building all those lovely cubicles you all love so much!)
Furniture repair man, receptionist, accountant, bill collector and janitor(Self employed... the only job I ever got fired from!)
Furniture repair man
Project manager
Furniture repair man
and once I check my winning Loto 649 ticket for tonight....

At least I did not kill the best piece of ass in Moose Jaw.


Lone Pony said...

Merry Christmas Tim!

Tim said...

Thank you LP. And a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Candace said...

"At least I did not kill the best piece of ass in Moose Jaw"


Tim said...

Candace you disappoint me... That is a line(not verbatim) from one of either Nestor Pistor or Metro's comedy skits. I always get the two of them confused. My apologies to both of them...

"What have you done? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? You killed the best piece of ass in Moose Jaw, that's what you done..."

Wish I could find a video or even just a recording of it... So far no luck. I will keep looking for a bit...