Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Airspace is Between Their Ears

Now look at them yo-yos thats the way you do it
You play the rights game at every turn
No need for workin thats the way they do it
Money for nothin is the chiefs concern
No need for workin thats the way they do it
Lemme tell ya them guys aint dumb
Maybe get a blister signing deals
Kinda makes your brain go numb

We gotta remove microwave towers
Customize cell phone delivery
They wanna negotiate with the M T S
They wanna get them cheques for free

Manitoba First Nations are seeking compensation from Manitoba Telecom Services for every cellphone signal that passes through First Nations land, saying the airspace should be considered a resource like land and water.

Next they will charge non natives a breathing tax in their "airspace"... give me a break.


Lone Pony said...

Manitoba chief speaks with forked tongue. Brain a bit smoky from sitting around puffing on peace pipe. Sorry, couldn't resist. This is just too bizarre.

Sycorax said...

Here's the million dollar question...does our system have the spine to stand up to them? or will we just capitulate?

Tim said...

Bizarre... theres an understatement! However here in the great anything but white north, it is expected I guess.

Tim said...

I have a 125 million dollar answer to that question. Nope!

Candace said...

That's just absurd.

ABFreedom said...

We just don't give them enougj money yet, do we?../sarc

Tim said...

Upon pondering this one further while out fishing... I guess that depends on what side of the cheque you are on now doesn't it Candace? Somehow I just don't see the cell phone company's giving in to this one without a long court battle. A court battle that the chiefs should lose. But seeing some of the crazy decisions coming from our courts lately.... who knows?

Tim said...

Apparently not ABF... but just when is enough, enough? I know I will never refuse a raise in my wages... I also actually do work to justify what I do earn. At the other end, I have in the past taken a reduction in wages due to a down turn in the economy. Have the chiefs? I doubt it...