Monday, May 21, 2007

Growing Growing Yawn

The Church of Climatology just got a whole lot BIGGER.

"We are mobilizing a religious force that will persuade our legislators to take immediate action to curb greenhouse gases,"

Now if they could only come to some kind of agreement that would end all of the religious wars around the world.


Sycorax said...

Hey...maybe I should go to that "church"... I got some "greenhouse gas" I'd like to share with them...seriously though...just what are they going to do? Pray? Chant incoherent phrases? Religion gets punted off to the side on everything else where politics is I can't see it ever being effective in achieving it's goal of getting the government to listen to them. I think we can safely write them off as the next "loonie bins".

Tim said...

Politics and religion, their paths should never cross...