Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hysteria Rules, Politicians Drool

Here is a screen capture of CTV's latest poll as of about 7:30 pm
CTV Poll
Hysteria Rules...
Who is going to man these metal detectors? How much will it cost? Will everyone be required to deposit all metal objects in plastic containers before going through, just like we do at airports? What happens to a person that sets off the metal detector? Strip search? The questions are endless, as will be the cost...

Then we have this Drool...
Ont. politicians call for Ottawa to ban handguns.

[...] "We have seen too many shootings result in too many funerals for our young people," Premier Dalton McGuinty wrote in an open letter to federal party leaders, urging them to push through proposed criminal justice legislation and implement a "real ban" on handguns.

"Handguns are designed for one purpose only -- to shoot people -- and should have no place in Ontario or anywhere in Canada." [...]

And more drool...
[...]The shooting has prompted calls from Mayor David Miller for a ban on hand guns. He said the weapons "have one purpose and that is to kill," and laws need to be tightened to ensure handguns are taken off the streets.[...]

As we all know, all these shootings McGuinty speaks of, are done with legally registered guns right? People who wish to use guns in any crime would never use an illegal gun, that would be well... illegal! How many times do we have to engage in this ridiculous "Ban the guns" and all will be well in the world bullshit? A ban on guns only manages to keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. They will never keep guns out of the criminals hands.

Just to prove my point, CTV was kind enough to provide another story today, that is very relevant. Ontario school in lockdown after gun goes missing.

Reports say an undercover Kitchener police officer left a duty bag near the inner-city school. The bag contained pepper spray, a 9-mm handgun, ammunition and handcuffs.

When the officer returned, the gun was missing.

What on earth this officer was thinking leaving a gun laying around unattended, I have no idea. I am sure more details will come out shortly. Now because of this careless act, another "illegal" handgun is on the streets to be used by a criminal. If not the criminal who stole the gun in the first place, then the criminal it is sold or given to.

One last comment. How will any of the beefed up security measures in schools, or bans on legal guns, ever prevent shootings from happening off of school premises and with illegal guns? It won't, but the measures taken sure will make about 67% of the people "feel" better. Politicians like to make people "feel" better, even when they know it won't make a bit of difference, except in their polling numbers that is...

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