Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Canada Has No Spine

It is no wonder that no one knows how to describe what it is to be Canadian. We are not allowed to have an identity. We are all hyphenated Canadians, whether we like it or not. We are expected to give the country of our origin or that of our ancestors more emphasis than the one we live in. We are not allowed to have Canadian traditions, hockey being one of the few exceptions and even that is debatable. We are expected to bend like a willow in the wind to the traditions of every other country in the world when one of their citizen decides to become Canadian. What is the sense of having a country that is not allowed to have an identity or traditions of its own? Canada has become a jelly fish, Canada has no spine. Our charter of rights , multicultural policies and age of political correctness, have ensured that we shall never have a truly Canadian Identity.

My Grandfather brought his family to Canada in 1926 to give them a better life. He succeeded in doing just that. I can only assume that that is the same reason most people choose to immigrate to Canada. If not, why bother? If so, why do so many want to make Canada more like the country they came from? It makes no sense.

When will Canada become more than just a house, and become a home to the people who choose to live here? When will we become JUST Canadians, not just in name, but in spirit as well? I want the world to know who I am. I am not a /Canadian... I am Canadian! Are you a Canadian too?


Candace said...

I'm with you! I consider myself Canadian first, Ukrainian-descent second.

A new immigrant from the UK recently said that Canada seemed like a happy blend of the UK and the US (having spent lots of time in the US).

I like that analogy.

ABFreedom said...

Nope.... I'm Albertan ... were different... LOL

Tim said...

Candace... That is probably a fair statement. The problem is that it still does not give Canadians an identity of their own. It still goes back to the old... "we know what we are not" line of thinking...

Funny you should say that AB... After posting this one I thought about just that. Being an Albertan has more of an identity than being a Canadian.