Monday, January 28, 2008

Cold enough for ya?

I wish that these protestors would come here and "turn up the heat outside". As I write this, it is currently -31 C, -41 C with the wind chill. That is better than the -47 C with wind chill that we woke up to this morning. It was much colder further north in the province. Fortunately, after we get through tomorrows -38 C morning, it starts to warm up a bit.

This frigid weather brings with it a bit of good news for the forestry industry in Alberta. It may do the job of killing off a good portion of the pine beetle that Dalton McGuinty seems so frantic about in the above link regarding the premiers climate change meeting in BC.

In somewhat related news...

Canada has ranked 12 in the 2008 Environmental Performance Index. That is a drop of 4 places from the last one in 2006(PDF). Now before all you lefties go off on some kind of tantrum yelling at Harper and his gang of thugs for this drop, take a look at the numbers. Canada's over all score was actually higher this year. In 2006 Canada scored 84 where as in 2008 we scored 86.6. The part that makes me scratch my head is Norway's move from 18(80.2)in 2006 to 2(93) on the 2008 list. Why you might ask... It is quite simple if you happened to read my post here regarding Norways rise in CO2 levels by 80% from 1990 levels. Yet in this "index" they give Norway a 92.7 and Canada a 69.3 mark for climate change policy. This again proves how the system works. They do not base anything on how well those policies are working, just how good they look on paper. No wonder the environMentals love the Liberals. They know how to write policies that look good but do little if any good in the real world.

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