Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Manley Report

I just finished reading the whole dang thing.(PDF) I should have just read the condensed version. Why do these reports always contain more blabber than actual facts, suggestions or opinions? I guess 94 pages looks much better than one when you have spent millions in the process...

Here is my cut through all the bullshit summary...

1. Harper sucks in the communication department. Like we already did not know that. Hire someone that knows how for fuck sakes!

2. Jack, Dion, Duceppe and Elizabeth May... Shut the fuck up, as none of you know of what you preach.

3. We need back up. NATO where are you?

4. Stay in Afghanistan until the job is done, with a few conditions:

1: Diplomacy — more a prescription of what the UN and NATO need to do to put more focus on goals in Afghanistan
2: Get more troops out of NATO, if so, continue combat deployment past 2009 — a 1,000-person battle group specifically — "to reinforce ISAF’s 'clear, hold and develop' strategy in Kandahar"
3: A “signature” aid project — CIDA must change its policies to give Canada a more tangible presence in job creation and aid delivery
4: Better monitoring of progress — "International parties to the Afghanistan Compact (mentioned earlier) to conduct a full-scale review of the
effectiveness of the security, governance and development effort as a whole in 2011. That multinational review should provide inform decisions on future Canadian commitments to Afghanistan."
5: Talk to Canadians — "The Government must engage Canadians in a continuous, frank and constructive dialogue about conditions in Afghanistan and the extent to which Canadian objectives are being achieved"

My favorite part...
The strongest impression formed by the Panel was that the Canadian Forces are doing a highly commendable job in a more violent and hazardous mission than was envisaged when they were first deployed to Afghanistan.

Canadian interests and values, and Canadian lives, are now invested in Afghanistan. The sacrifices made there, by Canadians and their families, must be respected. What we do there (or stop doing) affects the Afghan people. It can affect Canadian security. It can affect Canada’s reputation in the world. It can affect our influence in international affairs.

A premature military withdrawal from Afghanistan, whether full or partial, would imperil Canadian interests and values.

My second favorite part...
In Afghanistan there is not yet a peace to keep, no truce to supervise or “green line” to watch. This is a peace-enforcement operation, as provided for under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter.

What makes me think that I am of the right opinion on this matter?
When the Families of the soldiers killed in Afghanistan agree with what the report says. They know more than anyone, the value of this mission.

Thank you Mr. Manley, Mr. Burney, Mr. Epp, Mr. Tellier and Ms. Wallin for your wise report on this matter.


ABFreedom said...

Ok...Ok... I'll go along with all your points, but am very hesitant on 4.4 . What happens if the put Fwaaaance in there as the observer? ... or worse yet.... the Islamic leaning U.N.?

Tim said...

4.4 speaks of all the NATO countries involved working together to determine the progress or lack there of. From that review the Canadian gov can then determine what appropriate actions should be taken concerning our role in Afghanistan.

Clearly of the 41 country's that have troops in Afghanistan, currently only 4 of those are taking their roles seriously. Its time the rest stepped up to bat alongside them.