Thursday, March 06, 2008

I found Stephane Dion a home

It is in Norway.

Imagine you're one of the 13 men on this all-male board of a large company and are told five of you must go to be replaced by women. Unlikely? Not in Norway, where they're enforcing a law that 40% of directors must be female. [...]

Might not find a job, but he will definitely fit right in...


Thunderstick said...

Something tells me, if they were muslims, there would NOT be any issues here.
Norway, being "progressive" wouldn't allow anyone to piss off allah, now would they?
Freakin' morons!
btw, What do you call 1000 ploiticians or bureaucrats or lawyers or progressives, at the bottom of the sea?
A: A good start!

Tim said...

I am not sure about that. I just read another story out of Oslo that stated that their crime rate has surpassed that of New York. They are not amused. They are pointing fingers towards Mecca!

I don't think the fishies would appreciate all that garbage polluting their homes though.