Wednesday, March 26, 2008

non-skeptic heretic club.

They "Believe", but have interpreted the "Scriptures" in a different way than most of the members of the Church of Climatology.

[...] Hans von Storch, director of the Institute of Coastal Research in Germany, said that the world's problems were already so big that the added burdens caused by rising temperatures would be relatively small. It would be like going 160 kilometers per hour on the autobahn when "going 150 . . . is already dangerous," he said. [...]

[...] Pielke's new analysis considered 207 hurricanes that hit the United States between 1900 and 2005. He looked at their strength and course and then overlaid them on a modern map that included all development over the years.

He found that the most devastating storm, had it occurred today, would be the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926, popularly known as the Big Blow. Its path through the now heavily developed southern tip of Florida would have caused $157 billion in damage, followed by Katrina, whose toll was $81 billion. Six of the top 10 most damaging storms occurred before 1945. [...]

An interesting read even for those who are of the "Skeptic Heretic" Club.


ABFreedom said...

SHhhhhhhhhhh... according to LIEberals, all history is to be changed to meet their agenda.

Tim said...

How true... I would rather see the liberals be history!