Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Leftist speak

The five most common words in any speech or article made or written by a leftist are: may, might, could, possibly and perhaps.

In this one article the word "could" appears 8 times. "May" and "Possibilty" both appear once.

Considering that the whole article only contains 456 words in 16 paragraphs, thats quite the feat. Over half of the paragraphs in the article declare that something "could" happen. They do not state that they "will" happen yet the headline reads...

"Climate change paves way for rise in infectious diseases"

There is no "doubt" in that headline. It implies that infectious diseases "will" rise due to climate change. The report makes no such claim at all.

Here's your homework for the night. Take any of the IPCC reports, it really does not matter which one. Copy and paste all or parts of it into your favorite word possessor and count up how many times these 5 words appear.

Nothing is certain for a leftist. Everything is left vague for good reason. It makes it easier to back peddle...

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