Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Liberals in Dreamland

First came Stephane, Big Liberal Dreamer Who? You know the scrawny unhealthy guy with all those green bones in his body as apposed to the healthy Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has no green bones in his body. Ya that guy, he is Big Liberal Dreamer #1 and had this to say...

By David Ljunggren and Randall Palmer

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Federal Liberal leader Stephane Dion brushed off bad press coverage and polls that put his party behind the Conservatives on Monday, saying he was confident of winning a majority in the next election.

Then we have the Little Liberal Dreamer #2.
The guy who holds a whopping 15 seats of 83 in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta compared to the 60 seats of Premier Ed Stelmach had this to say...

Canadian Press

EDMONTON -- Liberal Leader Kevin Taft says Alberta's Tory government is in for a rough ride in the legislature in the first sitting since Ralph Klein retired as premier.

First of all, anyone who honestly thinks they can acquire a MAJORITY of the seats in the House of Commons in Canada these days is a loonie or at least delusional to begin with. Then there is this little problem of Stephane not doing well in the eyes of many Canadians. He just simply does not come across as a leader. Ever watch a fish out of water? Stephane looks very much the same without a script in his hand to read from. Being a one trick, not so jolly, nor giant, green pony does not do him well in the least. Stephane is in need of a reality check. I said check not cheque. Brown bags full of cash don't count either.

Moving on... Kevin, Kevin, Kevin... Do you plan on bringing in a mechanical bull to replace premier Stelmachs seat in the legislature? That is about the only way you and your party could give him a rough ride. Well unless.... Nope not going to go there... I can honestly say that I am still a bit skeptical in regards to steady Eddy, but in his short tenure, he has impressed me more than you have in the couple years you have been the leader of the Alberta liberal party.

Everyone has their dreams. Some are more reasonable than others. My dream is to be the single winner of the largest 649 in Canadian history. Just as reasonable as either of those two guys dreams mentioned above.


ABFreedom said...

Oh man... if I won the 649, I'd be sooooo gone. I just can't stand any and all things LIEberal any more. I hurl constantly whenever doing a post about them. This country needs to fall apart......... quick!

Tim said...

Well it certainly is falling apart, of that I have no doubt. The problem is too many are running around trying to put it all back together with faulty glue, rubber bands, duct tape and those cheap band-aids that don't stick to anything!

Candace said...

Yes, but those cheap bandaids have SpongeBob Squarepants™ on them, and that has to count for SOMETHING, doesn't it?

Tim said...

Sponge Bob? Mine have Scooby Doo on them... I have taste!