Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wheres my Cheque Book?

Had I only known it would be so easy to shut all the Global Warming Extremists up, I would have wrote my cheque long ago.(/sarc) If every family in Canada were to write a cheque for $1040.00 for each of the next four years, and fire it off to the government to spend on green technologies, international emission trading and the funding of emissions cutting projects in the developing world, we can meet our Kyoto targets. A mere 100 billion dollars is all we need to spend in the next four years. Just like David Suzuki and Al Gore you too can buy your way out of actually cleaning up your act! Easy for them to say. $1040.00 is pocket change for the likes of these guys, but for the average working Canadian... not so much... Wonder if the bank would mind if I don't make a couple of mortgage payments in order to afford to pay this carbon tax? Something tells me, NOT!

Liberal environment critic David McGuinty and New Democratic MP Paul Dewar praised the proposed plan at a news conference Wednesday, and said their parties are debating the idea of a carbon tax internally.

So much for these two parties wanting to help the "average Canadian" with tax relief as proclaimed by both their leaders in Question Period today.

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