Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ottawa...... We have a problem....

Again today, we the tax payers of Canada had a wonderful demonstration of how well our money is being spent. Paying our politicians to sit in the house acting like, well, ummmmm, I simply can't think of anything to compare it to. I was thinking WWE wrestling, but at least that has some entertainment value for some. I thought about preschool kids, but that would be so unfair to those little tykes to degrade them in such a way. Monkeys in a zoo? But them darn monkeys are so dang cute, that don't work either. Snakes? Nope they are useful for keeping the rodent population down. THATS IT! Rats! They serve no purpose, spread vile diseases and are simply running rampant and are no good for nothing. All politicians are in deed no more useful than RATS! Lets get rid of the whole works. All of Canada should be RAT FREE!

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