Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Standing Ovation

I personally want to thank MP Tom Wappel. Not for voting with the conservative government on the ATA, but for standing up for himself and his beliefs.

Wappel noted that there was not a peep of opposition from Liberals at that time. Nor did the matter become an issue during the Liberal leadership race, won by Dion on Dec. 2.

It was only after a caucus committee meeting on Feb. 5 that he learned the new leader had decreed "a 180 degree reversal'' of the Liberal stance on the issue.

"Under no circumstances did I expect that it would be anything but a formality and, yes, we'll support the extension . . . To me it was a total shock,'' Wappel said.

Having recommended renewal of the measures in the sub-committee report, Wappel said he had no choice but to support the government motion.

"I have to stand by what I wrote in October. Otherwise I can't live with myself.''

Now if we could only find another 307 more politicians that were more like this, maybe, just maybe we could actually get some things accomplished in the house of commons.

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