Friday, March 23, 2007

Timing is Everything

Back on March 5th, I did a little post What a Waste of Time and Money about well, being lazy and saving the planet from the evil climate change. In that same post, I mentioned how Ed Stelmach was planning on investing the enviro cash coming from Ottawa on a "carbon dioxide pipeline" and what a waste of money that is. I also stated that spending that money on fighting the Mountain Pine Beetle would be money better spent. Guess someone knew there was other money coming down the pike for this en devour.....

The Global National Reports the following:

VANCOUVER — Federal Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn is making $24.8 million in pine beetle funding available immediately to British Columbia.

The money is for projects to help control the spread of the pine beetle along the B.C.-Alberta border.

I still think that the "Carbon Pipeline" is a waste of money, but at least I now know that something is being done about a REAL problem in our environment.

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