Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hear Hear

The truth is that it is very easy to criticize in hindsight.

(sarc)Perhaps I should sue my Grand Parents for selling off the family farm back in 1973. Although my great grand father only paid $480.00 for the 160 acres in 1891, my grand parents sold it for a mere $70,000.00. The same land is now worth millions as Edmonton and area expands and develops. They basically gave away the farm so to speak. How dare they! They should have known better! Oh wait, My Grand father passed away in 1973 and my Grand mother in 1994. I guess the government should apologize for them and pay out the difference to the rest of our family.... It would be the right thing to do.........(/sarc)

Holding our current governments accountable, both morally and financially for deeds done many many many years ago, amounts to the same ridiculous assertions as I made above about my family. They were different times and I am sure that in a hundred years the people will look back and say the same kind of things about some of our decisions we make today.