Friday, March 16, 2007

Dion's Carbon Tax

Part of Dion's new green plan is too place a carbon tax on industry.

The main thrust of Mr. Dion's new proposal is what he describes as a “carbon budget,” meaning companies will have to reduce their emissions in line with Canada's Kyoto target of six per cent below 1990 levels.

For each tonne of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas that is emitted, companies would pay $20 into a green investment account. That price would rise to $30 by 2011 and companies could get their money back if they spend it on measures to reduce emissions.

Let me explain how this will work. Industry will pass on this cost to its customers, YOU and ME. The money will sit in an account garnishing interest that the government will keep for themselves to waste on useless programs. IF, and that is a big IF, a business does actually reduce there output of green house gases, it will get its money back based on that reduction.

So the government will get to keep its money for nothing and say "look at what a good responsible earth loving green government we are!" You and I will pay the cost for the business's which may even get some or all of that money back in time. Who the hell is going to give us OUR money back Mr. Dion? A very profitable scam for the government and possibly the business's at the little peoples expense as per usual.

Update: I'm not the only "genius" to figure out this latest plan by Dion.

Joanne over at Joanne's Journey has a good post on this one including an article by John Ivison in theNational Post.

Angry in the Great White North AKA, Steve Janke, has a more detailed post on this very same topic, also referring to the National Post article.


ABFreedom said...

This whole global warming thing was a fraud from day one with the sole intention of raping you and me of our hard earned cash ... His plan would shut down the tar sands, which is not what they intend due to the revenue grab they want, and in turn would have a huge crunch on the economy. They probably feel a 20-30 dollar grab is safe. Notice how they didn't touch Ontario's manufacturing.....

HearHere said...

A Made in Canada mini Kyoto cash grab desinted for Liberal pockets everywhere just waiting for Muarice Strong and friends to "set up the system".

Yup - are Canadians stupid? You would not believe how many "enviros" are aplauding this. Especially the Pembina Institutue - they WROTE THIS PLAN.

So, who funds the Pembina Institute? Well, let's see - Maurice Strong is on their Board of Directors to name one.

Scratch any Liberal program and you will find the Godfathers in the backrooms.

Anonymous said...

"This is basically a plan for Canadian companies to deposit money for the surplus tons they emit of greenhouse gasses beyond their 1990 levels. They then have the right to access all of that money back, just as a citizen does with the Canada Pension Plan. All that money comes back to them to help them reduce their greenhouse gas emissions."

I notice McGuinty says ALL that money comes back... Would he be willing to put that in writing? Say if the corporations put in 5.43297 Billion, does 5.43297 Billion come back out? Does anyone have faith that Liberals would be able to do this without screwing the tax payers (you and me) out of the wasted billions we all know will disappear? Probably the same voters that keep putting these sleazebags back in power. Or the rosy-tinted do-gooders who think this scam is actually for real.

No matter what happens, if the corporations have to pay, we will pay in increased costs. If the Feds have to pay the corporations for any moneys owed that have mysteriously gone missing, we pay. Tim called it when he said "bend over rover". Arf Arf!!


Tim said...

AB... HH... Asper...

If the people of this country do not wake up and smell a hell of a lot of coffee, refuse to vote Liberal, we are in a heap of trouble. The economy is going to crash, the environment will not be cleaned up one iota. Take off your political blinders people. This is becoming a real crisis, unlike global warming.