Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Green Party Promoting Fiction!

So, not to my surprise, the Green Party of Canada is supporting the propaganda film An Inconvenient Truth.

To my surprise, they are actually daring to prominently advertise it:

Is pushing a documentary based on fiction part of the Green Party's agenda these days? They claim to be progressive, yet their party's rank and file want to stifle free speech when it contradicts what they believe. I've written on this film extensively. For debunking links see this post:

Hype, Denile and Threats


Mark Francis said...

How is debunking propaganda stifling free speech?

Wunsch (the scientist protesting how he was presented in the film) is a well-known supporter of climate change science.

Durkin, the producer of the film, is a well-known liar and hack:

Tim said...

Mark... In the same way that promoting "The Great Global Warming Swindle" is "denying climate change" as you put it. That documentary does not deny climate change in the least. It does challenge what you and others believe is the cause of climate change.

I have a link to the article regarding Professor Carl Wunsch in the post I linked to in this post with some questions of my own as to why he has come out with his claims now. This whole debate or should I say lack of, is wrought with half truths that, I refuse to take anyones claims seriously anymore.

Like you Mark, I have searched out all the info I can on this topic. I have read thousands of articles, reports ect... I find too many faults and conflicting science on the whole "Human caused" hypothesis side to convince me it is correct. There is far too much hype and utter non sense in the media, scaring the people who wont bother to search out info on their own. It seems if an ant farts in the jungle, it is a result of climate change these days. But I guess it is alright for one side to use all the hype but not the other right?

I am a Model Agnostic to the bone. Prove it!

ABFreedom said...

I have no use for both the Green Party, which is socialist driven, or the film, which is also socialist driven to spur sales for Gore's carbon trading companies.

Tim said...

I have no use for anyone that pushes this crap as an undeniable fact not worthy of debate! That in itself flies in the face of science. There is not a consensus on this matter by any means and it requires more debate and a hard look at how the science is being corrupted by political means.