Thursday, March 08, 2007

Riddle me this

To all those who would like to shut down the oil sands projects in Alberta to "save the planet" from the evil climate change.

You want to remove billions of dollars from Canada's economy and at the same time you also want to spend billions of dollars to clean up our mere 3% contribution of CO2 emissions. If you should succeed in shutting down our evil oil industry, where do you think we will get the oil we need for fuels and the manufacturing of many other products that are oil based? We will have to spend billions more to buy oil from other countries and ship it to our shores. How much CO2 will all those ships spew into the air to bring us what we have right here in Alberta?

Hers a little story to help you understand a little better about our world without oil...The Long Fingers of Petroleum

If we truly want to account for the petroleum factor, steel cannot be made the way it is today. Aluminum is even more energy intensive, and that leaves us with a wad of copper wire sitting in the driveway, resting on our jute ‘rug’. John, now completely discombobulated, runs for the door of his home.

Unfortunately, the steel hinges and doorknobs are missing. When he touches the door it falls inward; his carpeting has disappeared, and the house is really hot and dark. It seems air conditioners are made from aluminum and steel, as are most appliances. Johns’ local Power Company uses clean, non-polluting natural gas to generate their electricity, so let’s kill all the power to the house. He is relieved to see his toilet still sitting there, but everything electronic and electrical has become a tangled mass of copper wires and circuit boards.

Water is spraying out of the ground, because John’s house was plumbed with POLY VINYL CHLORIDE (PVC) pipe, which is a 100% petroleum product. His furniture has turned into skeleton-like wooden frames, as the materials and padding used to make couches and chairs are long lasting, man-made fibers derived from petroleum. Rancid goop is oozing out of every cabinet in the kitchen, and everything that was in his refrigerator is slumped into a pile only a garbologist could be proud of. It seems that 90% of the packaging materials we use today are made from (you guessed it) petroleum.

His fresh vegetables and many of his canned goods are gone. John suddenly remembers reading an article about fertilizer and pesticide shortages. It seems these are also made almost exclusively from petroleum, and without them, modern mass-farming techniques are not viable. Crop yields are down, and the cost of trucking lettuce from California and Washington to other places is just too high.

And if you think this hurts, imagine everything you ever bought from a department store vanishing – because they were ALL IMPORTED from cheap-labor “elsewheres” using petroleum as fuel.

Forget all plastic – it is 100% petroleum.

Toss out computers and electronics as we know them today – we don’t have the insulating materials to build them without petroleum. We don’t have the massive electrical capacity to build anything really high tech – the cost of oil or natural gas to fuel the power grid has become too high.

Space travel? Forget it – the hydrogen used to power the shuttle is derived from petroleum, and it will not fly without the electronics and guidance system. And all the aluminum and titanium and other special alloys each require extremely energy intensive manufacturing processes, which use too much electricity that comes from gas and oil fired power plants.

I hope this makes you think just a little about the true effects of declining petroleum.

Care to explain to me now why you want to shut down Alberta's oil industry? It just does not make sense in any way shape or form.


Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Oh c'mon, you know full well it makes perfect sense.

Alberta is enjoying economic growth, and they don't like that.

eugene plawiuk said...

No one wants to shut down the Tarsands, Lougheed has suggested slowing down expansion, even if it means a moratorium until infrastructure is in place. That was a nice attempt at a straw man argument.

Justthinkin said...

"moratorium"...any situation where an ongoing activity is discontinued indefinitely
Eugene..please note the difference between "slowing down" and "discontinued indefinitely". Lougheed cannot have the one with the other,as you suggest. Either you slow it down, which means Canada's productivty falls,or you impose a moratorium,which means you,nor I,can no longer post here,as we cannot afford it! Or maybe you can, as from your reasoning,you can only be a leftard who is making money off this scam while the rest of live in caves.
And if a moratorium is in place,then why build the infrastucture? You Kyoto-cultists are not planning to start using foul,vile,CO2 producing,climate-destroying fossil fuels gain,are you???
Talk about a straw-man!!

Tim said...

FCLC... Heaven forbid Alberta be successful! We just might take over the country or something... well okay.. We could just buy it but why bother?

Tim said...

Eugene... "No one wants to shut down the Tarsands"

No one? There are plenty of activists that would like nothing more. Don't kid yourself...

Tim said...

JT... thanks for the definition of "moratorium" and your sensible retort to Eugene's lefty speak...