Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hype, Denile and Threats

Some of the people that support the "man made global warming" theory are now asking that those of the extremist type turn it down a notch or two. Is Al Gore and David Suzuki listening? Something tells me not.

Now one of the people who was a star of the recently shown The Great Global Warming Swindle, a documentary that disputes Al Gores version of the "TRUTH", has come out to say he was swindled and his contribution to the show was taken out of context.

His change of heart would not possibly have anything to do with the threats made to some others who have come out against the "TRUTH" now could it? Maybe it is not that serious. Perhaps someone just threatened him with a lack of funding to head his way for further studies? Not like it would be the first time something like that had happened.

PM Harper is pandering to the Kyoto masses and soon will be announcing the governments new plan to reduce green house gases. Will it be as level headed as Harper has proven to be so far or will he follow all the other politicians down the green brick road no matter the cost?

I am just asking....

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