Friday, March 09, 2007

Revenue Minister Carol Skelton (IT GODDESS)

She must be an incredible lady, as the liberals seem to think that she can do what the IT people over at Canada Revenue have been unable to do in the past couple days.

Liberal MP Judy Sgro called on Revenue Minister Carol Skelton to return to Ottawa and attend to the problem.

Something tells me the liberals are over estimating her computer skills... I think I can safely file this one under LOSERS!


Justthinkin said...

Ummmmm....maybe she can throw a couple of extra zeros onto my return???
Seriously...stupid leftards will grab at ANY straw trying to make the CPoC look bad. Maybe somebody can find out just who these IT guys/gals were who did the screw-up originally.Any bets they are libbers, contracted by libber bureaucracts with envelopes???

ABFreedom said...

Ain't no way I'm filing my taxes until after you guys ... that area is totally infected with LIEberals who will make your account vanish, and these two are only going to add to the pile.... hey ... maybe I just won't file this year...

Tim said...

Just... keep dreaming man...the only way the government would add zeros to you return is if you owed them!

From what I can gather it was a screw up during an update to the main servers at rev Canada. It would be interesting to find out who/what company has the contract to do this work.

Tim said...

AB... I wish they would make my account vanish... I could use that extra 45 percent in my pocket rather than handing it over to the feds.

"hey ... maybe I just won't file this year..."

Do you have any idea the interest rate those bastards charge? Not advisable!!!!