Sunday, March 25, 2007

Al Gore's Evolution

Al Before

Solar system to Gore: What 'global' warming?

"The planet has a fever," former Vice President Al Gore complained to Congress Wednesday. "If your baby has a fever, you go to the doctor."

The problem is Earth has seen a slight temperature rise, comparable to someone running a temperature of 98 degrees instead of 97.3 degrees. The doctor doesn't get excited and says to start taking medication when the temperature is closer to 101 degrees.

Al Gorged

The Cause of Global Warming Discovered
After much scientific research, I think I have discerned the true cause of global warming.

When I was a young doctor just beginning practice, it was unusual for a man to come into my office weighing more than 200 pounds. Weights of 200 and up were in the professional football player strata. Ordinary humans didn't weigh that much.

Al Gored

If Gore is Right...
I'm Henry the VIII, I am!

Liberals prefer the religion of science, scientist saviors and nutcase professional failure Al Gore as their prophet... As for the rest of us, a good dose of common sense reality will keep the fruitcake fear-driven global nightmare freaks away.

Lastly I have discovered, via researching Al's invention, the way to solve Al's problems. Gore and excess energy comsumption
I propose the following Excess Energy Consumption Tax (EECT): All residential electric and natural gas consumption taxes should be based upon excess energy use; after all, the point of raising taxes is to discourage excessive consumption to save the planet, right? Any excess energy consumption will be defined as being twice the national average consumption. All consumption in excess of the threshold will be taxed at the multiple of the national average rate of energy use.

Seems like a fair and logical way to go if you ask me. Distribute that wealth of yours Al. It's the right thing to do if you are truly concerned about the environment. Al Gore the prophet or Al Gore profits... which do you think he will chose in the end?


ABFreedom said...

LMAO ... that last image is great! ... Let's see ... he has four homes, drawing 10 times the national average, I say we start with 100% tax on his energy use... seems only fair.

Tim said...

I told you there was a pic coming...just took me a bit to find just the right expression and get it done... Gore and the likes paying any kind of real tax is much better than him buying feel good carbon credits from himself that do nothing... at least this tax could fix a road or two....