Sunday, December 09, 2007

First they came for your guns

Then they came for your Drive Thrus!

After reading that one, I recalled an article I read earlier this year. Is George Jonas a prophet?

[...]Note to the Prime Minister: If we let governments continue on their regulatory binges, SWAT teams will be hurtling through our windows to confiscate our prohibited light bulbs and unregistered rolls of toilet paper. A state that doesn't stop at Mr. Rew's door will stop at nothing.

Personally I refuse to sit in a long line up at any drive thru. Yes, even at Timmy's! My time is too valuable. I know it does cause traffic problems in some locations. That is a fact. To point to this as a climate change fighting tool? Give me a break. Some people won't be happy until we are all riding bikes and living in cold damp caves.

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