Thursday, December 20, 2007

Not Enough

If this is not an injustice, I truly have no idea what is.

An Ontario man who sexually abused his young daughter live on the internet in 2006 was sentenced to four years in prison by a judge in St. Thomas Wednesday.

4 years? Thats it? WTF?

The money quote...
[...] But defence lawyer Bob Upsdell pushed for a sentence that would amount to two more months in prison. He said his client has been beaten up twice while in custody. [...]

This man is lucky if all he got was, "beaten up twice". His daughter received far worse! Hopefully prison justice will KICK in and he will do some hard time.


Anonymous said...

The man receives a jail sentence of 4 years. His daughter receives a sentence of at least 70 years. Our laws and courts just don't comprehend the damage that sexual abuse does to the victims. I hope that the young girl will be able to receive help for many years. This does not go away.

Tim said...

I must agree with you on all counts. At least The Ont. Tories are speaking out about this travesty of justice... Where is MCsquinty?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Where is MCsquinty?

Today's Post reports that the 'Crown is reviewing the matter'.

We really need to keep the pressure on this one. It is a precedent-setting case.

Our governments at all levels need to be told that this type of lenient sentence will not be tolerated by the voters.

Anonymous said...

Liberalism at it's worst...

The perp is prtrayed as the victim and the Courts allow it.

SOB should only get a 15 minute general population

Tim said...

Thank you Joanne for the heads up. I will have to take a look at the Post article. They had better be doing more than just "reviewing the matter". If a case like this does not justify the Max sentence allowed, what does? Just one more reason for min. sentences! Some of our judges have no grasp of reality here in the real world. How can they sleep at night?

Thanks for stopping by.

Tim said...

Sad that inmates seem to have a better grasp on the severity of some offenses than do our judges. Chances of this man being put in the "general population" are next to none unfortunately.