Sunday, December 09, 2007

Scrooge Lives On

As if RIAA is not bad enough suing every Tom, Dick and Jane... They are nothing compared to their British cohorts, the PRS...

Charity hit with carol copyright bill

A charity has been hit with a bill ... because children sing Christmas carols on the premises.[...]

Dam House trustee Elaine Hurst said: "We know the recording artists need to be paid for their work but this is ridiculous."

No this is not ridiculous... It is outrageous! I wonder what the actual artists have to say about this?


Chimera said...

"Last year they were handed a bill of £230 – which they managed to pay by holding a raffle..."

Damn. They set themselves a precedent by paying it the first time. They're gonna have difficulting refusing to pay it this time.

I'm a performer and a songwriter. I sing what I want, when I want, and if some asshole from Ottawa tried to tell me I need to pay him money for the privilege, I shall invite him to partake of a substance that is not normally thought to be ingestible! And if other artists want to sing my songs, we work out an agreement among ourselves. Nobody else gets any input. Nobody.

Damn Big Government, anyway!

Tim said...

I would agree that they are hooped by paying the first bill and not fighting it then. Although... the atricle does mention other cases for the same "loud radio's" that were taken to court and the accused lost in all cases. I doubt that this charity has the funds to pay lawyers if they can barely pay these fee's by having raffles...

It is sad that the industry has stooped to this level... Greed is a terrible way to run any business... speaking of which... Hey Billy! How much more money do you need? Do you really need to charge $500 for Office 2007?