Friday, December 21, 2007

Sin of All Sins

Jason Cherniak loves green beer and leprechaun's, although he had no clue as to what day those things are associated with. He probably likes popcorn too... Apparently he also has no clue as to where, why or by whom it is associated either.

A commenter has pointed out that Mr. Harper has called the by-elections for St. Patrick's Day. The man simply has no class.

Heaven forbid a by-election would interfere with people drinking GREEN BEER!

Newfoundland and Labrador is the only place in Canada that has this day as a holiday due to its Irish heritage. I don't recall any of the four by-election being held in NL. Ontario, check... Saskatchewan, check... British Columbia, check... nope no NL there. Can you therefore try to justify your statement Jason other than the fact that you are a Liberal and anything that Prime Minister Harper does offends you...

Update:(12/22/08 @ 11:00 AM) I have taken Cherniak's faux rage over having a by-elections on St Patrick's day and applied it to the whole of 2008. According to the Earth Calendar there are only 6 days in the year 2008 that are not recognized by someone somewhere. NONE of those dates fall on a Monday. Therefore, using Jason's Liberal logic, we cannot have a by election in 2008. I would assume that would also mean no general elections either as multi cultural Canadians would never want to offend anyone. Unfortunately this calendar stops at Dec. 31, 2008 at the moment, or I could have continued my search to see if and when it would ever be safe to have an election in Canada that would not offend poor little Jason. I will remind Jason if and when his leader forces an election, if the date that it produces does not comply with his new formula.

For the curious... The dates in 2008, with no recognized days are:
January 17(Thurs.), 23(Wed.),30(Wed.).
February 13(Wed.), 20(Wed.).
April 10(Thurs.).


Chimera said...

I dunno about anyone else's reason for not liking that date for an election, but I'll tell you mine:

I'm an entertainer. Specifically, a Celtic entertainer. As in Irish music. And I do a fair amount of work in bars and pubs.

On election day, by law, all bars must be closed to the sale of alcohol.

Is Harper frickin' nuts? He's closing the bloody bars on one of their busiest days of the year?

Tim said...

No Harper is not nuts! That law was gone years ago. Bars are no longer required to close for elections of any kind. Welcome to the 21st century... Any other reason?

Chimera said...

Really? Seriously, I mean...

Jeez, what was I drinking at the time, that I could sleep through such an important event as the prohibition of prohibition?

No other reason, then. March 17th it is. Carry on...