Friday, December 07, 2007

Taser investigation

Any changes that might help people get through an airport with less trouble is a good thing. However, the announcement of the time line(windows media link) of the events that took place at Vancouver International Airport, in regards to Robert Dziekanski death begs more questions than it answers.

Why was Robert Dziekanski sweating profusely?

Why is he so confused as to where to go and what to do?

Why did his mother wait for three and a half hours from his arrival time to seek help in finding him?

Why did Robert Dziekanski not respond to the two pages for him made by the customer service agent at the request of his mother?

After checking with customs, where did his mother go? She had to of known his flight had arrived on time and should have been able to find out if he had indeed arrived on that flight.

Why did he get so agitated and not simply seek out help from anyone in the entire 9 hours he was wandering the airport?

Why would anyone think that destroying property and being aggressive is a good way to get attention or help, if that was his intention, especially in an airport in this day and age?

Why, when confronted by 4 police officers would he reach for a stapler he had in his possession, for some strange reason? The same stapler that inevitably cost him his life, as it was no doubt mistaken for a weapon by the RCMP officer(s).

I still can't rap my head around this incident. None of it makes any sense to me at this point. I want answers, as do most level headed thinkers. That does not include those who have jumped to conclusions and are on the "ban the taser" or the "police are corrupt" band wagon.


ABFreedom said...

Maybe he didn't think he was in Canada? ...

Tim said...

After filing out the custom forms sometime after arriving you would have to assume that he knew he was in Canada. His flight was from Germany... Did he fly to Germany from Poland or did he arrive there by some other means? Train perhaps? He managed to go through the boarding process there without incident and get on the right flight. Why then once he arrived here was he seemingly having so much trouble figuring out where to go and what to do? As I have said many times now, This whole thing raises many questions and without answers we cannot come to any reasonable conclusions.

Lone Pony said...

I hadn't seen the details. I agree with you, something is very strange.

Tim said...

I would say "strange" is an understatement... The rationale here lacks any common sense or logic on the part of Robert Dziekanski. There is far more to this than what any video can show.