Monday, December 10, 2007

Who's Paying the tab?

It had better not be the citizens of Canada! He is here illegally, send him home now! Not only that, if we have paid for his medical care thus far... send him a bill!

[...]"They haven't been able to answer me or anyone else whether they believe this deportation is just. Their fear is not of violence, their fear is dealing with the legitimate concerns of people." [...]

[...] Singh came to Canada on a forged passport in 2003 but suffered a massive stroke three years later that left him a quadriplegic.

Last week the border services agency served Singh with papers ordering him to leave the country on Monday.

The exclusion order, which enforces an earlier deportation order, required the 48-year-old Punjabi man to report to the airport for a flight to India.

He is fighting to stay in Canada on humanitarian grounds because he fears he will not receive necessary medical care if he is returned to India, where he says that government has falsely accused him of having links to terrorism. [...]

As far as the 1000 or so protesters go... they should all be charged with obstruction of justice.


Chimera said...

I'm a little split on this story, because it pulls me in opposite directions.

On the one hand, Singh needs to be removed from Canada. He is here illegally, and he knows it; he planned it that way, knowing that our appeals system would give him time to argue with us, and that we'd pay him for it! His stroke should not be a factor. It is not up to us to provide free medical care for the rest of the world. No goddamn wonder our medical wait lists are so bloody long!

On the other hand, I was absolutely tickled to find that people have not given up on organized, peaceful protest when they want to change something! I think that this time they were aiming in the wrong direction, but maybe -- now that they remember how it works -- the people of this country can actually take back ownership of this country from the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, sycophantic yesmen in Ottawa!

Tim said...

I don't have a problem with peaceful protest either. Although they claim that is what it was... 1000 people surrounding a few officers trying to do their jobs would be a bit intimidating for the best of us. I have a gut feeling that things would have been different had they tried to continue through and put Singh on the plane.

I stand by my post and that they should all be charged with obstruction....