Monday, December 10, 2007

Whats WRONG with this picture?

Al Gore agrees with the Canadian government stand on climate change... go figure.

Yet all these people don't like what Baird is saying on Canada's behalf... Make up your minds people... does over paid Al know of what he speaks or not? You hail him, gave him a Nobel prize and an Oscar on this topic so he must, right?

Al Gore...

[...] The United States and China -- the world's leading emitters of greenhouse gases -- will stand accountable before history if they don't take the lead in that global challenge, the former vice president said.

"Without realizing it, we have begun to wage war on the Earth itself," Gore said in his acceptance speech. "Now, we and the Earth's climate are locked in a relationship familiar to war planners: 'Mutually assured destruction.' It is time to make peace with the planet." [...]

Stephen Harper...
[...] “We are concerned about the position of the United States,” Mr. Harper said. “We believe the United States, China and all major emitters should be part of an international protocol to fight climate change. The Minister of the Environment has proposed a successful Canadian model built around fighting depletion of the ozone layer. Canada has made a positive proposal and we are interested in working with other countries to make sure we get a result that includes everyone. [...]

What good is a peace treaty that not all countries sign on to? What good is it if they all agree on it but only some of them are held responsible for keeping the peace and the rest can continue to wage war at will?

Keep up the good fight Harper. If Canadians have to pay the price for this bullshit war, when we produce an insignificant amount of CO2 compared to most other countries, then so does everyone else on this planet!

Or at the least... hold them off a bit longer Harper, while this whole CO2 and AGW thing is proven to be what it is... Wrong and a scam....

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